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Jan 30, 2012

Church’s Holy, but Legal War with UNIBAM

It’s a situation that many would have preferred to stay inside a closet. But since Caleb Orozco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement opened the doors to challenging old law, controversy of a biblical proportion has emerged.  It’s considered the Church’s Holy war but for the homosexual community it’s a legal and human rights battle.  Can the Church’s Good Book hold up against the leviathan of legal doctrines?  It’s not yet decided but day one of the case took place today in the Supreme Court. News Five Andrea Polanco Reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Proponents of the Council Churches and religious leaders gathered outside the Supreme Court since nine this morning. Armed with prayers, flags and rosaries, they prayed as the Council of Churches takes on UNIBAM in the court in round one. The small group walked the streets and offered prayers during the court’s proceedings. But inside the court the legal battle between the two got underway The Attorneys for the Council of Churches submitted that UNIBAM has no standing, and therefore asked for the application to be struck out:

Rodwell Williams, Attorney Council of Churches

“The application was that, that organization has no locus standi and we believe we have made reasonable arguments to support that we request that it be struck and that certain affidavits that are effectively expert affidavits were given and contrary to the rules without the leave of the court and so on and those also should be struck and I feel reasonably confident about the applications and the prospect of success of course, litigation has it risk. But we believe that as interested parties we have standing to bring that application and as you can readily appreciate, interested parties have appealed the decisions of this court all the way up to the Privy Council.”

Rodwell Williams

Jules Vasquez, 7News

“However, all the experts, you say have not been brought, been introduced properly in the courts, are you trying to have it struck out on a technicalities?”

Rodwell Williams

“No, we’ve made a proper application and we are obliged to make proper applications and if they are made on the merits and if they are successful, it will remove that particular claimant from the claim and if the other limbs are successful it will remove certain affidavits from persons who purports to be experts but have not complied with law and procedure.”

While the churches support system was visibly larger, the small number of UNIBAM advocates was present, along with Caleb Orozco. Attorneys for UNIBAM, say they are in it for the long haul:

Lisa Shoman, Attorney UNIBAM

Lisa Shoman

“It really matters not whether UNIBAM survives as an applicant, this case will go on. I rather suspect that at this point, really doesn’t matter how the judge rules and there may very well be an appeal in either case. Suffice to say, the claimants very well wants to get the case heard and it’s no part of the intentions of the claimants to have the matter drag on and on. We’d like to get the matter before the courts, so that we have several options open and we will look at them when that arises, and you can appreciate, there’s no way to tell and I don’t like guessing as to how the judge will rule.”

Simeon Sampson

Simeon Sampson, Attorney UNIBAM

“I am onboard this and when I get involve I always try to assure success; but it’s only just begun; we have a long way to go and I will be there every step of the way.”

Justice Michelle Arana is expected to return with a decision. No date has been set for the ruling. Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

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51 Responses for “Church’s Holy, but Legal War with UNIBAM”

  1. Samsung says:

    god created adam & eve, not steve & steve , or eve & eve. We do not support homosexual!!!!

  2. Brightman says:

    Amazing how some of the attorneys fighting to keep this repressive law in the books are of African heritage! Have they forgotten how the very Bible was used to justify slavery in verses including Exodus 21:1-4, Exodus 21:7, Leviticus 25:44-46, 1 Corinthians 12:13, etc…etc..???? Have they forgotten how they too were oppressed for centuries and that people burned crosses and quoted the Bible as they were lynched?? And, that it took courageous men and women to fight for their rights to be equal as their white counterparts??? Wow! The irony that they should be willing to endorse discrimination against such a vulnerable community. What a disgrace that even in the 21st century people can be so backward, short-sighted, ignorant, and prejudiced. DIVIDE TO CONQUER–well done, Christians, well -done!! This tactic is sure to bring people, gay and straight-running to the church!!!!!!! And yet you wonder why our churches are empty!!!! Oh vile hypocrites!!!!

  3. Lucas says:

    Let us settle the problem by having a binding referendum on the matter.

  4. Lina says:

    NO NO NO NO to UNIBAM!! Shame and disgrace to those who supports it. I know I am no angel but this gay thing is taking it too far.

