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Jan 23, 2012

Where are the new Belizeans going to vote?

The number of persons that received citizenship in the past two weeks is officially put at over one thousand.  And Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, says that in the period December tenth to the nineteenth, five thousand plus new voters made it on the electoral list for the upcoming elections.  We have been checking around to see in which area the traffic of new voters has been the highest. According to preliminary reports, we have received so far, in a period of merely two weeks, from the sixth to the twentieth January; a whopping thousand new voters were registered in the Orange Walk District with Friday being a particular busy day for the Elections and Boundaries office.  In Orange Walk South, three hundred and forty eight new voters were registered, in Orange Walk Central, three hundred and forty three, in Orange Walk north one hundred and sixty eight and in Orange Walk East, one hundred and forty-one, totaling one thousand new voters in the two week window. According to reports from Orange Walk, campaigners are combing through the list to challenge any name that appears suspicious.

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7 Responses for “Where are the new Belizeans going to vote?”

  1. WOW says:

    Why they concentrating on people in Orange Walk, what about the other citizens who have not registered to vote in the south. What is really going on? Just like how Guatemala has laid claim ot Belize, you know they are sending their people to Belize and within the next 10-15 years there will only be Spanish speaking individuals running the government of Belize.

  2. BeReal says:

    Wow, you sound so pathetic and discriminating when you say that “they are sending”. People are finding a better way of life. Also bear in mind the reality that some 80% of Belize’s populace speaks spanish. It is innevitable that individuals in government will speak spanish and in fact a plus when they represent us in latin america.

  3. Retired CEO says:

    BeReal sounds so unreal and naive, clearly this is a paradigm shift, however the reality is that native sons of the soil will eventually become displaced in their beloved nativeland. Have we not witnessed over the past 10 to 15 yrs, experienced and have seen a drastic change in our way of life, beliefs and values. The jewel has become somewhat like the wild, wild west with the gunslingers run the show. While a major part of the populace have become victims and prisoners in their own home. Most Belizeans would tell you that they are all waitng for their inevitable death either murdered or natural death due to the negligence perpetuated by current Government officials. Their neglect and failure to support /follow the laws of the land or lack thereof is pathetic. Clearly this appears to be a very subtle way of the Guats. infiltrating our beloved homeland and thus changing or cultural values and beliefs. Today Belize has become a culture of murder and maim. On a much different and higher level this is one of the many kind of things, that happend to the people of Palestine during 1947/48 up to the present. The only difference is that, this is happenning by the way and will of the powers that be in the jewel, who apparently don’t give or care about the future of generations to come in the jewel. They apparently only care about political greed for superficial power and a fist full of dollars. Clearly this pathetic and so unreal. As some would say even “blind eye Jamesie could see this”.

  4. Vuk says:


    I think you (kind of) misunderstood where “WOW” is coming from. From what I can see, it’s not so much the immigration of Spanish-speaking individuals to Belize he/she is concerned about as it is the immigration of individuals to Belize from Guatemala specifically.

    Moreover, I believe that there are reasons to be alarmed about the immigration of such individuals to Belize; reasons that are both legitimate and non-racist in nature. The most important of them being that Guatemala is a country that has had this unfounded claim over Belize since 1945, when it was still a British colony, and, until this issue is definitively resolved, it has to be (unfortunately) viewed from the prism of national security. This is because these people could become a “fifth column” for as long as the issue is of such a relevant nature.

  5. Don says:

    Well said Retired CEO. As an ex-pat looking in, this is scary stuff.

  6. BeReal says:

    Retired CEO, you make very valuable comment. However, lets not forget that it is our own creole/native Belizeans that are killing out each other.

    Indeed there has been a drastic change in the last 10-15 years. Change is innevitable. To make things worst, our politicians indeed seem not to care a bit and obviously as you saw Sedi is more concerned about their pay been meager (6000/month meager?).

    I don’t condone crime and I do not support the mass naturalization that these so called “ministers” (would be more suited to call them sinisters) have endulged in to ensure their tenure of power.

  7. Vuk says:


    Firstly, I think this linking of the crime problem Belize has with its Creole population is becoming a bit of a popular stereotype. While it is true that a lot of the crime the country has experienced in recent times has occurred in Belize City, which is where most Creoles live, it is to be expected in the context of Belize because it’s the country’s main urban population centre. Moreover, don’t think that crime doesn’t occur in all other parts in Belize; it does, although, it’s *not* occurring at the same level, and I believe that there needs to be a balanced and objective view of this situation in order to both solve the problem of crime nation-wide and to prevent the marginalisation of people of different ethnic groups.

    And, secondly, yes, there has been drastic change in regard to the cultural and social characteristics of Belize in the past 10-15 years and, while cultural and social change is always inevitable, the way in which it has occurred has left it in a difficult position security-wise because many of the people driving this change came from Guatemala. Despite this, however, most of the Belizean population isn’t composed of this element and I believe that, before things reach point wherein they become untenable, they have to reform the immigration policies they have to ensure that, if they can’t remove these people from the country, they assimilate to such an extent that they cease to have any real connection with their former country.

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