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Feb 9, 2012

Chinese nationals heading where?

A group of twelve Chinese nationals arrived in the country on Wednesday. They made their way across the world to get to Havana, Cuba where they boarded a charter flight to Belize. Their arrival is raising red flags because less than two years ago, a huge scandal broke when private charter flights brought Chinese nationals from Haiti. The then Director of Immigration was transferred to another ministry and the granting of visas at the Havana Embassy was discontinued. But from the looks of it, it has started again. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

The movement of Chinese nationals to Belize has often coincided with instances of human trafficking or their disappearance at the expiry of their visitor’s visa. The ring became so blatant that the issuance of visas to Chinese Nationals at the Belize Embassy in Havana, Cuba was discontinued in 2010. But that preferred route for Asians to travel to Belize has been re-instated. In this instance, twelve Chinese Nationals made their way from Hong Kong to Moscow in Russia. From Moscow they flew to Havana, Cuba. And with their Belize visas, they were able to get on an AeroCaribe flight from Havana to the Phillip Goldson International Airport in Belize. On Wednesday, the twelve individuals, mostly in their twenties, entered the country on one month visitor’s visa.  Their arrival is sounding alarm bells because of the proximity to General Elections. The men include:  eighteen year old Linjun WENG, twenty year old  Lifang WU, twenty-one year old Xin You LIN, twenty-two year old, Ying Pan, twenty-four year old Yu Zhang, twenty-five year old Xiuoin Zhang , twenty-six years old  Meiling WU, Ting WANG, ing Qiu, twenty-eight year old, Bihuu Liu,  Hang Jin Xie and thirty two year old Jin Xiu CHENG. Xie was issued his passport one year ago on January thirtieth, 2011. Most of the other twelve were recently issued new passports. News Five contacted the Elections and Boundaries Commission to have several of the names cross-referenced and we were told they did not appear on the voter’s list. It remains to be seen if this group will return to China at the end of their one-month stay or if they will disappear across the border as others have done in the recent past.  Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

In the scandal back in 2010, Chinese as well as African nationals also travelled via Ecuador to get to Belize.

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14 Responses for “Chinese nationals heading where?”

  1. Rod says:

    This is due to this corrupt gov. Udp doing it openly now with no fear of reprisals they are making money and getting votes at the same time wasn’t the minister of defense just on the news saying what a good job he has done well yes he has gotten rich from selling passports to the world it’s being done openly now corrupt corrupt gov. Out with udp .

  2. Unknown says:

    I wonder now if the Minister will ask for a report about this, since they said LEAVE THOSE PEOPLE ALONE. this has been going on long time just that they were not coming in bulk as they are now the business is getting bigger.
    Oh, it is easy to get through BELIZE the corruption level is high………..From top to bottom no space for GOOD or justice in BELIZE.

  3. Freetown GYAL says:

    Chinese, Guatemalans, Sri Lankans, SEDI di Hustle BIG TIME.

  4. factual says:

    they came to vote for lee mark

  5. Bulba Martinez says:

    Di hustling soon dun. All gud tings must cum to wa end. Da wat fuh we country gat weh we noh kno bout?. Sedi need fu explain to we befoe ih goh mein!!!

  6. Storm says:

    We haven’t had an honest immigration director in living memory.

    This is a SERIOUS scandal and problem — shall Belize become the pariah of the Caribbean?

    I say we ask the Queen to take charge of our immigration and customs, and straighten things out AT ALL COSTS.

    And put the dirty officials, no matter how high or how low, in prison where they belong.

  7. Louisville,Ky says:

    Aieeee Bulba, wealth untold faambly, wealth untold. Unfortunately indigenous Belizeans are not the ones benefiting from it and it’s a doggone shame!!

  8. Josephino Estroberto Pesomedio says:


  9. Rich Kid says:

    I can’t believe these gov’t officials are so money hungry, wait until the united states of america learns that terrorists have belize as a port of entry to have to harm american citizens then will the bzean people suffer more….

  10. Earl Grey says:


  11. Steve says:

    Chinese are coming to vote for UDP. Barrow will create a fake government. That is why, from 2008 – 2012, he was arrogant to the people, so if he wins a next term, expect the worse. More arrogance. And sad thing about this is that the mandate Barrow is seeking will be endorsed by the “new” Belizeans, who will vote and many of them have not lived in Belize (like these Chinese). If you are a genuine Belizean thwart Barrow’s plan to ruthlessly rule Belize. Barrow will spit you in your face that the mandate he got is not from you, real Belizean.

  12. Steve says:

    That type of corruption happens because we elect people who have nothing to loose. Perdomo has nothing to loose that is why he is doing these atrocities. In whatever portfolio he is in charge, scandals just come forth because he has nothing to loose. He benefits/profits in every act of corruption. Who is to blame? The same one who said that he will not tolerate a whiff of corruption.

  13. Fix It says:

    Yes Josephino but the British do not want us. Why do you think they let us go? So we need to get a FIRM HOLD ON REALITY and understand that there is no magic cure. We have to put in the checks and balances to make Belize a better place. What each of us must do is make sure that the politicians are always pressured to do the right thing. That means understanding the power of our vote and standing up to corruption. Politicians NEED the vote and it means that the voters have the power to set the agenda. There is only a small window before the power shifts back from the voters to the elected politicians. That is right before an election. So the time is now.

    Do we grab the opportunity and demand change from the people we choose to put in power or do we just let the moment pass us by? Do you want to be used by a politician or do you want to make use of them?

    The Queen is not a magic fairy who can come in and wave a wand to end corruption. It is up to us. We are living here. Belize is not a colony. It is a sovereign state. It is up to us to fix it.

  14. Gone fishing says:

    They come to get free homes.

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