  5. Gaz says:

    Fortunately, awareness changes opinion. Congratulations to UNIBAM for their efforts in promoting human rights. Its ignorance that creates fear and many fear what they don’t properly understand. Being gay is not an alternative life style that anyone chooses, its the way you were born and nothing can change that. In many parts of the world, it is no longer an issue, but an integral part of life, yes, even in the church! The ‘Witch Hunt’ days are over. This is the 21st Century. Learn to accept people for what they are, not for what you want them to be.

  6. Earl Grey says:



  7. Just sayin says:


  8. narrow-minded people says:

    whether a ruling is passed or not, these people will continue to feel what they feel and that no Judge no church group can stop it… I for one don’t want my son nor daughter to be hidding and seeking relationships of this sort in the darkness, if he or she decides to do so.. All I can ask is for these people to not be public about it.. and to keep all there activites within there household. And about that being criminal come on..NO steal, NO killing is happing..

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Brightman:Black people are still been oppressed in America.

  10. belizeanpride says:

    it should be clear the God loves the sinners BUT not the sin also that God made man for woman what do we tend to fuss and fight when it’s clear to everyone. the world is ending soon and it’s obvious that sin will always prevail since we live in a world full of sin. Please remember that God can change our lives whenever we want him to do it, he never forces someone against their will and lives. if we don’t seek him we won’t get nothing. Let the Lord almighty take charge, help this case come out as it should be. Time will tell what will be the end of the fuss and fight.


    The ignorance that reigns from this post is appalling and shameful.
    Unfortunately, homophobia in Belize is not only tied to wealth, but also to lack of education.

    What happen to “tolerance” Belizeans……never mind, really.

  12. Barney says:

    Get real, this lifestyle has been arouund for ages, some people choose it after failed relationship and some are inherently born homosexuals, you need to read, listen and understand people before passing judgement, but yes, they should not display it in public.

  13. common sense says:

    Come on ppl you guys talk about this being a human rights issue right? but tell me? how can some one be born this way? how can you possibly know this person was born this way? is it a gene? a cell? this people are merely tricked by their mind, or have we forgotten how powerful our mind can be?? so therefore we DO NOT have to accept this because it is not discrimination, because it is something that can be erased and vanished, but discrimination is when you are laughed at or judged by something you CAN NOT change like your SKIN COLOR….


    Gaz can you honestly prove that a person is born gay? Where in medical science have this been proven to be so? Although I too want to believe that a person is born this way I just cant accept it to be so simply because there’s no way I can prove this! Our country has forever been runned under good morals, strong beliefs, and strong values. It’s not until lately that the influence of the outside world or the media has been making a place for these homosexual persons to live as if though their practice is an acceptable one! No one was created so perfectly I dont think but then again the bible states unity and sexuality between men and women, NOT between men and men or women and women. I dont think God would have created such an abomination to begin with because he rained brimstone and fire on every land that sinned in this despicable and disgusting way! God instructed a marriage between men and women and NO where did he stated that MEN and MEN are to marry! I believe this is simply man having their own selfish ways and honoring their own beliefs thus ignoring the creator . The justice system is simply being utilized to resolve this issue because thats what it’s there for, but hopefully the end result is clear will make all of Bze see that WE SIMPLY DON’T TOLERATE THESE THINGS IN OUR BELOVED LAND!

  15. common sense says:

    Come on ppl, don’t we all know homosexuality is forbidden an abomination to God? Leviticus chapter 18 verse 22 quotes, “thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination”, so how can you say they are born this way? how do you possibly know this person was born gay? is it a gene? a cell? a chromosome malfunctioning? how? so this is not discrimination, or being prejudice, it is the mind people!! the MIND is a powerful tool. Discrimination is when you are laughed at or judged by something that you were born with like a disease, a disability or your skin color for one

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    Barney:I guess some people are inherently born to be pedophiles and murderers as a result we must fight for their right to be treated equally.

  17. Ezekiel says:

    Very sad that this is happening in Belize. Homosexuality is a sin that will be punishable by God on judgement day. Repent now and God in Jesus’ name can deliver you from your inside demons. God created woman to be joined to a man. Men going with men and women going with women is shameful, disgraceful and despicable.

