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Feb 3, 2012

Cordel Hyde steps down from P.U.P. Lake I

Cordel Hyde

Tonight the People’s United Party is suffering another shock; a second standard bearer has withdrawn in one week and its four weeks to the March seventh general elections. Last Friday, Anthony Mahler stepped down from the Caribbean Shores Division and this morning Cordel Hyde via a press release, announced that he will not seek re-election in the Lake Independence constituency. The worst may not yet over, because there are indications that Mark Espat will also withdraw once he meets with his Albert executive on Monday. Both Hyde and Espat were removed from Cabinet in 2007 but went on to win their divisions in the 2008 elections which the P.U.P. lost. They mostly remained on the fringes of the opposition party and were removed as deputy party leaders in November, 2011. The speculation that they would not seek re-election had been swirling, so their decision might not have been unexpected, but is unprecedented. Both had not been engaged in party activities except for sporadic appearances and when Mark turned down the leadership of the P.U.P. last year, the signs began to show that electoral politics was off the table in the foreseeable future.

A meeting with his executive on Thursday night was followed by a press release this morning in which Hyde says that his son Khalid was diagnosed with cancer on Monday night in New York and will require full family support. Hyde also referred to the chilly relationship with the hierarchy of the P.U.P. Says the release “Admittedly, the relationship with my party’s leadership over the years has not been the best. Sometimes the internal tension spilled over into the public domain with me not attending some party and parliamentary events, but never with me publicly commenting or condemning. People around the table will know that I agitated mightily inside for the party at its every turn to do what I thought was right for the people and country of Belize. It is no secret: I lost many of those battles. My absences were oftentimes my desperate but sincere attempts at getting the party to see the error of its ways, to return to its social justice roots.” He also acknowledged the work of his executive and the support he has enjoyed for the past eighteen years. Hyde said he did not wish to offer on camera interviews.

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34 Responses for “Cordel Hyde steps down from P.U.P. Lake I”

  1. Storm says:

    Too bad, I’ve long believed Cordel and Mark were probably the best leaders in the PUP.

    Maybe they will regroup with some reform movement.

  2. Quiet Observer says:

    I think Mark and Cordel and their cohorts are blue konkas. They were given the opportunity to lead and turned it down, and now that the PUP is moving on and gaining momentum; they and their cohorts planned and orchestrated these resignations to kill the PUP’s spirit. Selfish ………….!!! Wonder if they got paid off and by whom? People are taking a “lik” out here and Belize cannot afford another 5 years of Dictator Dean. Shame on you.

  3. No Nonsence says:

    No wonder Dean is so confident he can win? He too was in on the resignations.

    Well, you know what? Belizeans voters tired of Dean and zinc fence games. Zinc fence has huge ad contracts for GOB, BEL, and BTL; they are not hurting. We out here are! Belizeans will vote out this crowd, just dress up a broom with a blue flag and we are gonna vote for it.

  4. Common Sense says:

    No Nonsence – “…just dress up a broom with a blue flag and we are gonna vote for it”


    Have to me make my first comment in alomst a year, thanks No Nonsence. With a part of a sentence, you have summed up eloquently the problem with our “democracy”. It is funny, yet so true….and totally depressing.

  5. Vibz says:

    Rod, where is your stupid comments today?

  6. soulsista says:

    This is very upsetting why would Cordel pick a time like this to step down. Am starting to get tired of politics because now am seeing that politicians dont have Belizeans at heart.

  7. Retired CEO says:

    Apparently, these two cohorts are in cullusion with Dean, the timing of the resignation for this quiter most certainly appears to be well planned. Belizeans deserves much better than this quiter. Personally, I know of several well qualified individuals that are ready, qualified and able to take over and win the upcoming elections. No one is replaceable/invincible, the PUP is greater than any individual. They wear a yellow badge of courage. My fellow Belizeans do not hesitate to take their money, land and stick to the plan! ON MARCH 7, VOTE PUP ALL THE WAY. LETS DO THIS FOR THE LATE, FATHER OF OUR NATION.

  8. belize first says:

    we all know that cordel hyde and mark espat were the main brain thinking to introduce the 9th amendment now the 8th amendment passed by dean barrow/UDP ,they sided with the dictator for what? what have they gotten?$$$$$$$$ ? common they are the same- they dont’ tink for the poor people suffering under the UDP,they are selfish they just tink fi them,.but at the end its the PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE POWER……..POWER TO THE PEOPLE OF BELIZE, TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE DIs DICTATOR UDP government.

