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Jan 26, 2012

America’s Most Wanted fugitive captured in Punta Gorda

Larene Austin

Another of America’s Most Wanted fugitives has been captured in Belize. This time the suspect is a woman wanted for a murder that occurred in Palmdale, Los Angeles in 2010. Twenty-nine year old Larene Austin, known in Belize as “Crystal” was caught during a police operation in Punta Gorda on Wednesday. A search warrant was executed at the home of Gilbert Polonio on Main Street after six o’clock in the morning and Austin was found hiding inside. According to the America’s Most Wanted website, they received numerous tips following a recent show, which indicated that Austin was in Central America. The tips led them to Belize and so AMW contacted the FBI, which partnered with the Belize Police Department to move in on the accused murderer. AMW says she was to be transferred from PG to Belize City today and then board a flight back to America to be handed over to federal authorities.

Lanell Barsock

Austin and the murder victim, Lanelle Barsock were said to have met through the personal ads section of Craigslist and were later involved in a romantic relationship. Investigators say that months into the relationship, Austin started telling people she was a nurse, lived in an upscale neighborhood and drove a BMW in an attempt to assume Barsock’s identity. But Barsock ended the relationship and Austin pretended to be okay just being friends. That is until one day when they were hanging out at Barsock’s home and she allegedly shot her behind the head at point blank range.

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22 Responses for “America’s Most Wanted fugitive captured in Punta Gorda”

  1. Be Real says:

    It seems that these America’s Most Wanted do not do their research before the come to Belize or they are just haad! They would know that Belize is not a safe heaven for America’s Most Wanted because ever so often they are apprehended and removed to the US from Belize.

  2. Rod says:

    Shows the incompetence of the minister of security in Belize is so worthless she should have been stopped at the airport no wonder we are becoming the country of choice for all the wanted criminals in the world to come to because they all know we have no leadership in Belize so if you want another 160 murders this coming year vote udp vote for barrow .



  4. Oh please! says:

    You sound ridiculous Rod. Since when does the Minister of Security work at the airport? Who says that’s the only way someone can enter Belize? The dratted public officers need to start doing their jobs, that way, no politician, no UDP, no PUP, no NIP, no P at all can do what they want … I”m a public officer too and I’m sick and tired of my fellow colleagues who all feel the need to bow down to these dratted politicians. We need to stop blaming the government, Barrow, Musa, and the whole crowd and start blaming ourselves. None of these things could be happening to us as a country if we don’t tolerate the dratted pipl who claim to have the best interest of the country at heart! And before any of you want to come up with a smart response, think about this … what are YOU going to do about our current situation?

  5. cali says:

    i remember seeing this woman feature on America’s Most Wanted last week. Good job keep it up we have in off of our own problems to deal with.

  6. Positive says:

    You are so sick Rod.
    Completely out of your mind! How bout congratulate our Belizean system when they do something right like in this case!!!
    You think you are campaigning for the PUP. Ridiculous Ridiculous!!!
    You are a discusting discriminator, i have NEVER heard you say anything good bout the PUP. All you do is ridicule the UDP. I’m not saying i’m in favor of any party, but the way you do it is so immature. Please stop it with your ugly comments everyday.

  7. L.C. says:

    Rod is just trolling for attention. He probably isn’t even a Belizean himself.

  8. Initiate! says:

    Why wouldn’t you just hit yourself, Rod? Beat some sense into you! There might just be some hope for a fool like you if you could do that for yourself – Hit yourself Rod, until does rusty coconut brain cells start to make some noise that make sense.

  9. deedee says:

    Rod is just doing what he/she does best. I bet this person is one of those individual who calls in on morning shows spewing their ignorance about GOB, This blog forum is just another outlet for him/her, pay no attention.

  10. pain says:

    I just want to say the good lord dont sleep it does not matter how long u do the crime u will do that time justice has come for her family

  11. tashy says:

    sweet belize. thats what to do with them. but they will stop hiding in belize. my belize. you know more of them is right in belize. smoke them out.

  12. wise up Belize says:

    The clean up needs to start from America.How could they make a criminal pass through their system.Absolutely no one in Belize is to blame.when you enter or leave the U.S don’t they take finger print?It’s not the fault of the Belizean.Stop-Think about it.Tell me what you think.Bless day.

  13. Eye In The Sky says:

    Dat da one dangerous lesbian killa. Good ting dey ketch she before she kill more gial.

  14. Ana Wagner says:

    Don’t those criminals get! Belize is very advanced in technolgy, there is not a person who is not tuned into the tv or internet on a daily basis. Belize is not a safe haven anymore. Hats off to my Belizian people.

  15. tania smith says:

    i can not believe what i am seeing she said she was in livingston to learn spanish such a lieing murderer im glad that justice will now be served.amen

  16. Cliff says:

    My Home Town, Punta Gorda di do BIG THINGS!!!

  17. cliff says:

    @Rod, she entered belize be4 the DA office in LA got a warrant 4 her arrest. if they had a warrant out 4 her arrest be4 she tried to leave the US, she wld have been cought at LAX.

  18. Bulba Martinez says:

    Cliff, your statement can be both true or false. I travelled on a Greyhound Bus from L.A. California to San Diego California, crossed over to Tijuana on another Greyhound Bus, bought my ADO Express Bus ticket to Mexico City, and another Ticket from Mexico City to Chetumal. The idiots in Chetumal charged me US$20.00 to get back home. This was done innocently because I was misinformed by the Mexican Embassy in L.A., that I didn’t need a a Visa to travel through Mexico being a Belizean/American Citizen. Don’t have any ideas, because it might not work for you.The bottom line is, Belize is no more a haven to these scum bags. We have enough of our own to deal with. Our officials are doing the best they can with what they have to work with and should be commended. We the people need to also get involved for our own protection from people like this dirt bag.

  19. Cliff says:

    @Bulba, no direspect but i wasnt tlking about what ur tlking about. I was tlking about the lady didnt hav a warrant out for her arrest at the time she fled the US

  20. kennie says:

    Glad they got her.

  21. cascada says:

    no creo lo que veo yo soy de livingston y la conosi y hasta se acosto con mis amigos “”"”"deam hasta paso el 31 de diciembre con los compadres en el CHILL OUT

  22. hood says:

    man i was on the beach wit this !@#$% high n all she naver seem like she wood do some !@#$ like that i got video wit her drinking n smoking she was to just to cool 2 b n a place wear she did not no nobody she stay at my house for a day b 4 she got a room i thought that it was funny that she just so happen to b from palmdale win i told her that she look at me funny so i new something was wrong cuz i ask win do u fly back 2 the states n she did not say nothing so i left it alone n this what happen

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