  18. raaaaasclaaat says:

    can any of you book bashers prove that gOD actually exists, or were you brainwashed by the FEAR of a higher being smithing you to hell if you fart in public… You all believe a book written by men, and we all know what men are capable of dont we?

    equal right is equal rights i say, not so inclined myself, luv ………… bad.

  19. Earl Grey says:



  20. Brightman says:

    @princemichaels and “commonsense”–you have no kind of sense and you are the ones being selfish!!! Your homophobia, ignorance, and intolerance for diversity are blinding you. You can not impose strictly your point of view on this issue. Whether people are born this way or they “choose” to live a life in defiance of the holy, holy, righteous, pure, and spotless life of straight society, should be their right!! If we deprive any minority group of consenting adults to exercise what they believe ito be in their nature, then you are opening yourselves to living in a police state, and to live divided, in hatred, and that will be the true destruction of our society.
    @ elgin martinez: so because some black people are still being oppressed in some parts of the US, does that make it right to oppress others??? Just a few decades ago, the notion of a black man becoming president of the US was absurd. Today Obama makes us proud. Get with the times. No personal biases will trump the right of all humans to freedom and a life of dignity.

  21. ezekiel says:

    Very sad that this is happening in Belize. Perverts will be judged on judgement day by God. Homosexuals, repent of your perversions in Jesus’ name and God will deliver you from your demons. Men going with men and women going with women is shameful, disgraceful and despicable.

  22. CEO says:

    If you do not believe in homosexuality just do not practice it and teach your children not to but leave others to their own accord.

    Homosexuality is as old as dirt and has been practised for centuries and the sky has not fallen in. I am sure having a law on the books that does not make this activity illegal will not cause any normal man to becaome a homosexual.

    Where have all of you bible beaters been when the priests were molesting children? Why didn’t you line up in prayer vigils and report them. This has been covered up by the catholic church from the inception of the church and no one spoke out or spoke up!

    Complete ignorance and waste of time my Belizean people! I personally prefer women but there is enough space on earth for all of us to live peacefully!

  23. Elgin Martinez says:

    Brightman: President Obama is not black he is bi-ra-cial.Get your facts right.

  24. Tanya says:

    True love for people, no matter who they are or what they do, causes me to correct them. All homosexuals are messed up mentally and emotionally and they need help instead of the society telling them a lie that their behaviour is normal and acceptable. You all can fool yourselves and call us homophobic too but you all have a conscience that tells you homosexuality is wrong. If you want to be anti-God and anti-Bible that is your choice too…and you can change just like the homos. God would never make a person homosexual then send him to hell for it. It is a choice and it is wrong, corrupt and sick!! NO TO UNIBAM!!!!

  25. busha says:

    Ezekiel, commonsense, belizeanpride, Just sayin, Samsung = why are you still living with hompphobia in you life, and if there is a god, i thought he was “all forgiving”.

    Why do you want to live in fear of something no one can prove to exist. You vote the same way you believe i guess, BLINDLY!!!!

  26. OriginalWoman says:

    Common sense and PrinceMichaels i couldn’t agree with you more. Brightman your rainbow colors are showing strongly!!!! We all know by now who and what you are, no one here is telling you to change, all we are saying is, we do not condone the legalization of gay marriages!!! STAND STRONG MY FELLOW BELIZEANS SAY NO TO SAME SEX MARRIAGES!!! Imagine how they are trying to compare homosexuality to civil rights issues??? What else is going to turn upside down in our world???

  27. proudnpower says:

    I my opinion everyone has a misconception of what the case Caleb is fighting against. He does not want to marry or be out and about in public he just want basic human right just like any person out there. i don’t think he is targeting name calling and being out there with your partner and if so well that i leave to the brave one as I as a fellow homosexual I’m against like, I read in one of the previous comments that should be done inside the household. My partner an I would never go out on the streets and expose of our love out there we have certain places where we are allowed to do that without being discriminated on. He is fighting the case of coming out and admitting being gay without any consequences especially those people who are still hiding in the closet for the mare fact that if anyone finds out they can be terminated and when appealed in a court of law there would be no support for that person because according to the law it a criminal offence very similar to what HIV was all about. so to the people who can not understand this please don’t be making your own conclusions and closing the door to those who would listen and understand and frankly I do not care if the law is passed or not no one is going to violate my Belizean rights just for being gay as long as the people I love love me I should be ok as for my job it not with the government. You go caleb you rock!!!!!!