  9. JAMES JOSEPH says:


  10. No Nonsence says:

    @Common Sense: It simply means that PUP has had a history of moving Belize forward and that is the direction we want to go. The PUP’s mission then is bigger than any selfish blue konkas self-idolizing idiot.

    The rumors of their impending resignations abounded, and one has to wonder whether Dean paid them to time it just before elections to damage the PUP. If these guys took money, then shame on them for selling out. Shame on them for selling out to this dictator!!! Mark and Cordel noh have any come back fi come back dah PUP.

  11. Mari says:

    Mark and Cordel served their people and that’s why were re-elected in 2008. They never lost the trust of their voters. It is the conflict from within, the greed and corruption, that made these twp gentlemen alienate themselves. The philosophy of the great George Price is dead as long as the Musa and Fonseca ghosts have a stronghold of the PUP. We need our good leaders to form an alliance and go independent for now, then amalgamate into a strong party. Our country needs a new vision and mission. Look at our conditions. Non of the parties are making things better. Let’s stop thinking blue and red and begin thinking about ourselves and our children.

  12. Bulba Martinez says:

    Just plain Childish, evil, and vindictive attitude my beloved people. Just one less jack-a-s our country doesn’t need. A house divided within itself will not stand and if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do after it’s too late?. This idiot has don a big Favour to the Party before it’s too late. We don’t need no more of the same bs in our country that we need back so much. Change all di rotten sticks or God wa change dem fu wi. Adelante, “One Monkey noh wa stop no show” an if di adda jack-a-s wa goh, mek ih haul ih !-$$ to.

  13. Mr. Concerned says:

    I want to support the above comments. Go PUP. NEVER mind of those rotten tricks of mark and cordel. He seems to be so formidable and on one can replace him. There are better person from lake I who can do more than cordel. the lake i residents know than for sure. you be the best judgement of all of this. We need to make a change and we are going to make that change without Cordel. One thing I want PUP do next time is to give the electorate to vote for their standard bearer rather than just installing them. then, we would not be in this crap.

  14. leesha says:

    Sad that people are so selfish. Hey, this man oldest child is diagnosed with cance…and he reside in New York. Hello…he need to go and give his support like anyone of us in his shoe with a heart would do. Thanks.

  15. Pdoffchick says:

    There are 2 very sad truths to this:

    1. The Hyde ans Espat duo is afraid to go up against barrow Amidst the hasty election date and the 5000+ new “belizeans” registered to pad UDP electorate numbers. They are throwing in the towel cause the fight is rigged in UDP favor. Too hard to win and even if they win their seats the party might not. So in their minds why put forth the effort if their party won’t win. Coward and selfish- now is when belizeans need these strong figures most.

    2. These two are brothers-in-law, they are taking advice from a failed politician with a screwed up veiw of things and an ax to grind- Evan X. I’m sorry, but I don’t want a puppet who can be controlled by the likes of X running my country. I’m not so disappointed in cordel, because he grew up with this indoctrination- he had a egomaniac for a father, but Mark… Tsk tsk… I am really hoping for better from u. Don’t let this old fool control u. If u feel like u are called to lead your people, then lead them.

  16. moho river says:

    we are here deep south and support the idea that we should make a change, GOO PUP ALL THE WAY, here in toledo west, we do not see our area Rep. come and have meeting with us, instead of spending that 40,000.00 and the 50,000.00 to build a bridge for our community, they want to buy votes, and as what we asy, we will take the money and vote them out, I WANT TO TELL ALL VOTERS OF THE TOLEDO DISTRICT TO MAKE A CHANGE VOTE PUP FOR A CHANGE.

  17. ProudBzean says:

    And the party falls apart. The Father of our Nation would have been heartbroken to witness the destruction of his party. How will we vote for PUP when they can’t even stand united? Come on…

  18. maryjane says:

    well I a not happy about COrdel and Mark is simply show that they only think about themself not the people its so sad to know how selfish and bad minded,if they realy care for the people they would put every thing and make sure things get better sad ,dont worry PUP will win and they will be sorry for what they doing they only supporting dean and his corruption after all what you think Codel not real.

