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Jan 6, 2012

100s of immigrants become Belizeans

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is on the record that general elections are likely to follow the March Seventh municipal elections. But from the looks of it, there is surely a lot of activity to signal that we are now in the political season and that the generals may be sooner rather than later. Aside from the drop in electricity rates and the Social Security loan write-offs to sweeten the pot for the electorate, the Prime Minister also begins a national tour this weekend in the Corozal District with stops in Chunox and Caledonia in the Corozal Southeast. Coupled with the attendance of U.D.P. standard bearers to cabinet meetings and the opening of elections and boundaries offices this Saturday, there is another telling sign. This morning there were long lines at the George Price Centre in Belmopan. Hundreds of new Belizean nationals were taking the oath. From one account as many as four hundred new Belizeans, mostly Central Americans, became new citizens. They were bused in from all over, and from what we gather, over a hundred and seventy are from the Corozal South East constituency held by Florencio Marin Junior who won the 2008 elections by a slim margin of sixteen votes.  This is also the constituency where the PM will kick off the traditional national tour that precedes general elections. The swearing-in ceremony started this morning and continued all day and we are reliably informed that U.D.P. standard bearers were in the mix providing for the soon-to-be electors. Hundreds of other new citizens will reportedly take the oath next week. The next step is for them to register quickly to qualify to vote in both the municipal and general elections. The video was provided by one of our viewers.

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20 Responses for “100s of immigrants become Belizeans”

  1. blackberry says:

    The race to get recent migrants on the voters list has started. Guatemalans are on the list of new nationals despite what chapter 3 section 29 ( as updated to september 1990 ) says, and i quote Next there will be a mad rush to get them on the voters list ,even to the extent of sending extra election and boundaries personnel on weekends to places like Independence village to do the registering of migrants fron surrounding villages. There is evidence of people from neighboring Livingston on the voters list of Toledo. No politicians who knowingly or willfully assist Guatemalans to get on the voters list will get my vote and i urge all true Belizeans to do the same.

  2. its me says:

    dean borrow is a !@#$%^ @## he doesn’t even deserve his name in capital letters…. that why people take advantage of Belize cuz the system too damn weak.. If it was the US it wudnt be so easy to become US citizens.. dean borrow ur !@#$%^ up our country.. We should try to follow some of there rules.. its just like wen u go to the US they give u a hard time but wen they come here they get off easy. dean borrow u need to stop !@#$%^ up Belize and think wit ur ball head not wit ur bold @$$..

  3. Emerildez Montenegro says:

    Well…we are sold locked, stocked and barreled to foreigners !!!
    Ask yourself where in the world can anyone go get that kind of gift from any country !!!!
    Just for a dawn vote, sell your country, low rate your people. And honest Belizeans that have worked so hard and had it so tough in life to make it “BELIZE” never get any help !!!!
    Foreigners get the better jobs, AND the LAND and live better than hard working Belizeans, but unfortunately that`s what they call democracy.

  4. rod says:

    we have no jobs for us belizeans and this so called pm is letting in thousands of illigals just so thsy can vote for him this country is really in the dumps but that wont help you barrow people are sick and tired of all the lies and murders and rapes which have florished under your watch out with you.

  5. Lucas says:


  6. RON W says:

    It is amazing to me how you can tell who the 2 major New Cast are supporting politicaly.
    I have always thought that the media is suppose to be neautral.

  7. Rise up belize says:

    Why are we letting these people into our country? Doesnt mek any sense to me. Spanish d tek ova..

  8. Emerildez Montenegro says:

    No one else commented, means that you are all happy with your GOV screwing you up.

  9. Sasha says:

    Politics asusual, Belize doesn’t even have jobs for it’s people and they making other people citizens. If thet are running from their country I can see them giving a place to stay but should not be offered residence nor citizenship. Did they check these people criminal background? Many belizeans being deported from the US because they are illegal and Barrow giving away citizenship for his OWN AGENDA.

