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Dec 28, 2011

Police investigation into accident continues

Claudio Mai

News Five also spoke with Assistant Superintendent Claudio Mai who said that San Ignacio police are continuing their investigation into the accident.

Asst. Supt. Claudio Mai

“Okay this traffic accident occurred between seventy and seventy-one miles western highway which is just the dump area which is between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo. Reportedly Mister Luis Polanco was driving a white van along with two other of his workers of Windy Hill when Mister Ian Vega was going in the opposition direction to Benque reportedly run off to their side and result in a head on collision. Mister Polanco is presently critical at one of the health institutions in Belize City whilst the others have been taken to the hospital and later released for minor injuries.”

Andrea Polanco

“Police investigations revealed what caused the accident?”

Asst. Supt. Claudio Mai

“Well it is being investigated and likewise as soon as we get everything, we will be giving you that ok.”

The driver of the pickup, Ian Vega, reportedly received several cuts to the face during the collision.

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13 Responses for “Police investigation into accident continues”

  1. truebelizean says:

    What a joke! Check your stat Mr. Mai. They are all still hospitalized. Mr. Puc has not even been treated because his family is still trying to come up with money. Ms. Ruiz is also still hospitalized with severe injuries. And where is Mr. Vega? Was he detained pending investigations? Was he even questioned? Was he drunk? We want answers. Please Channel 5, don’t let this one slip. Keep the Belizean people informed We want justice!

  2. realty55 says:

    wow deputy prime minister nephew………..nothing wil be done to him….he mussy have been soooo drunk like always and like he is the NEPHEW nothing can be done …….just like micheal silva dat kill and now he is happily living in GUATEMALA…madas now killing in belize is just a hubby……………………..

  3. Mad Black Woman says:

    What investigation??? Survivors are telling u wat happen and u r still investigating? Dat will not happen..we know dat clear as day. He is a Vega- they know they are above the law and nothing will happen. If anything Gapi already breathing down Mr Mai neck and nuttn will come out of the investigation. Read Channel 7 for another spin of the interview with Mr Puk- you will see the kind of treatment we poor folks have to endure when you are in the same boat as the Vegas, health care, police will leave you on the side and tend to the Vegas first.

    We pray for Luis who was a outgoing and hardworking individual. May God be with him and with his family at this very hard and trying time.

  4. dario says:

    to my understanding ian vega was never detained pending investigation or even charged and i guess no sample was taken or if it was it will come back below the prescribed limit if this was any other poor citizen they would still be lock down. where is the justice?? Does this mean that if you have money you are exempted from the law and could do what you want?? Ian Vega was drunk he was at Okis Night Club all night drinking. We want justice money doent buy life

  5. Lucas says:

    True belizean, you want answers? Well the answer is that this person is the son of one of the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER’S BROTHER. That is the reason why he was taken care first and is walking free. Mai and all the rest have do as told or else… Isn’t it nice to not just be a UDP but to be the Nephew of or have high connection to a HIGH RANKING UDP MINISTER. ” IF YOU SEE OPPRESSION OF THE POOR, AND THE VIOLENT PERVERSION OF JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS, DO NOT MARVEL AT THE MATTER, FOR HIGH OFFICIAL WATCHES OVER HIGH OFFICIAL AND HIGHER OFFICIALS ( GOD) ARE OVER THEM”. ECCLEESIASTES 5:8.

  6. Lyannie Puc says:

    it was not a white vehicle, it was green..and the other correction is that the 3 victims are at the hospital, Luis Polanco is in a critical condition and he just had a third cardiac brother Erlin, has a broken tibia, he will be going through a surgery today and Reina is complaining about pain all over her body and cannot talk at d moment.. the only person that has been released over minor injuries is IAN VEGA. and it didnt happen at 7, it occured at 5:45 i was the one that received the call.

  7. Lyannie Puc says:

    first of all, it is spelled as PUC…..and all the information the Police gave is wrong because it was at 5:45am i was the one that answered the phone when my brother called. it is very sad that Ian VEGA is free, im not ashamned to put my name, people say that we are just pointing fingers at them, but it is obviouse, it was his fault…he is such a irresponsible rich kid that gets away with everything..

  8. belizeanpride says:

    seems nobody caught the missed informed mai saying “white van”" when on my screen i’m seeing a green van. as usual police officers never tend to do a professional work where the hell did he see a white van. it’s green damn it!! can’t even take a statement worst make a press release. jeez, hope they charge the s.o.b who was driving drunk. but if nothing happens just wait for karma what goes around come around and might strike double. just see the elite people living above law while the poor seems to live from the scraps that fall from their tables, that’s life in Belize.

  9. Lyannie Puc says:

    the victims are still at the hospital, Luis Polanco is in a very critical condition, Reina Ruiz cries for the pain that she feels all over her body, and she can bearl talk, my brother, Erlin Puc has a broken tibia..the one that was released from the hospital over minor injuries was IAN VEGA…..he is the one that is al ok in his bed eating good.. while we hav our love ones at the hospital, in pain and the family and friends looking for the money so that they can get a good treatment and the surgery that they need.

  10. gee says:

    thats all that is on his mind. during the christmas season guess what the primary raids and patrol was about? you got it right!!!!

    Mai had his soldiers out looking for pop shot quetes!!! what a joke. he should have been patrolling our neighbourhoods looking for criminals. he said he arrested 24 person. ask him for what if they were ever charged…….probably for being intoxicated or hand fight……mai and willy have to go before cayo citizens take over…..

  11. says:

    DON’T U ALL GET IT? The police will state WHITE VAN in the report so if it goes to court , the case will be THROWN OUT!! Why because the report is incorrect and not properly filed, in other words it is less conspicuous than the file being lost!!!

  12. Mose says:


  13. succotz gial says:

    im going to say this…..whether you guys want to listen or not….everyone is forgetting that in the early mornings inbetween clarissa falls and past the dumb,,,the fog from the river makes it unbearable to even see 3 feet infront of it….i know this because i have driven many times on that part of the road…even if you are not drunk it is hard to see where your going…and you dont even realize that a vehicle from the opposite direction is coming towards you until they are right up on you…..I am sure the vega family will contribute as much as they can…they have not been known to be selfish like some other rich people in belize….and i can say this personally….so stop with this nonsense of PuP and UDP….please…and I think it is very disrespectful for some people to want to accuse people of selling truck loads of crackers from the big truck….give the people a break and give credit where credit is due,,,,,

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