  19. Public Officer says:


  20. Teacher says:

    @Public Officer: Not even Mark King?

  21. deedee says:

    @Teacher: Noh even Mark King, like weh Public Officer say – no one wah replace Cordel inna lake I. NO ONE.

  22. Do it right says:

    Wow you PUP supporters are no different from the ones in the party. The man step down bc his child is sick and you chastise the man for stepping down. THen you say vote PUP for change? There was a reason Cordel kept winning so big, bc he is one for the people. He and MArk knows the sad truth about the PUP and thats why they nuh show up at meetings. The same men that ran the party into the dirt still run the party today. So i nuh sure which change unuh plan to see, but no change is gonna happen within the PUPas long as they nuh cure the disease they suffered from for over ten years now.

  23. Bulba Martinez says:

    To “Do it right”. I personally don’t have any problem with Hyde stepping down from the Party. He or anyone else has that right. I am very sorry for his child’s bad health and wish him a speedy recovery. The issue at hand is the timing of him stepping down, considering the fact that he had met or even spoke with Francis almost two weeks prior. The thing about these politicians is that if they cannot agree to disagree, they hold a grudge or animosity towards each other or their Party. At the end of the day, we the Belizean people continue to suffer from their vindictiveness. Cordel is an elected memeber and is not only responsible to his constituency, he is responsible to all Belizeans. As such, we the people need to know from him or any other member, exactly what he/they cannot agree upon, so we can make necessary changes that will benefit our people and country. They owe that much to us, who entrusted them with our country, moreso our lives. This is not a game anymore, our country gawn to r-s- and we need it back. We suppose to be living in a Democratic Country. Dehn open unu damn mouth and tell we weh di gohwan soh we cud mek up wih mind fu unu. That’s doing it right for our people.

  24. Say it right says:

    @do it right: are your referring to the dirt that the ACB and Bailey Martiniez painted? Cordel was one of trhem along with the zinc fence. Do research on the ACB.

  25. CEO says:

    The two best guys were sidelined much to th loss of the people of Belize. I think these guys were respected on both isles of the house.

    Too often politicians are so p0olitical that they do not care for the greater good of the country. This is definitely a case of this. I wish they would come together and form another, better party for the good of the country!

  26. CEO says:

    I hope the current government does not interpret this move as a sign that they are doing a good job. They could have and should have done much better.

  27. Frogman says:

    its is clear that this was well planned to dent the party and i think they are doing a good job. the pup need help and not even God can help them. I wish that some detail would spill out about who all got how much money from the super bond !! lol

  28. Teacher says:

    I suspect it is not an issue of replacing Cordel. The PUP simply needs to put in a good candidate that will represent Lake-I and not the zinc fence. End of story.

  29. OriginalWoman says:

    @ do it right, THANK-YOU!!!….I am reading all these negative comments. On Friday, I read online that Mr. Hyde was leaving politics due to the illness of his son Khalid, WHO LIVES IN THE us. I live in the US…Now this news had to have reached ALL in Belize before I read it! Today, except for YOUR COMMENTS, all I am reading is a lot of negative ones, wow….not even a mention about the man’s efforts to be with his son.
    My prayers are with you Mr. Hyde and your family, especially your son for his speedy and full recovery. Kudos to you for doing what any good and resposible person would do….put FAMILY FIRST…Whatever you decide to do with your political career will go well, because you are blessed!!!!

  30. OriginalWoman says:

    @Storm, leesha and Public Officer kudos to you for your positive comments!!

  31. PaSsIon says:

    I am very shocked to read some of these comments. So much negativity towards Corel. My opinion is that many of you are selfish. This man made the right choice. He needed to be with his child. Maybe a few of you all should put your feet in his shoes. What choice would you have made? He need to support his own family. My prayers are with him and his family. He did a lot of positive things for Lake I. Continue being there for youir son Cordel

  32. Tanya says:

    @Say it right…. and dont forget the scholarship scandal!!

  33. Tanya says:

    Maybe if our poor black youths had gotten a chance to get a good education to the tertiary level with all that money that was misapp for scholarships and edu assistance then the PUP would have had an educated, black young man to fill Cordel’s place. But………. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYaYAY!!!!

  34. princess says:

    why is it that we cannot view the tuesday night shows from the bliss, if we miss it live we miss it for good. whats the plan …

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