  28. the real issue says:

    be careful people…


    God created the 7th day for rest…..he should have been more specific cause people just ignorant ….he should have said “Do not disturb me with nonsense like this. Superbowl Sunday coming up and people still Tim Tebowing all over!”

  29. Brightman says:

    @elgin martinez…how you love your labels!!! Lol.
    @ originalwoman: ignorant people like you is what’s turning this world upside down. And, if you think you know who I am, then good for you…I rather live by my principles on universal human rights and be defender of love and tolerance than be a bigot like you who lives in fear of realities your small mind can not even begin to fathom! Legalization of gay marriages…yup…that’s what’s destroying the world…and that’s what UNIBAM is fighting for…lol….do you even know what this case is about? Stupid question…you know everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, you DO NOT represent nor speak for the majority of rational Belizeans.

  30. Tanya says:

    You all homos pretend you are okay and keep a straight face in public but when you all are by yourself you cry or bawl and curse the day you were molested and messed up. Deep inside you are not “gay” at all. You can be healed and live with a clear conscience and truly live the real sense of the word gay if you want to…just admit that inwardly you all are not happy at all as you would want us normal people to believe.You really want to change and feel that God won’t forgive you all but He will. You can get surgery to fix what was messed up back there because no one had the right to insert in what was made for exit only. Deep inside you are depressed and hurt and suicidal…admit it and stop pretending to be okay and “gay”.

  31. says:

    Being gay is homosexuality a preference, not a legal status. Different from ex black discrimination skin color ur born with. Ciant confuse that!

  32. liberty and freedom. says:

    There is always a hidden agenda with organizations who introduce a singlular proposal. UNIBAM wants “gay” marriage. Nothing wrong with two consenting adults getting “married”. Not if you are an athiest, or do not adhere to the Bible. UNIBAM tried to have the judge, a Roman Catholic, recused. Now, fast forward to other similar organizations like UNIBAM, that seek to introduce their beliefs on a moral society. For those of you who need something shocking to oppose this insidious assualt, take a look at NAMBLA Make certain you do not view this website on a full stomach. This is an attack on our youth. In a modern society there are many avenues youth can turn to, both good and bad. Is this what you want for your children? Your children were not born this way. They are easily influenced. German youth in the 1930′s were introduced to Hitler’s Youth – they turned against their mothers and fathers. Their loyalties were sold to the devil!

    Be careful Belizeans. Powerful foreign governments, using the sword of money in the form of foreign aid, seek to destroy the moral fabric of a free people. Protect your values, your faith in a Supreme Being, your families and your country from the same evils that led to the downfall of ancient Greece and Rome.

  33. Liberty and Freedom says:

    UNIBAM has a hidden agenda. Gay marriage is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The article did not mention that UNIBAM tried to have the judge, a Roman Catholic, recused. These insidious people seek to destroy the very fabric of a moral society, no matter what country. They use the power of foreign government influence in the form of foreign aid to intimidate the populace in accepting this deviant lifestyle. It is a lifestyle by choice, not by birth. Do your own homework. Look at the NAMBLA website Caution, do not look at it on a full stomach! This organization is only one of many that seek to destroy our youth.
    This is an attack on families, religion, societal values and our Belizean culture. Protect the things that are part of the freedoms we enjoy as a nation of diverse people. Our common thread is our future. Do not let perverse outsiders introduce their beliefs upon this great nation. This is a national issue of major importance to all Belizeans. We must respect the beliefs of others, however, that does not mean we should be forced to accept this assault on our future as a free nation under God.

