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Jan 25, 2012

City Resident taken to Hattieville to be murdered

Burthen Garoy

The body of a Belize City man was found on the Burrell Boom road on Tuesday night. Burthen Garoy left his house on Cemetery Road at about six-twenty and less than an hour and half later he was executed. The motive is not known, but an attempt had previously been made on Garoy’s life. So far there are no witnesses to the murder but it is believed he was lured to his death.  News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

The bullet ridden body of Burthen Garoy was found on the Boom Road in a t-shirt and blue jeans. His left hand was slumped over his body.  The yellow cards indicate the expended shells recovered by the cops. It also indicates he was murdered at that location. His pockets were checked and police examined his body for exit wounds and clues. Earlier today, the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Police gave an update on the case.

Raphael Martinez

Raphael Martinez, P.R., Ministry of Police

“At approximately 7:45 p.m. yesterday, police received information that a male person lying was seen lying face up on Burrell Boom-Hattieville Road. Upon reaching that area, police discovered the said person who was then identified as one Burthen Garoy age twenty-six of 25 Cemetery Road address in Belize City. What police found upon arrival there is that he had apparent gunshot wound to his forehead. He had three to his upper back area and two as well on his right shoulder. Upon processing the scene, what they discovered there as well was four expended shells. At this time the body is at the KHMH awaiting a post mortem. At this time no one has been detained and police continue their investigation to find out exactly what transpired.”

In the daylight, the crime scene appears to be a desolate stretch of road. But an extended family lives about one hundred yards away. They were at church at the time of the murder but encountered the scene on the way home.

Marco Garcia, Resident of Boom

Marco Garcia

“We heard absolutely nothing because of the song from the speakers at the church. We were also far away from everybody else. This si a peaceful area and we never seen anything like this before.”

His family believes that he would not have left in a vehicle with strangers. His common-law-wife recounts her last moments with him.

Lisa Lopez, Common Law wife of Burthen Garoy

“The last moments I spent with my husband was twenty minutes past six when he come to my house and said babe what we wah buy fi eat. I said anything you want eat we wah eat. He said here then; go buy a pack of chicken breast and we will eat that and go sleep. We will eat that with tortilla. He went to buy the tortilla—bout ten he bought. I said I only want three out of that. I don’t know who will eat the rest. He said I will eat the rest. From there he said he’s going through the alley. I said alright then I gwen upstairs go cook. And that is the last time I heard from him. Those were the last words I heard from his mouth.”

Lisa Lopez

Jose Sanchez

“Did you try to reach him soon after that?”

Lisa Lopez

“Yes about seven thirty after that I try call him and he noh answer his phone. After that I get wah message that they found his body and then police came and took me to hospital and I said yes it’s him. And that’s it.”

The last time News Five heard from Garoy is on July Seventh 2011. The previous night he and another man were shot at a party at number seven Glenn Street. He then spokeoff-camera to News Five.

Voice of: Burthen Garoy Jr. [File:  Jul 7, 2011]

“We mi di play dice and I hear deh shot deh and I get one shot ina my hand and run. I neva really si dah who.”

Andrea Polanco

“Suh you nuh believe deh shots mi intended fi you?”

Voice of: Burthen Garoy Jr.

“No. Dehn just come shoot up dah the yard. We mi got wah party mein. Lotta people mi di deh.”

“Get wah shot ina mi shoulder yah and one ina mi back weh bust out right side ah it.”

Andrea Polanco

“So it was one bullet but it exited on the other side?”

Voice of: Burthen Garoy Jr.


Jose Sanchez

“Wisdom would say that Garoy wouldn’t have gotten into a vehicle with someone he didn’t know. Are you questioning people; his associates?”

Raphael Martinez

“Well at this time, the investigation si underway and I am sure that the police will find as much evidence to tie somebody to this heinous act.”

Jose Sanchez

“Garoy himself, he has been shot at before. Are you looking at possible assailants that he may have mentioned during previous incidents?”

Raphael Martinez

“I am sure that is definitely a part o this entire investigation but at this time no specific leads.”

Jose Sanchez

“A lot of people sometimes don’t realize the gravity of these situations. They would say oh maybe he was involved in something because he was attached before. But at the end of the day, he is someone’s loved one; he is cared about.”

Lisa Lopez

“Well me and his family will always love him no matter what. No matter if he dead and gone, he wah always deh around we and he will rest in peace. He noh do nobody nothing and we love him, we love him. We love him. He dah fi we.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Up to press time, no arrests have yet been made.

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4 Responses for “City Resident taken to Hattieville to be murdered”

  1. islander says:

    I guess gangs have realized that if they murder in Belize city, GOB will take away the handouts that they are getting for free…nothing beats free money !!!

    The question is “Is this how gangs will execute each other now”? Kidnap and then go murder elsewhere to protect the money they are getting from GOB?

    This are some serious questions that need some serious answers! GOB needs to step up and stop giving away free money cause it seems that they are just paying them to hold it down when they really need to be incarcerating the monsters killing out there.

    Money cannot stop a killer if he is a sadistic prick that enjoys killing, life in prison or a bullet in the head are two of the few things that will stop him.

  2. CEO says:

    At the top of this news segment it was stated that “the motives are not known”. At the bottom of the news segment they suggested that he would not have gotten in a vehicle with people he does not know…

    How come no one can reasonably deduce what the motives of the murder were but the can state wich much certainty that he would not have gotten in a car with enemies and those he did not know?

    Well let me help you: illegal activities caused his death! Drugs, weapons, gang affiliation which come bac to guns and drugs…This is not a case about ‘WHY’ or ‘WHEN” it is only about ‘WHO did it’

  3. Louisville,Ky says:

    Islander, every time tragedy strikes at people of color, you revel in it , then you put your foot in your filthy mouth and out comes venom and vitreol.
    In case you did not notice, somebody lost a loved one. Nobody is asking you for sympathies so the least you can do is keep your hateful ignorant comments to your self.
    I am not one to blame anyone for our failures and shortcomings as a people but, it is bigots like YOU that have stifled and continues to stifle any and all attempts by the less fortunate to rise above the cess pool of a life that ‘you people’ created. You need to brush up on some history maybe you will learn a thing or two about how the have nots, being continually repressed, view the haves.
    Think about this:” when you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.”
    Oh, By the way……the feelings are mutual.

  4. wise up Belize says:

    they haven’t killed the right family member yet that will kill their whole family out.that is why they still killing,some example need to be set.

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