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Jan 24, 2012

Kraal Road and GSU flare up

Kraal Road is a well known hot spot, but it has been most uneventful since a truce was reached between numerous gangs last year. The government is spending close to a million dollars to keep the peace, but there was a flare up this afternoon between the Gang Suppression Unit and the Kraal Road affiliates that has the gang incensed. News Five’s Delahnie Bain reports.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

Since the signing of the gang truce in September 2011, there haven’t been any reports of violence coming out of Kraal Road. But while they’ve held up their end of the deal, the residents say the Gang Suppression Unit has continuously targeted them. And after an incident this afternoon, they’ve say they have had enough of the harassment.

Albert Smith, Kraal Road Resident

Albert Smith

“We were sitting down in this yard; our football players come from workout after they done doing their morning work. The GSU come in, they put all of us to kneel down. We do whatever they say, we come and we kneel down. I deh pan di corner and dehn got a young man beating him up to the back there wid a two by four on his feet, a football player, just come from workout. That is totally wrong. When I seh call di media, he pick up di dog by its two feet. The dog pregnant—where’s the dog?—and he actually whap it after my head, wanna bax me wid di dog. And I duck, yoh understand? Later on ih pick up dis board and wanna bruck my ribs. Ih seh call di media, he could do what he want.  See my dinner table, here I come out here and I sell food. He took my table, took one of the feet and lash the young man on his bottom like he dah di father of dis guy or something like dat. It’s totally wrong, they can’t do people things like dat.”

Leon AKA Southy, Kraal Road Resident

“Di rest weh left pan di ground, dehn tell dehn fi get pan dehn belly. You know weh dehn tell dehn? Give me fifty pushups and if anybody can’t give me fifty pushups, unnu gwein. Gwein weh and we di work? Da who gi we job?”

Another resident named Shern, who is nine months pregnant, says she barely escaped being hit in the stomach with a bench during the mayhem.

Shern, Kraal Road Resident


“When dehn mi come all ah we deh een yah too and di man fling di s same green chair and nearly ketch me dah my belly. I seh yoh nearly ketch me mister Nah, the GSU. Ih neva seh nothing first den ih look back. I seh yoh nearly ketch me wid dis thing eena my belly. Ih seh yoh lucky. I lucky dat he nearly ketch me, like he want knock out my baby wid di chair. And he neva look back pan me and tell me sorry, I neva mean it or at least stand up out ah di way mek I do di search. He just fling di chair, if I neva move, dat mi wah knock me right dah my belly and I noh know weh ih mi wah do after that.”

According to Kraal Road resident, Leon, AKA “Southy”, the GSU is creating undue problems while they are trying to keep the peace.

Leon AKA Southy

Leon AKA Southy

“Di police dehn usually come and cause problems. Right now di police dehn noh got nothing fi do cause everybody di do something. Dehn seh dehn want wi stop give trouble, dehn seh dis Kraal Road dah bad neighborhood. We stop give trouble; man weh we got problem wid noh even di come got problem wid we. Di only problem dah GSU now because dehn noh got nothing fi do. ih look like dehn di find problem fi mek ih be wah problem.  If dah di prime minister got we di work, weh want stop give trouble and we di slow down fi months now, di prime minister have to listen and seh hear weh di go on, dah dehn bwai yoh know, dah dehn dah di problem. Si from fi dehn own police dehn di mash up? So who else dehn noh wah mash up if dehn can’t mash up dehn own police system? Di man ask wah lady ih name, and can’t even spell di lady name. If dehn bally train every week and go dah range fi shoot man, why dehn can’t send nobody fi train fi spell over. Wah four letter word yoh know miss, di lady name noh big and di same man weh ask ah fi spell it, ignorant yoh know, want hap down man and tara thing.”

The problem is believed to be caused simply because there’s always a crowd in the yard.

Leon AKA Southey

“Dis dah City Boys yard; dah yah so everything form. If we di lef fi go dah football, dah yah so ih form. If we left fi work, dah yah so ih form. We got fi we work list right up deh. Everything weh happen dah from yah, yoh understand me. So if dehn come yah every day, dehn wah meet people yah every day. So noh care weh dehn come meet, dah crowd dehn wah come meet yah because dis dah weh everything di happen.  We got wah gathering yard weh pah we di gather fi own thing and noh di try give no trouble and keep out ah people way. If dehn wah come yah everyday fi cause trouble fi what? Wah lee smoke ah weed or something or people weh deh round? Hear weh I feel like di happen, dehn people vex cause ghetto youth now could go dah bank every Friday yoh know. Dah di minister give wi dis.”

And as constituents of Queen Square, the residents had a pre-election message for Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who is also their area representative.