  34. lisa says:

    i don’t have anything against homosexuals. i believe its their chose or maybe their born that way. how ever you see it i do believe in the bible that it is a sin to live that way. i myself am a sinner but my faith and beliefs are strong. And also to enlighten those who may not know President Obama is mixed but in America if you have 1% of Black in you, your BLACK. LOL

  35. brightman says:

    @Tanya…apologies….your scholarly description of what gays ‘do’ when they are by ‘themselves’ is damning proof of your expertise!!! ANY intelligent person can see that!! It is obvious you conducted in depth research and study on this matter and can provide overwhelming substantiated evidence on your findings and can offer conclusive solutions! From your contribution here it is very clear that, unlike the gays you claim that are suffering and depressed because of their sexuality, YOU are very very happy–good for you!!! Go Dr. Tanya, Ph.D, M.D.!!! (And, for the pea-brains out there–cause there are quite a number of you– I was being sarcastic!!!!). It is my prayer that rationality will rule over ignorance and fear, or this country is really in trouble.

  36. OriginalWoman says:

    Brightman why are you sounding so angry??? I thank God for people like me who are standing strongly AGAINST LEAGALIZATION OF GAY LIFESTYLE. IT IS NASTY, ABNORMAL AND IMMORAL YOU CAN NOT TWIST THE TRUTH, EVEN IF INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ARE HOMOSEXUALS, SO GET OVER IT!!! YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU ARE TRYING TO RE DEFINE AND MAKING A WRONG RIGHT….Do not get upset because most people do not agree with your perversion. You call US “IRRATIONAL” and yourself and others with your mind set “RATIONAL”. FRANKLY, IN THIS CASE, I PREFER TO BE “IRRATIONAL”…..@ Tanya, you made some good points.

  37. Teen says:

    people are still being so ignorant and uneducated. from where do gay people come? from straight people. gay rights is a matter of human basic rights.

  38. jose says:

    all you who are against gay let me tell you change your bloody inful ways before you all judge those gay people they are one of us made by GOD and only GOD can judge them and YOU back side so get that right and stop be bloody ignorant you cant change nobody but you bloody sinful ways

  39. THE REAL DEAL! says:

    Of the 333,200 people that make up Belize, about 3% of the people are gay, 17% tolerates homosexuals and 80% are homophobic. From reading these posts, I concluded that the people who tolerate homosexuals “accept” that it exits but passionately expressed that homosexuality does not deserve to be publicly displayed. I also concluded that the “majority” is intolerable and fails to realize that the unity between two people is not determined by gender.

    A man and a woman have the ability to love and care for each other in ways no one can understand. In the same way, two men and two women are able to love and care for each other. When did “sex” come into play? I think I have an idea where it all started. When it comes to homosexuality, people tend to ignore that our biological differences and external organs are the characteristics that make us who we are. Love is simply an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. It represents human kindness and compassion that can be shared among individuals, gay or straight.

    Therefore, protecting human civic rights should not be determined by sexuality, race, socio-economic status, religion or political views. Rather, it should be granted to every citizen. It is a fundamental right to which a person is entitled simply because he or she is a human being.

  40. JahKid says:

    Very educated so called men confusing .- /- -. with .-.-.. That is what they call open minded. What a shame and low life this is. They can call me what they wish ignorant, arrogant and the list can go on, but these people are sick in the brain. I can’t and don’t want to see through their eyes. They are so wicked and perverted in the way they can accept ._._. as a substitue for ._._._. They should produce their own language so we don’t understand and find a place where only these type of garbage can be stored. I love my woman and it is so disgusting to think of men having s_x with another hairyy face maniac. NO TO UNIBAM. Obama and Cameron can take their money filled with !_@_# and use it as toilet paper for these dirty ……… I’m so sorry for writing these words but it is disgusting to have people hungry for the rear of another man. Where are we heading too. I know. The end is very near. May the Lord have mercy upon me for being so obedient to good morals. And to the fallen angels I pray that you have time to repent and change. God loves you but nor your dirty lifestyle. Peace and Love.

