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Dec 28, 2011

Mother of 4 year old rape victim frustrated

And while the police are fresh on the case of that aggravated burglary, another case that occurred earlier in the year still has fresh wounds for its victim. On September twenty seventh, a four-year-old girl was taken out of her classroom by someone she knew.  Not only did she tell her mother a detailed account of sexual abuse, she also told her the name of her alleged attacker. The police department said that DNA samples would be taken from two men who came in close proximity with the girl. And though the incident occurred three months ago, no one has been charged. The mother of the victim told News Five that she is frustrated and feels the case has been stalled.

Voice of: Mother of 4 Year Old Rape Victim

“Well as far as I know, they take the DNA samples from two suspects they think is the person. When we asked about it the following day, they said in two weeks time. In two weeks time when I check back with them they said it couldn’t prove anything. My honest opinion, I think they never sent out any DNA test.”

Jose Sanchez

“But have they showed you the results of the test to show you anything conclusive?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 Year Old Rape Victim


Jose Sanchez

“So it’s just a word of mouth? No actual report.”

Voice of: Mother of 4 Year Old Rape Victim

“No. And today I got in contact with Channel 5 because I just tired of everything and it will be four months now and I noh get nothing bout my baby. It still affects my family a lot; my granny got sick cross at states di worry bout this whole thing that is happening. And plus, I just think all these craziness need to stop.”

Jose Sanchez

“Just let’s get the understanding; you didn’t just go to the media and give a complaint. You’ve gone to different levels of the police haven’t you?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 Year Old Rape Victim

“Yes, I went to the police, the Minister of the Police and he noh mi di base nothing bout my daughter incident, he di base bout me; [but this dah bout my baby.] But she only four years old, she can’t talk nothing for herself and that dah the part I suppose to play as a parent.”

Jose Sanchez

“So essentially what you are saying is whatever may have happened to you in the past does not have anything to do with this incident regarding your daughter; she can’t defend herself.’

Voice of: Mother of 4 Year Old Rape Victim

“Exactly. And like I tell the police, everybody makes mistakes and ih mi really upset but I just play my role as a mother and neva disrespect ahn cause I mi really wah tell ahn. And he bring up bout I was incarcerated and this and that. That noh have nothing to do with me and I tell ahn I was innocent that’s why I came out.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now I don’t know. What can you do next? Is there anyone you can appeal to? What are you hoping for at this point?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 Year Old Rape Victim

“Well at this point the way I see it, I don’t see nothing much coming out of this honestly, but I just the tell other parents out there to just watch their kids safely.”

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6 Responses for “Mother of 4 year old rape victim frustrated”

  1. jose says:

    shame on the police department and on that crazy head police minister

  2. Storm says:

    A child rapist is walking the streets, protected by what part of “law enforcement”?

    He will attack anothger girl, and that crime will be on the heads of the police and DPP.

    I guess they are waiting for the poor little victim’s memory to fade, so another criminal can be acquitted.


    Oh, one more thing: CASTRATE all convicted rapists, so their first conviction will be their last.

  3. OriginalWoman says:

    This story makes the police department, social workers, government od Belize they are ALL looking bad. This mother needs JUSTICE for her 4 year old child!!!!!! This can happen to any child and if this is an example of how it will be handled, people need to DEMAND that something is done!!! I am urging the general public to rally behind this woman in her plight for justice…take it to the streets, organize, rally, protest about this GRAVE INJUSTICE BEING COMMITTED TO THIS INNOCENT CHILD…SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!

  4. Concerned citizen says:

    From what I gather from all this scenario, the Police Department have been bought over, typical bribery because they are all corrupt..deh worse dan whore di sell themselves fu chump change! Things like these really make me MAD!! Come on Doug Singh, do something!

  5. Swamp Dragon says:

    Heinous crimes deserve capital punishment! no longer should the citizens of Belize be held hostage by these thugs and criminals and corrupt politicians and police. Implement the death penalty! An outside perspective is required to fully enforce the laws of Belize. The corruption within the Police and the political system is too wide spread. Corrupt Police should be given the maximum punishment!

  6. CEO says:

    Shame on them for not acting on this case. Whether the mother has a history for jail time should be irrelevant. The Child was violated. Simply.

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