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Jan 6, 2012

Many crimes reported at Palm Island Club

The first murder victim for 2012, Dale Tillett, was shot in the Palm Island Night Club, which is known for regular advertisements of its French Kiss club promotions. The owner of the club, John Curly, has gone on the defense over the recent shooting that occurred in the parking lot. Curly sent a release saying that he is not responsible for what happens in the parking lot, but while that may be so, we note that the parking lot and the club have been the scene of several crimes over the past few years. The list is long. According to our records, a businessman’s Lincoln Town Car along with his glock pistol and ammunition were stolen from the parking lot in June 2009. A Ford Escort was also stolen from the Palm Island parking lot in July 2010. But the biggest cash theft and gunpoint robbery was inside the Palm Island itself. In September 2010, four persons, two with guns held up Curly and three customers including Nelson Rancharan. Before stealing Rancharan’s Buick Rendezvous, over fifteen thousand dollars in cash from a safe inside the club plus hundreds more were stolen from the other victims. Also in September 2010, Lance Bernard, a fifty year old banker was beaten and robbed before his assailant drove off with his Ford Ranger from the parking lot. And in November of 2010, an employee of Speed Net Telecommunication, Jose Urbina, reported that the company’s Toyota Hilux that he parked at Palm Island was missing an assortment of computers and monitors valued close to fifty thousand dollars. And in November of 2010, Darlene Crawford also lost a Nissan Altima in the club parking lot.  The first recorded shots to be fired at the site were on Saturday April ninth, 2011. Seventeen-year-old Albert Fuentes of George Street was shot on the walkway in front of Palm Island.   News Five spoke to Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, the Police Press Officer who says despite all the incidents in the club, it’s up to you where you want to party in Belize.

Jose Sanchez

“I know there has been some damage control done by the owner of palm island about its safety, but I’ve seen many police reports that you’ve sent out about stabbings, people being robbed—the owner himself in the place. Is there anything in particular that is going to be addressed regarding that particular location?”

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well Jose for the most part, you must care about your safety. I can’t tell you how the inside of Palm Island looks and I have no interest in. It is up to you; it’s your freedom, your right to go and party where you want. He sent out his release. All I can do is send out a release when something takes place. He rightfully said that this incident took place outside the club where he isn’t responsible. That’s his right. All I can do is report incidents as to where they occur and that’s what I do.”

Jose Sanchez

“But as part of police duty, I have seen your reports; many instances of people being I think attempted kidnappings, stabbings, vehicle robberies, etc in that parking lot over and over again. You send out those reports. Shouldn’t the public be aware of what they may be getting into?”

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well that is where the media comes in; you highlight these locations, you highlight where these incidents occurs. I cannot go out there and try to condemn anybody’s business. I can only relay the fact as it occurs. Like I said, these are several incidents like you rightfully highlighted, but it is up to you to party where you want to party in Belize.”

Details of the Palm Island Club and parking lot incidents can be downloaded at

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12 Responses for “Many crimes reported at Palm Island Club”

  1. Storm says:

    Visit a snake-pit, you can expect to get bit. That place should be closed, nothing but trouble.

  2. marie says:


  3. blvnjah says:

    Thats total BS, i believe. there must be a way that their liquor liscence can be revoked if there is constant criminal activity and unsafe conditions happening in this area.

  4. servivour says:

    yes mr yearwood .but how manny ppl have to die before u the police close down clubs like this ?or have these club owners have protection for its customers.

  5. Be Real says:

    99.9% of Palm Island’s patrons just go there to have a little fun. The other .1% just go there to do simpleness and other criminal stuff. What can Palm Island do to stop this minority?

  6. Mark says:

    If a club caters to idiots and hooligans–their “French Kiss” promotions seem to target this demographic–you can sure enough expect to have these types of incidents.

  7. impartial says:

    sorry but Palms used to be a nice place for a few drinks…up until they openend the Club… and you know the demographics and who goes there now. Why nothing happened before? it is not the club…it is the people that now go there the problem

  8. soh dah soh? says:

    well hell, soh di government could tackle vehicle tints…. our privacy with our cells….etc. all in the so called fight against crime, and can’t do anything about places like these??? has noting to do with the owner and i know money haftu mek but i know there must be some restrictions they can place. starting with indeed revoking their liqour liscence. so we r in one accord with dat blvnjah!

  9. CEO says:

    Mr. or Ms Be Real there is lots that can be done and the owners of these places should be held accountable if they want to continue in business. They can start with making liquor licenses very difficult to get and it should come with a very high price. After one incident of disturbance the owners should be called in before a review board and required to take corrective measures! If there is a repeat offence there should be an automatic 1 year probationary period. If there is a third offense that should be an automatic fine and suspension of the liquor license.

    Then how about:
    1) only allowing 21 year old and older to enter;
    2) Hire more bouncers;
    3) install cameras;
    4) search the well known trouble makers;
    5) if they leave the establishment for any reason they will not be allowed back in unless they are searched again;
    6) No loitering should be allowed in the parking lot.

    So yes much can be done!

  10. s says:

    stay the hell home. there is nothing out there that u can have at home and more safer. beers and music and invite over a few friends……clean party and fun

  11. Just Another G says:

    We are having a lot of problem in Corozal Town with local bars in residential areas playing loud music until 2, 3 or 4am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
    Children are trying to sleep and these open air bars are blasting music and drunks breaking bottles on the street and cursing as loud as they can yell.
    The Chairlady of the Liquor Licence Board does not care and the Mayor has no interest in stopping the problem. Once they get a free drink or the white lady they turn a blind eye.
    Police? what Police? They are happy with a drink and plate of food.
    What is happening is totally against the Liquor Licence LAWS of Belize.
    A Publican Special licence is only allowed to get an extension ONCE A MONTH for a function . It must be SOUNDPROOF building if loud music will be playing. Extensions can not exceed 2 hours. ID must be checked as many minors are drinking. The WHOLE TOWN of Corozal is kept awake EVERY WEEKEND by loud music.
    On top of this it is VERY UNFAIR for the only soundproof Nightclub in Corozal. The owner spent hundreds of thousands of dollars soundproofing his establishment and for his nightclub license and has to compete against open air NOT soundproofed Bars / Restaurants.
    Channel 5, Minister of Local Government, Mr Barrow, SOMEONE PLEASE ! ! ! Look into this matter OUR CHILDREN, THE OLD AND SICK AND US THE WORKERS NEED TO SLEEP.

  12. Dezi says:

    My cousin was shot and killed in his own home! No where safe on earth…only heaven and that’s why I want to reach there. All we can do now is try to protect ourselves and if we go down…make sure our hearts and consciences are clear, that Jesus is our Saviour and we are going to meet him. That is the only time we will have perfect peace.

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