  41. BZNforPEACE says:

    My people,

    It is 2012 not 1912. It is so obvious that some of you have never left Belize or even the small part of Belize that you were born in. I feel pity for you. There is an entire world of brilliant people who have fought for everyone on this planet to have equal rights as human beings. Some of those people have fought for you to be able to practice your beliefs, to live freely, to know that no matter who you are you will always be protected. You call yourself a Christian? You claim to live your life as Jesus Christ would have done. Who are you kidding – yourself? Your little village mind is so self-centered that you don’t have the capacity to comprehend that all of us – every human being on this planet has the right to live freely without fear. If two consenting adults choose to fall in love with each other who the hell are you to tell them that they have no place in society. Jesus’ message was about love and tolerance. I especially enjoy reading the comments of the “christians” who quote specific portions of the bible. What about the parts of the bible that say women should be put outside to sleep in the yard when they are having their periods – because they are unclean? Did you know that Tiffany? Ignorance and prejudice has been the cause of hatred and death for thousands of years. Have you learned nothing? What the hell do you care if two gay men or women fall in love and decide to marry each other? What the hell does that have anything to do with you? Do you actually believe that two people marrying for love is equal to a drug dealer murdering at 13 year old in Belize City? UNIBAM’s case isn’t about forcing people to accept homosexuality – everyone knows that peple will think what they think no matter what. The case is about repealing a law that condones discrimination and goes against the International Law on Human Rights. I don’t expect you “christians” to feel an obligation to love everyone as Jesus Christ intended. History has shown what “christians” have done to others in God’s name.

    “Judge not, let yee be judged!”

    Be a true Christian! Be a human being! It has been 2000 years since Jesus Christ walked on this Earth. We have come so far and achieved so much because we evolved into an intelligent HUMAN RACE able to think for ourselves rationally and reasonably.

    It doesn’t matter if you think homosexuality if good or bad, or natural or learned. What matters is that you support a cause that allows every Belizean citizen equal rights against all forms of descrimination.


  42. WhyBother?! IGNORANCE PREVAILS! says:

    Do all of you realize how many comments this type of news report get? Look at all the other reports posted on this website. They don’t receive half the attention and passion as this one does. I just have to shake my head because some Belizeans are stuck in a hole like a bunch of crabs. Yes I’m sure you have heard that before and from the looks of it our beautiful country will stay stuck there.

    First of all no one try to mind their own business. You are so concerned with what people choose to do wth their life as though you will accept their judgement come judgement day. All those Bible beating so called Christians trying to quote the Bible at their own ignorant convenience. Are you serious? Imagine a Christian using their “God’s Word” to condemn their “brothers and sisters”. What is your biggest fear? Is it that you fear families will deteriorate more rapidly than it is, just because some MEN and WOMEN don’t even know where to start at maintaining monogamy? Or is it that you think that homosexuality is contagious? I have to agree with those people who says its a shame that some of never left Belize. Its so sad that people from outside of Belize have to come educate us on some of the most basic things that are ruining our country daily. Because you choose to condemn so quickly or to put people down based on their lifestyle, accomplishments, and something that you simply disagree with, you will always suffer. Instead of telling people they are nasty educate your damn self. Instead of telling ppl they are perverted because they prefer to be with the same sex understand that these people didn’t just get converted to a freak or sub-human. Who are you to judge ppl? Do you really think people care? If these people choose to live by your way of life…tell me will you pay their bills, will you fix their emotional trauma they face because they just cannot phantom the thought of being in a heterosexual relationship!? U know what take an anthropology class and educate yourself!


    Kudos to Brightman and to the other few here hat have shown some true intellect on this ever so taboo subject.

    Tanya is loud, hostile, bitter and uneducated spreading the wrong message to her kids. God forbid if your only son turns out to be happy and gay in Belize, what would you do then, sacrifice him to the rest of the homophobia clan.

  44. OriginalWoman says:

    Well said Earl Grey, Elgin Martinez and liberty and freedom. I find it interesting that because some of us oppose UNIBAM, we are labeled “ignorant, uneducated, believing blindly, passing judgment, vile hyppocrites, loud, hostile, bitter, being unfair because “homosexuality” is viewed by some as a “human right” and not keeping up with the 21st century…” Wow, It has even been even said most who oppose UNIBAM must be still living in Belize and have not travelled….Funny how “the grass always seem greener on the other side ” for many. So many Belizeans abroad are planning to come back home to live, because we appreciate our true values and basic morals. The fact is that, every country that follows the lifestyles of America or any European country always pay with more corruption on their land….As we modernize our country, we are paying a HUGE PRICE….These perverted foreingers imposing their perverted lifestyles on smaller countries, all in the name of “modernization” and keeping up with their distortion of how “ABNORMALITY” is being re-defined as “NORMALCY”…..STAND STRONG MY FELLOW BELIZEANS SAY “NO” TO UNIBAM!!!!

