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Jan 19, 2012

Mother of 4 year old abused girl speaks

Hector Usher

The report that a four year old had been sexually abused spread over the airwaves in September and the sickening crime outraged residents countrywide. But it was even more upsetting when months passed and the suspect named by the young victim had not been charged. Well, that changed today as thirty-three year old Curl Thompson Street resident, Hector Usher was arraigned for Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature.  While the prosecutor objected, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith granted him bail of one thousand dollars; four hundred to be cash in cash and six hundred dollar surety. The conditions are that he is not to go near the victim and her family and that he is to report to the police station twice a week.  In his defense, Usher told the court that he was innocent of the allegations and that he would never commit such a crime since he has a five year old child. Usher admitted that he had picked up the child at school, but says he left her in the care of relatives and there were several people around when he dropped her off.  He also pointed out that he was detained and release several months ago due a lack of evidence. According to the D.P.P., Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, the delay in bringing the charge was because of a series of errors and misinformation by the police department. Vidal says that she only viewed the recorded interview with the victim on Tuesday and the evidence says that she was not raped as had initially been reported, but she was molested. News Five spoke to the mother of the four year old about the case today.

Jose Sanchez

“Was there a line up? What happened when you were taken to the station yesterday?

Voice of: Mother of 4-Year-old Abuse Victim

“They lined up the individuals and…”

Jose Sanchez

“And you’re daughter was there? She had to pick out someone?”

Voice of: Mother of 4-Year-old Abuse Victim

“Yeah, she end up picking out the correct person that she told me from the beginning was the suspect. As far as I am concerned, I am not sure if he was charged because no one get in contact with me yet. So I noh really certain.”

Jose Sanchez

“At least they said that he would be charged with I believe at least aggravated assault. There were some discrepancies in what the police said initially and what you were saying, but are you at least—and some people seem to be upset that maybe it wasn’t as bad as what they initially thought. The point is your daughter was injured.”

Voice of: Mother of 4-Year-old Abuse Victim

“Well to be honest about that, I di go by what the doctor tell me. I’m not a doctor and that’s why I tell everybody else, they are not a doctor and if they wanted to know exactly what happened, they should have been there at that moment to find out because my friends and family were there. and everybody that was present at that moment knew what was said and that’s why when I get this different story, I left lost.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you believe it was a bit of slow police work?”

Voice of: Mother of 4-Year-old Abuse Victim

“To be honest, I noh want to point fingers on nobody, but from my point of view I think that it was just…something wrong, something wrong. And I think that it is a cover up mostly. Honestly I think it’s a cover up because with the doctor telling us something different then the  next day you hear something different. Also with the DNA test. I don’t understand. They said they sent out DNA tests and when they get to find out no DNA tests were sent out. What is the point of that? Why all of the back and forth? Mixed up? Why?”

Jose Sanchez

“But so many months later, you are satisfied at least that charges have been held and there will be some form of justice.”

Voice of: Mother of 4-Year-old Abuse Victim

“Yes I’m satisfied over it but the way the law is, it is messed up and lately you see he just come off of it. That is my personal opinion because the way I see it, this da lone scatter; they noh have wa good evidence to say they have this case locked. I don’t think so.”

Jose Sanchez

“So it will just be your daughter’s word versus this person’s word?’

Voice of: Mother of 4-Year-old Abuse Victim

“Yes, yes. That is what I think right there. And what I think, for the future what I honestly think—not to put down nobody—but I think they need to put a stand foot down ina that department because something wrong di happen in there. Some corruption is happening somewhere.”

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11 Responses for “Mother of 4 year old abused girl speaks”

  1. Lynn says:

    corruption is everywhere. a new generation needs to step up and reverse the situation in Belize

  2. Earl Grey says:


  3. KJ says:

    This is ridiculous on so many levels. 1 – Our police system is totally unrealiable, for anything to be done, even in simple cases, you the victim of a crime or your loved ones have to be running behind them to get answers. They avoid you, turn you around and around, take the sides of their friends, and most of all, they don’t do their jobs. 2 – Why on earth are child molesters getting bail and at that the amounts that just slap victims and their loved ones in their faces. $1000.00 is nothing even if paid in cash. Is that the price to molest a child? What message are we sending to child molesters and victims here? 3 – People are busying trying to change a bunch of trivial laws that do not do much justice, that does not protect the innocent, that no one is happy with, when they should be changing laws for things like this. When injustices are done to people, and then the victims get slapped in their faces by the justice system, what choice will they eventually have but to not go to the police and take matters in their own hands.

    I will not even start on the Elections situation. I will save that for another comment…

  4. concerned says:

    I honestly want to see justice but I dont believe that he is responsible the whole story has alot of loop holes for me. The child was obviousley coached because someone had to take the fall for the crime I suggest the mom does a keen investigation in whom she lets around her child because it doesnt seem like she is a person that is around her child on a regular. I may be wrong but this is my take on it>

  5. Eda says:

    A CHILD MOLESTER, A FREAKING 4 YR OLD CHILD MOLESTER, gets bail of 1,000.00. What a laugh! Might as well set the man free. I don’t understand the law. A young woman sixteen years old dates a 20 yr old man and have sex. The case is reported to the police. The man goes to jail. FOR HOW LONG???? Now remember this is a sixteen year old. One that is old enuf to know is she wants to sleep with her bf or not. But a four year old gets fondled and just bc he did not penetrate her he pays a little money. AIY I am so outraged. Imagine how painful that was for her, how traumatized she was and probably still is. BELIZE wake up..

  6. CEO says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied!

  7. Eda Chavarria says:

    1,000 dollars. What a laugh! Cheap price to pay for FONDLING a four year old. But if a twenty year old man dates a sixteen year old girl and has sex with her he gets 7- 10 yrs???? They might as well just have oral sex and pay bail. Come on BELIZE. Shouldn’t a person get thrown in jail for fondling a child? Isn’t it worst of a crime than an older man dating a younger woman? I don’t condone any of the two. I am just saying.
    @ Concerned I do not think that little girl is being coached because under so much pressure she would crack. Hek! grown people telling the truth get confused under interrogation.

  8. RadicalBelizean says:

    At least now the wheels of Justice is moving although ever so slowly. The quicker this is over and done with, the better for this little girl. I think its drag on a bit. Hopefully she’s receiving the appropriate care in the meantime. Mom stay strong.

  9. JAHKOB says:

    Jah no like child molesstas. to which minista is sthis criminal related to to be getting such pamperin!!!OUR CHILDREN are BLESSED lets take care of them..

  10. tiredadis!@@##$$% says:

    @Concerned. Hope and pray that this does not ever happen to your child that is if you have or ever have.. Children now these days don’t have to be coached to say what happen. In fact none of us were around to know what happen. Molestation of small children is too rampant now a days. We are speaking about 4 year old child. And with the mother not been around the child often, we don’t know the circumstances why she can’t be around often. Let’s not cast judgment first. and like the advertisement says” Parents Listen to your children”.

    In fact I can’t recall hearing anything from the Churches on this matter. COME ON CHURCH LEADERS, LETS HEAR YOUR STANCE ON THIS MATTER!

  11. THEREALEST says:

    I personally thing that the sentence was not enough i mean this is something that this child will have to deal with for the rest of her life she is not emotionally scared! they should have placed a stronger charge on that man!!! Seriously a thousand dollars?????? I dont even think they should have placed him on bail!

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