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Jan 18, 2012

Nurse had cops kick doctor out of hospital

Work has returned to normal at the San Ignacio Hospital, following a public spectacle on January tenth when Doctor Angelica Rosado was escorted off the premises by police. The staff went on a go-slow that day, protesting against the Deputy Regional Manager, Nurse Myra Pulido, who had called in the cops. While the hospital is back in full service, an investigation continues into the incident which has raised the ire of many employees. Ministry of Health C.E.O., Dr. Peter Allen, told News Five today that Dr. Rosado is temporarily off the job and a decision is yet to be made as what action will be taken against Pulido.

Dr. Peter Allen, C.E.O., Ministry of Health

“We are very concerned to make sure that our services to the public continue uninterrupted. Quality healthcare service is always of course our priority and it appears that there have been some rather strong personality conflicts at the San Ignacio hospital and we’re really trying to—I was remarking earlier—we’re really trying to follow the Rotary Club guidelines, to be fair to all concerned and to do the right thing within the regulations. So we are hoping that some officers that we’ve spoken to will take some voluntary action and diffuse the situation. But if they don’t and if they don’t by this afternoon, then the Ministry will have to then intervene in any way we can, which is appropriate and proper within the public service regulations. As we speak, I did talk to the hospital a little while just before we came to make sure that services are continuing as we would expect and indeed I’m assured that they are continuing.  Dr. Rosado I believe—my information is that she resigned and at the moment is at home. We would hope to place Dr. Rosado within the health system and Ms. Pullido and other officers who were involved and as I say, we’ve spoken to several officers and we would just want to diffuse the situation so that e can address it in a rational manner. Sometimes personality conflicts get out of hand but our main concern is for the patients and that our communities, especially in San Ignacio, get the best possible care. That is really where our focus is right now.”

Delahnie Bain

Peter Allen

“And in the meantime, has there been any penalty for Miss Pullido’s actions?”

Dr. Peter Allen

“I believe she’d written—well, I know she’d written the letter of apology but as far as penalties go, the regional manager had begun the investigation but unfortunately she had a family situation which she had to deal with. And so before we would ever dream of having any punitive action, we would want to have a full and proper investigation.”

The Regional Manager for the Western Region is out of the country dealing with the recent loss of her brother.

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13 Responses for “Nurse had cops kick doctor out of hospital”

  1. Lucas says:

    Some people are very good at one thing but very bad at another. For example, A good foot-ball player is not necessary a good basket-ball player. A good sailor is not necessary a good captain. I say this because the last time, Mr. Allen comment about Myra gave the impression that she may be a heavy handed administrator but a very good nurse. Well Mr. Allen, being a good nurse does not necessary qualifies Myra to be a good hospital administrator. Hospital Administration is a discipline in itself within the School of Public Health. What I am saying is that a hospital administrator should have a Degree in that discipline. But as the saying goes: IT IS NOT HOW MUCH YOU KNOW BUT WHOM YOU KNOW and as a UDP, Myra certainly knows a lot of UDPs in high places.

  2. unbiased says:

    @ Lucas For your information Ms. Pulido has a Masters Degree in Administration. Changes did happen after the Health Reform and some old employees are reluctant to change and see these post as a threat. before you involve politics investigate who Dr. Rosado family is and get your fact straight. Moreover DR. Allen clearly stated from the first interview that Dr. Rosado had indeed resigned last year, that she declined to follow proper procedure is another issue. You can clearly see her blatant disrespect to Regulations as she involved the media when Public Officer are prohibited by regulations to do so. Have you heard any comments from Ms. Pulido? She knows and follows regulations. The media is having a field day because Ms. Pulido has not been given a chance to defend herself. On a final note, not all staff members as the media states, are unhappy with Ms. Pulido’s administration its just a few who don’t get things their way.

  3. Roots Belizean says:

    Peter Allen and Myra Pulido are POLITICAL appointees so they will do nothing. in the UDP politics trumps everything..

  4. tu papi says:

    Mr allen wrote the letter of apology so that ms. pulido could handed over to Dr.Rosado. I bet ms pulido knows the dirt that covers allen and marin and thats the main reason they cannot do her nothing.

  5. Belizean born says:

    @ unbiased… Ms Pulido holds no Masters Degree and for your information she has no experience in administration, Please get your facts right. She is politically appointed and no matter what the staff does she will not be removed…

  6. Truth says:

    Dont try to correct people when you are wrong urself….she does have a master degree!!! I can get all the facts for you my dear (@ belizean born) and lastly you know what that is one of our biggest problem as belizeans, if things dont go the way we want or if an administration is trying to set certain procedure in the right way we get upset oh! And more over you all ask for she to be remove…here is a massage for all of you…if you have a problem with her, make a world of your own and stop working under her admin. Surely she is good and unhappy workers you will have in any or every work!!!

  7. Ragamuffin says:

    Unbiased is far from unbiased… All of San ignacio knows Myra Pulido is a strong UDP…… This kind of thing has to stop… PUP and UDP does the same thing… why don’t we voice our discontent by voting VIP or someone else?? Show PUDP that we are tired of these things and if they don’t straighten up they are gone….

  8. Lucas says:

    Hi unbiased: my point is not if she has a Masters but if she has a degree in health administration which is very specific. I say it again; a good sailor does not necessary makes a good captain. If she has a Masters, in what did she Major? By the way, A school of Nursing is not a school of Public Health. They are totally two different school. Another thing, Mr. Allen did said that Myra may have strong administrative attitude.

  9. mikejahoo says:


    You hit the nail on the head but the quote goes “It is not who you know but who knows you”. She should not be a health adminstrator if she has a degree in Business Management she should be fired as well.


  10. Belizean born says:

    I do not work at the hospital @ Truth but I know for a fact she has no masters and no managerial skills! She is politically affiliated thats why she cannot be removed!

  11. JahKid says:

    At last a Belizean getting a grip of those Cuban Doctors. These Doctors as they see you approaching their desk they begin wrting your prescriptions before you even spea to them. Sorry, but it is a fact!!!

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe Ms Pulido should get a Masters in common sense.This issue could have definately been resolve without bringing the Police into the equation.

  13. Nownalways says:

    The fact is that YOU are all upset and the reason is because its not you in her position. If it was anyone of you who are writing things about her here doing the job that she is doing,,,,with or with out a degree , udp or pup wouldn’t matter. Lets put the facts the right way. If it was anyone of you in her shoe your !….ing mouth would be close. That is who we belizeans are like crabs in a bucket, pulling down anyone who is trying to get up. And yes sadly here in belize its not what you know but whonyou know. Learn people leave this lady alone….if she is doing something wrong then in the longer run she will pay for it. And finally, passing out a rude comment about cubans is not nice, the reason they are here is because we belizeans prefer being on the streets rather than making someone of ourselves. No education! Lets get more belizean doctors or nurses and there will be no need for cubans

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