  45. Liberty and Freedom says:

    OriginalWoman states it so well – thank you! As human beings, we have the right to choose our behavior. However, we DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to choose the consequences of our behavior, nor do we have the right to have our behavior considered normal, moral, lawful or sanctioned by God, by others or by society just because we want it that way. God is indeed a God of love, and we are to love our fellow men. God also says “if you love me, keep my commandments” and he told the woman taken in adultery to “go and sin no more”. It is NOT out of harmony with Christianity to declare that some behavior, homosexuality in this case, is contrary to God’s law and should not be condoned by society. All societies that have ignored God’s laws have eventually been destroyed. Why should Belize jump on that bandwagon??? When liberals have no real facts, they do personal attacks,i.e. the other party is ignorant. They can only define ignorant in abstract terms, like “there is no God”. How then can you prove the existence of love between two people? How can science prove the Theory of Evolution. That is why it is a theory. How can they prove that a person is born gay? The discussion is about changing the sodomy law. Define sodomy – look in Webster’s dictionary. Then look at the NAMBLA website.


    Gay people are people too; don’t they deserve the same human right privilege as the blacks and the Jews died for?
    What pompted the caused of slavery, and the holocaust?
    The Americans still don’t want blacks and the Mexicans in their country, and why?
    Haven’t we learned anything from history lack of tolerance, or must it repeats itself?

    Those of us living abroad left Belize not because we were incapable of appreciating morals or values; we left not only because gratitude and appreciation were important facets in our lives, but we also left because we so desperately needed to be educated.

    Martin Luther king amongst others made a huge impact on the world through education. He gained trust and respect by teaching love, respect, and tolerance, and that is true power. The bitter and calculating comments left here on this post by some was done out of fear and ignorance, it is mean, unkind, and self destructive.

    Is spreading hate the kind of education we want to teach our Belizean children? Then what does that say about your morals, and values? very little.

  47. j.p.c.d says:

    what kinda thing this , what they gay need some hard spaking fu make the get some sense in their heads.
    GOD IS THE ONLY WAY°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  48. OriginalWoman says:

    Being against UNIBAM and opposing equal rights for gays is not hating….Just because people disagree with that lifestyle does not mean they hate gay people. I for one do not hate anyone, GAY OR STRAIGHT. As for morals and values, a lot of people already feel that homosexuality is immoral and has no value in society. I do not condone it, but I wouldn’t hate, beat or kill someone because he or she chooses to live like that, as a way of life….People need to stop comparing this “GAY ISSUE” with civil rights and racism against blacks. Black people are born black!!!!! Being Gay for the most part, is a concious way of living. If we believe It is also abnormal, nasty and immoral, we have that right, just as you have the right to think otherwise!!! Don’t get insulting calling people ignorant, uneducated, hostile, etc. because they disagree with you….Maybe we are both correct…..We definitely need to show each other more love, just not man to man and woman to woman!!!


    Unfortunately, there is not yet a conclusive study which tells us exactly what causes homosexuality, but who are we to condemn them as immoral beings? Yet we go on to whole heartedly judge these people with our ignorance. Ignorance because your opinion is base on no facts at all, except vanity. Isnt’ that also imoral?

    More than often our negative opinions are symptoms of what we feel about ourselves as a person. I have chose to be open-minded, tolerance and positive, and you have made your choice.

    Have your opinions, but spare us your ignorance in expressing them.

  50. OriginalWoman says:

    There you are with the name calling again….but you cannot take others negative opinions about you and those like you….You tell us we are judging you because we oppose your viewpoints, then you judge and condem us in the same way. No one cares if you want to take your fellow man or woman to bed, we just don’t want it to become a legal way of life for reasons you already know. Yoou know what they say, the truth hurts sometimes. You can keep up with the “modern world” and conform just because it is the “latest happening.” Most of us prefer to stand for something, than fall for anything all for the sake of “keeping up with the times.”That is also my choice and right. You have the same choice and right. We differ in opinions about which one is right or wrong. Two wrongs cannot make a right. One viewpoint is correct, the other wrong!! End of story!!

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