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Dec 29, 2011

KHMH welcomes audit; Attorney says millions wasted

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) went through a very public hearing during 2009’s Commission of Inquiry that analyzed the procedures used to determine how medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are procured by the KHMH. But recent allegations by a former employee have revived old claims of misappropriation. That individual was consequently arrested and released by the police. And before it becomes another case of history repeating itself, the administration is now making its records accessible for inspection. A press release sent late this evening by the KHMH says “It is on this platform of transparency that the KHMH authority is prepared now, as it has been in the past, to withstand scrutiny of its affairs.  The Administration is therefore inviting the Auditor General and the Contractor General’s Office, as well as any other authority the Government of Belize may see fit, to launch full investigations into the management of the financial and material resources of the hospital.  If any impropriety is uncovered as a result, firm and appropriate action will be taken against any implicated individuals.” But ten thousand files are already floating in cyberspace and some of them have reached Arthur Saldivar, the attorney for Delroy Hererra.  Saldivar alleges that millions have been lost and he and his client will make full disclosure of their case in the coming weeks.

Arthur Saldivar, Attorney for Delroy Herrera

Arthur Saldivar

“The situation of corruption there has escalated beyond imagination. As a result, the documentation that we have of wrongdoing is now being quantified. We are almost complete with that process. Basically we are looking of upwards of millions of dollars in relation to the losses to the government and the siphoning of funds that have gone on there. We are basically now seeking to push for a senate hearing here—something that will be unprecedented for Belize as the present provisions does not allow for such, but I believe that considering the gravity of the situation and the definite public interest in what goes on at the KHMH; we are talking about one of the premiere if not the premiere health care facilities in the country that caters to the general public especially the poor. It is incumbent upon the government to sanction such a hearing, to get to the bottom of what went on and bring those that are responsible to justice. We already have heard that a sitting minister of government had knowledge this situation as early as the 9th of September and nothing came about. We have heard that the present secretary general of the U.D.P. had knowledge of this situation since the 9th of September and nothing was done to the wrongdoers. However, we know that the police was set upon Mr. Herrera like pit bulls and they responded in kind to lock down Mister Herrera against his constitutional rights twice.”

Jose Sanchez

“When you say millions of dollars siphoned off, what way was this done? I am sure this wasn’t something the board has approved of since they said that they did a lot to take out the middle men in many of these transactions.”

Arthur Saldivar

“Well in fact certain board members were informed of what was going on. I don’t believe that the board can now claim ignorance. Certainly, I can’t recall the name on hand, but all these will be forthcoming in the New Year. Right after the holidays, we should be in the position to make a full, frank disclosure.”

The administration of the KHMH insists that Delroy Herrera has breached its records and exposed correspondences that include private patient matters, and thus compromises confidentiality of delicate and personal matters. The hospital administration will boost the security of its computer network and will use legal means to ensure accountability if breaches do occur.

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5 Responses for “KHMH welcomes audit; Attorney says millions wasted”

  1. Storm says:

    We need some international auditors to teach GOB — of any party — how to control taxpayer money and impose proper controls — and prison sentences when they are not followed.

    Theft and waste of taxpayer money is like treason — it destroys the nation like a cancer. And since we have borrowed a BILLION dollars, it has enslaved our children for the next 50 or more years. They will be working to pay off money stolen in the recent past.

    I would vote for anyone serious about putting people in prison who get their hands in the Belizean cookie jar.

  2. me says:

    NOW NOW NOW. CHECK THIS OUT. When the UDP’s were hacking into PUP files a few years back and exposing them no one, no police fell on them like pitbulls and locked them up. And to see how things happening now. Scurvying di happen eena government big time and no one opens their mouth. No one sends emails out to inform the other. But the pitbulls dem ready fi clamp down on this one to hush things up. Figa dis one out you all out deh weh di read dis. Seen di trend weh we di go?

  3. Al says:

    It is a sad thing when the leaders of a country losses the ability to do what is right for the good of the people. The people in positions of power should be prosecuted for violating the trust placed in them, they need to be made examples of and given prison terms. Until there is a Prime Minister that is a part of a solution and not a part of the problem and just does not turn a blind eye becasue of friendship. Belize can be restored to its beauty when the people stop selling their votes for some christmas package and a few pieces of zincs and begin to truly evaluate the candidates not just because of party. There is no shame in voting for a candidate from another party is you feel that person can and will do more for the people.

  4. ivan call says:

    the big example is dean barrow he is the biggest thief,in Belize and he tolerates all his minions and cronies,while d poor have to continue suffering and no even have a ham fi this x-mas because d hams and x-mas baskets with goodies all went to UDP cronies,or lambiscones,it never was intended for the POOR PEOPLE’.IF WE CONTINUE VOTING FOR A CORRUPT LEADER LIKE DEAN BARROW BELIZE WILL NEVER PROSPER.

  5. CEO says:

    This is not to justify any wrong doing but the last crowd was corrupt too this is why we are in the mess we are in now. This sort of mess needs to stop else the country will never move ahead.

    Politicians only seem to know what to do when they are out of office and seeking the vote of the people to get into office! As soon as they get the necessary votes they revert back to the same way of doing business. While all this happen the people suffer.

    The voters also have the be scoulded because like Ivan stated they sell their vote for a load of sand, or two sheet ah zinc or wah chrismus ham.

    Politicians perhaps do not realize that if they do the right thing they will remain in power because the people will take note.

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