Albert Smith

“Prime Minister please, election is coming around, we can’t operate like dis. Nobody is giving any trouble. Dehn come and meet everybody sitting down and it’s totally wrong; dats all I gotta say.”


“Dean Barrow we deh eena Queen Square yoh noh Dean Barrow. You have to do something cause dah lot ah we vote yoh een so dah lot ah we could vote yoh back out. Ih just need fi stop.”

Leon AKA Southy

“We stand under Queen Square so if he can’t understand we fi wrap up dehn bwai and mek dehn bwai and mek dehn bwai find something else fi do, ih noh wah have we eena Queen Square. So we noh wah be no fool.”

Delahnie Bain for News Five.

News Five checked with the GSU and we were told that the allegations are baseless. The GSU also says that the Kraal Road residents make unfounded claims against the unit whenever there is a search at the house.

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11 Responses for “Kraal Road and GSU flare up”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    The POLICE IS OUT OF HAND with NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS…and they even killed the dog.

  2. ohlawd says:

    while i dont agree with what the gsu is doing…i do find some satisfaction in knowing that those who terrorized belize for so long and brought it down to the state it is , that they know what the good law abiding citizens go through

    sleep with one eye open

  3. Dirty sugar!!!! says:

    I know what the police did was not right —- but i am a public officer and i have to work hard to get a little money to live my life. Working 8 to 5 or sometimes 6 or later depending on what is happening at times. Now your telling me that the Government is paying these thugs not to give trouble. The police and the BDF are there to do a job, public officers are doing a job and cannot get a raise but the bad guys on the street can be paid to not give trouble????? Bull crap!!!!! Reward the bad ones and let the good ones work harder!!!! What a flipping policy!!!!!! Take these so call bad guys and dump them in the sea — they are no productive citizens why should they be rewarded for commiting crimes, rewarded for not having jobs —- Fish dont tell me that this is the best the GOB can do!!! If it is we are all doomed!!!!!!!!! What happened to, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for years.” Now when GOB has no money to pay these thugs to behave they will turn ants in our country’s @$$!

  4. j killa baby borther says:

    I jay , killa baby borther , represent kraal road family , asking da GSU , y ….. y bring more problems to kraal road , since KRG gone there haven’t been anything with kraal , and anyother gang , all we want is to work to provide for our family , the same thing KRG was tryn to do before they took his life wich I’m still tryn to fine out who , n I will , but please , please I’m asking the public the media , who so ever it may consern please help us to keep the peace , we have a bad history already we not looking for trouble , just leave the kraal road gang alone , and we would live in peace with eveyone ……

  5. honest citizen says:

    I work hard at the market from 4 am to 8-9 at nite, no goverment has given me any handout, why pay these lazy criminals with my tax paying money. Barrow is just buying votes, plain and simple, we think he is clueless thats why he pays the criminals to hold it down, but he is paying the criminals to buy their vote.

  6. cali says:

    Why give these lazy basters money to do nothing. It is like they doing the government a favor. The government should be spending this amount of money to get read of these problem. Question, when this money runs out what will happen? these people will run like savages again on the street of Belize terrorizing the the honest people that is trying to make an everyday living. NO COMPENSATION FOR CRIMINALS!

  7. Janet says:

    I will have to admit that I would not get an ‘A’ when reading Creole, but from what I read these guys are saying that they are working, the GOB is not just paying them to behave they are paying them for services they render and in the process they keep the peace. Keeping the peace forms part of the agreement – maybe mi Creole bad. I do not support gangs but I do support them for trying to make a living like all of us hard working Belizeans – what the GSU need to do is have more respect for citizens, it seems they watch too many police movies – in order for police officers to conduct operations in a professional manner the government needs to ensure that the officers are equip with cameras to record their operations – this will protect them from baseless accusations as they usually call complaints against them and should also protect citizens rights.

  8. from the west says:

    I agree with cali and Dirty Sugar. Pay the police, not the criminals

  9. Aware ghetto youth says:

    Maybe we should take the money and create jobs that improves the country and hire them to work.
    Don’t judge them give them a chance, if they don’t appreciate this gesture then necessary actions should be exercised. I am a youth that is familiar with plues street, i’ve seen how the gsu oversteps there boundaries; yes these neighborhoods are rough but if these officers say that they are professionals they need to treat people with some dignity. I also agree that honest citizens are fed up of the crime and murder, therefore we need to develop a system that keeps youth of the street. To achieve this goal we need to create jobs for them to give Belize a future, when the poor has something to look towards such as a job and better living conditions then the gangster mentality will subside.

  10. Vuk says:

    I absolutely agree with you, A.G.Y., absolutely.

  11. Earl Grey says:



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