  10. Teacher says:

    What do you expect from the PM, who has Queen Square electors’ list filled with persons who do not reside in Queens Square and sometimes not even in Belize? That is why QUeens Square cannot get ahead, because people who control the area have no stake in its well-being. Ask Sista B bout Queen’s Square padded list.
    The UDP will still get a bust @$$!@# cause things dread all around save for the Barrows!

  11. hard woking Belizean says:

    As ‘sasha’ says, has the criminal background of these people been checked? So many innocent, hard working Belizeans being killed senselessly and Barrow cannot do one #$%% about it but because he wants to ensure a victory in the next gen. elections he will bring all kinds of people whom he doesn’t have any kind of background on!!! I stand to stay that Barrow believes he is such an intellectual but has it all up his a@#!!!. He has all the protection of the world that’s why he doesn’t worry that the criminals can touch him!! I hope the Belizean people don’t get blinded by his sweet deals and leave them in power….wake up my people, why after almost 5 years will Barrow wait to do something ‘good’ for the people?!! Please…..we need to take their gifts and vote their !@$$ out!!

  12. blackberry says:

    Come on GOB, Belize already has an unemployment rate of 23%. These migrents are already putting a strain on our medical faciliates, schools, forest and wildlife and other infrastructures. Now we are giving them citizenship in order to get a few votes.

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    My Belizean people don’t be fooled by these politicians,let’s put our Country first.

  14. CEO says:

    I do not particularly like Barrow because he could have and should have done more for the country over the last 5 years. This move may not be percieved as the best move but it is legal and for those of us who live in other people’s country can understand this move and wish for the same thing to happen for many of ouir family members (if not for ourselves) who live outside of Belize yet undocumented.

    All the comments above are the same comments we get in other countries when we try to get legalize. The above negative views are very narrow and perhaps comes from closed minds.

    These same people will find jobs that locals refuse to do and make a good living for themselves right there in Belize. These are all things that Belizeans could have been doing for a long time but choose not to, and then sit around and complain that there is nothing in Belize!

    These new Belizeans may be brought into the tax pool and be of much benefit for the country.

  15. mosh says:

    Imagine the possibilities…………….. No hope, No vission.

  16. ProudBelizean says:

    You hit the nail on the head, CEO. We Belizeans refuse to work for 20/day.

  17. Earl Grey says:


    There are usually jobs in developing countries that the locals do not want to do BECAUSE OF LOW PAY…THAT’S WHY WE NEED IMMIGRANTS.

    If Belize was that bad… they would not wan to come to “Little America”.

  18. Eye In The Sky says:

    You stupid are worry about the spanish Guatemalan. LOOK at the Chinese taking over in a peaceful and very profitable invasion.

  19. KB says:

    ProudBelizean and CEO imagine the impossibilities…no one, no where should be willing to work for 20/day! This 2012 not 1812 and if you are living someplace else other than Belize you ARE NOT WORKING FOR 20/DAY!! Stand up for Belize if you are truly Belizean but if you’ve become americanized with your nose in the air attitude and your feeble minded thoughts, keep your dam# mouth shut!!!! This message comes to you from an american who aspires to be fully Belizean who stand with the suffering masses of our proud country = BELIZE. KB

    I’ll be back home in Belize, hopefully by then of this year…Don’t surrender your heritage/customs/identity…It has already happened to one formerly known as United States of America…KB

  20. Get it right says:

    Well said CEO. Many of the comments above are just ignorant. These people are the same one that will come and clean yards, clean drains, sell tacos, paint houses etc. The same jobs that our Belizean people have too much pride to do. But instead our Belizean will go to the politicians house and beg for money instead of a job, bc they don’t want to do the job that the ministers offer them. I have seen this for myself personally.

  21. annonymous says:

    Read all you people who are stating comments,life on the net.Why don’t you all think.Stop critising each other.Because no one is perfect.We all should try to do (contribute) your best to do good for all with harmony.Many of you have even much worse errors than the ones you are talking bad about.I know That one(1) day!I will be the Prime minister of Belize.I am striving so hard for it.Just do good, andso good will come fort.Not always, but,likewise challenges.This is a standard 3 student.

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