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Jan 23, 2012

GSU busts a cop with gun and ammunition

The Gang Suppression Unit busted a fellow police officer early Saturday morning at his house.  Thirty nine year old Gino Peck is a police corporal of Curassow Street, Belize City and up to news time this evening he had not been arraigned in court. Initially Peck declared his service Glock nine-millimeter pistol and loaded magazine, but when the GSU searched his bedroom, they found five nine-millimeters rounds, one point four-five caliber round, one twelve-gauge and one point thirty-eight live rounds of ammunition. That was only the beginning of a cache since under the corporal’s bed they found two bags; one which contained twenty-three nine-millimeter rounds, eighteen twelve-gauge rounds and two empty Glock magazines. The other bag contained six nine-millimeter rounds, four point thirty eight live rounds of ammunition and three twelve-gauge cartridges. On a clothing dresser, officers also found two additional loaded magazines; each contained thirteen rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition.  Corporal Peck and his wife, forty four year old Loretta Peck were arrested and charged with Kept Ammunition without a Gun License, Kept Prohibited Ammunition and Kept Firearm without a Gun License. The firearm has been confirmed to be part of the Special Branch inventory but no records have been found to reflect the excess. Further charges may be levied.

Gino Peck

On Sunday in Santa Elena the GSU and Special Branch searched the home of nineteen year old Trevor Jones on Poison Wood Street in the Hillview Area. Jones was at home with twenty-year-old Camari Singh, twenty-three year old Jaime Jones, twenty-four year old, Alina Singh, and twenty-five year old Kent Garbutt. Inside Jones’ bedroom, police found one point thirty eight revolver loaded with five rounds of ammunition. Officers also found a black plastic bag containing fifty-one grams of cannabis.  As a result, Jones was arrested and charged with Kept Unlicensed Firearm, Kept Ammunition without a Gun license and Possession of Control Drugs.

Loretta Peck

In the bathroom officers found nine point thirty-eight rounds. As a result of that discovery, all persons were arrested and charged with Kept Ammunition without a Gun License.  While that bust got underway, other officers were simultaneously searching the adjacent residence of twenty-two year old Simon Bateman.  After hearing the toilet flush, GSU officers broke the pipe that lead to the septic tank and the cannabis was found. Inside the house officers found Simon and Sheree Bateman. As a result twenty-four grams of cannabis was retrieved from the outdoor pipe and the floor.

Inside Sheree’s room officers also found one hundred and twenty-eight grams of cannabis.  She was charged with Drug Trafficking. A Seventeen year old minor was searched and the cops found four point two grams of cannabis and he was charged with possession of a controlled drug. If any of the names sound familiar it is because in 2009, Sheree Bateman was charged with two other men with the murder of Selvin Garcia. They were all acquitted in late 2011.

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12 Responses for “GSU busts a cop with gun and ammunition”

  1. joe lopez says:

    Gino peck, he was a very good and efficient smart officer attached to special branch department what the heck in the world, had to be doing something like that? Damn! I can not believe what I am reading! I know cpl. Peck I had the oppurtunity to work with him… am sorry for him

  2. rasman says:

    There has been an intense campaign to get to Sargeant Peck one way or the other. He knew of the mass illegal immigration at the international airport as an intelligence officer. He however could not give the information to the politicians as he knew they have been benefitted in the millions from the trade.
    The rest is history so you know why the minister is on the side of the GSU. The GSU as all of us know is a political arm of the UDP.

    How would anyone knows what anyone of us have in our house. Think about it. I am not condone what he did but if you look at the scheme of thing, how do we rain in the illegal activities the politicians are involved in with the help of Public Servant.

  3. Michael Enriquez says:

    I wonder if our law enforcement officer ever watch ‘Law And Order’. our local policemen are put under a lot of special assignment from time to time and our top brass at the Police dept does not know this. Hell Mr. Gino Peck cover for all we know was blown and years of under cover work went right down the drain. Come on Mr. Minister of Police you do not even known what type of work Mr. Gino Peck was doing to have that amount of gun and ammuntion on him. Even blind eye Jamesey know what special assignment the man was doing.

  4. sweet cheeks says:

    I understand what ppl r saying that he is a good cop, but he did something wrong in the eyes of the law. He knew that it was illegal to have had the ammunition found, how can an officer of the law forget that he had 2 school bags under his bed with ammunition that he confiscated. A church sister of mine was in the wrong place at the wrong time when GSU raided a home and she went to jail for 2 months util she could have gotten bail. No mein this is ridicolous, this has noting to do with politics this has to do with the law and the integrity of this officer.

  5. Concerned says:

    Rasman you are on to someting serious. If this is true, Peck should declare his innocence and get his police friends to support him while he fights the governement. IF this is true heads have to fly including ministers who are corrupt. I hope he was strategic and expecting this, so he can fight this off.

    The media also needs to go research how much the guy from bmp is being paid, the guy from cabanas,, who police raided and tried to kill. that was personal again and not gsu doing their jobs. i think its like $300K, they will drop the charge and he will stay quiet. gsu was wrong, go find out media houses. its true

  6. shean says:

    alot of poeple do not know how hard it is for a cops to walk around in the streets especially in Belize city and not protected by anyone. i believe that all police officers should be issued with a gun or atleast to have the opertunity to have a gun license. I understand why simple things like these happen. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX PEOPLE.

  7. rasman says:

    The public should know that as a result of the cover blown in the immigration scandal Belize Ambassador to Cuba was summon to Washington. UDP government will deny this to the bitter end in publicly.

    Of course the US will have no comment. Politics is politics.

    Belizeans open your eyes.

  8. Retired CEO says:

    Amen to all, what else is new Belize, Imagine the possibilities. Belizeans wake up, stand up for your rights. It is not too late, however this is one of the many possibilities, when you voted for nine.

  9. CEO says:

    Policde officers should not need a gun license because this is inherent in their job and they should also get to keep a weapon even after they retire because they had to deal with lots of criminals in their time that may want to get back at them. But there is a problem when the cops are the crooks and here is where the problem is.

    I am sure Peck knows too much about something because they just cannot sniff you fence a know you have a weapon and ammunition.

    People in Belize need to protect themselves and this sort of thing will happen more and more.

  10. ny says:

    They are holding a good cop and his wife for the sole reason of possesing extra ammo, this is totally b s. It just goes to show how dumb the BPD is. Who is training these cops in bze, because with judgement like this, they are not getting their money’s worth.

  11. islander says:

    How more dumb can our gun laws get? CHARGED WITH FIREARM WITHOUT A GUN LICENSE FOR SIMPLY HAVING A MAGAZINE? Really? Are we that dumb? since we vote in the politicians that make these laws i figure I’d keep us accountable and ask ARE WE THAT DUMB?

  12. Ree says:

    so very disappointed with members of the bpd from top to bottom. this will not happen in anywhere else in the world. A serving Police Officer charged for ammo. wtf!

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