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Jan 24, 2012

Moses Sulph wants to lead COLA to Promised Land of activism

Moses Sulph

The Bishop Sylvester Memorial Hall on Regent Street will host the annual General Meeting for Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA).  COLA’s Vice-President, Geovanni Brackett is challenging incumbent President Moses Sulph for the Presidency. Bracket made his case on Monday and in an interview earlier today Sulph told News Five why he should continue to serve as COLA president.

Moses Sulph, President, COLA

“We don’t want to be another concerned Belizean group who just only comes out to try and get a government elected and then you hear nothing about them after that. You know any captain can steer a ship when it is low tide, but it takes a real captain to steer a ship through a hurricane, through a storm, through rough weather. So I am saying that clearly in one year, we have accomplished a lot. I can look back to the eighth amendment even the ninth because we did open light and we did make it known that we didn’t support certain parts of the bill. Regardless of how many people were afraid of being victimized to come out or not—the eight amendment we were a very huge factor in getting that thrown in the refridge and out of the refridge to the garbage pan. You look at the squatters’ issue, the bus issue—I was there at all the issues. I was on the forefront. No one had to motivate me to be there. That is what I do. I am a servant of the people.”

Jose Sanchez

“You are being challenged by your vice president. A lot of the good work COLA has done over the year has been connections through the environmental groups but most of that was done through your vice-president, Giovanni, who even won the Oceana award. How do you keep the group dynamic together being he is challenging you for your post?”

Moses Sulph

“Well it’s not my post. I believe the post is there for anyone who believe they can work for the people—can do it. Yes basically I am as much a strong advocate of the environment, however I does support, but I will say that all the other issues were non-environmental related and in this country COLA objectives are more garnered to our social ills than environment. I am not saying we do not support environment because it does. But I can safely say that it takes dedication to have this post, you will have to be out there. I was in every district doing a presentation with human rights commission and the eighth amendment, in Orange Walk and P.G. at twelve o’clock in the night. And if you are not committed to do things, then you won’t be able to do it. and I know that I am committed; that’s not a question and I believe that at the AGM as long as it is done in an ethical way, there is no problem with whosoever becomes the winner because I was born to be an activist and I will not stop. COLA can play a significant role in the development of this country without being politically biased.”

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5 Responses for “Moses Sulph wants to lead COLA to Promised Land of activism”

  1. MISS T says:

    committed enough to assault a female.This guy feels that he knows more than anyone on planet earth.once had a conversation with him.Thank god it was’nt face to face or else i think i would have been another one of his victim.He has a terrible attitude problem

  2. Be Real says:

    How come now that elections are near, nobody cares to comment under the COLA topics? The COLA news used to be top billing in the not so distant past. I guess Belizeans are very heated up in this Naturalization thing that they do not want to mouth (or type) their opinions about Mr Sulph, a Naturalized Belizean by way of Jamaica. Da so my people rest or da just me di mek false assumptions and premises?
    P.S. I am the one and only Be Real!!!

  3. Just Me says:

    Mr. Sulph is in no moral position to lead himself much less COLA. A background check needs to be done on this gentleman to show how the real him in its entirety. As UB’s president he was far less than honorable in his actions and I dare to say VERY SELFISH in his ambitions to do things his way despite not being mandated by those who voted for him. I wonder if he would do the same thing to COLA that he did to UB at the end of his term? Besides having a egotistical attitude, he believes that all he says and does is the absolute truth and everyone else has no valid opinion. Do we really want a leader like that? Mosses Sulph + Power = destruction for any organization. Cola needs a leader who listens to all spectrum of people and respects the difference in opinions. COLA needs a president with character; Mr. Sulph has none!!

  4. Pelican says:

    I have always said that this guy is simply a mischief maker who loves to draw attention to himself. His attitude stinks to high heaven. He should finish what he came here to do and go back where he came from…. Or maybe he cannot go back…. Anyone knows????

  5. Moses Sulph says:

    I am not concerned about those who are hateful, full of anger and just simply have not human dignity withing them, there are guide lines that each and every human know right from wrong, anything to help others out of suffering and oppression is right to me. I make no apologies to those who hate me or is angry at me for doing what is right, nor to those who cant accepts that I was no Born in Belize yet I am concerned with our country affairs, I was born a human as all other people in every other country, Justice, equality, and liberty is not unique to Belize its unique to all mankind. Jesus was not Born in Belize yet many Belizeans follow him because he stands for justice for all, Martin Luther King Junior, Gandhi and many others now I have one thing in common with all these great men even that I am not great there were all servants of humans and so am I.

    I will continue to stand up for justice against all oppressors and many will hate me and many will love me but all that matters to me is doing what is right. Its very Clear that as President at UB student Government what we have accomplished for student had never been done before.. Love or hate me one thing is certain I am resolve that I will always be a vanguard against injustice against poor people and all humans, no matter which country I live, no matter the race, as long as there are humans who are oppressed I am concerned.

    I do invite those who speculate simply because our movement threaten your oppressive way of life to come to our meetings, join the movement or start a movement against injustice.
    In our daily life, we encounter people who are angry, deceitful, intent only on satisfying their own needs. There is so much anger, distrust, greed, and pettiness that we are losing our capacity to work well together.

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