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Dec 13, 2011

Would you vote for GOB if it calls early elections?

In our previous poll, sixty-two percent of viewers thought that the Prime Minister will be calling early elections. Many reasons are advanced as to why the PM will call early elections. Some say he will have to implement IMF recommendations to increase the dreaded GST, others think he is getting pressure over corruption and the drug trade and still others believe with the opposition party still not yet on a stable footing, the PM is inclined to call an early poll. So tonight we ask: “Would you vote for the government if it calls early elections?  Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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15 Responses for “Would you vote for GOB if it calls early elections?”

  1. Storm says:

    UDP is stagnant and impotent, PUP is in chaos and did a very ppor job with its last administration.

    No, I will be voting for a third choice, the best reform candidate I can find.

  2. me says:

    Trouble is that third choice is not there either. They are not heard of. So I will go with the better of the two evils.

  3. call elections now says:

    say what u want about the previous administration, the fact of the matter is that what they did in 10 years pales in comparison to the way this country has been raped by this Govt in just 3 years. We are living in a country filled with crime and corruption. HELL NO. I WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR GOB IF EARLY ELECTIONS ARE CALLED.

  4. BelCap says:

    very well put Storm…..i concur with you, both political parties have done nothing but mek our lives worst while a pocket full of their cronies get rich……its time dat our Belizean brethren give a chance to ppl who appear to want to mek a diference

  5. Young Belizean says:

    I totally agree with Storm… UDP and PUP have made a wreck of our country… lets make a change and vote a third party! Hopefully the coalition they are forming works!

  6. bull says:

    which third party? Like the national reform party headed by a fool , fool menonite displaying the Zionist flag and boasting about 50 million for campaign funds and who was late sued by two two candidates for non payment of expenses, and whose property in OW is now being sold. The PUP has always been the party of fundamental changes and yes we get our fair share of huttlers that gravitate around the party but these are kindergarde husttlers compared to this UDP bunck.

  7. subKonshus says:

    Whatever the PUP or UDP did to our country, we should take full responsibility for it. This is because we are not using our democratic right to our advantage. We Belizeans need to see the light and stop voting for “Color”. We need to look at candidates in our constituency and vote for the best candidate. Regardless which party he or she belongs to. In all political parties you will find hustlers, numb-skulls and genuine persons who have a heart for people and country. We as voters need to ensure that the hustlers and numb-skulls don’t get elected. Forget about colour. Consider what you know about the person, and be honest with yourself. Then vote for the best person to represent you in the House. Each time we go about it just voting for colour, we short-change ourselves and end up complaining for another 5 years. This has to stop. Only we can stop it. Remember, we put them there. Whats the use of voting for someone, then complaining about the same person less than 3 months down the road. Our job is not to select the prime minister. Our job is to select the best area representative for our area. If we focus on that, and stay true to that, we can have a good government who will serve all the people. Because such a government will consist of the best of the best from each area. Screw party colour…vote for the best man or woman in your area. Or we will regret living another 5 years in this country. As far as the poll is concerned, I think it would have been more appropriate to ask: “Would you vote for your current area representative if early elections were called?” This is where the education should begin. Consider your present area representative. Is he a statesman of a politician? Remember, a politician don’t see the needs of the people, he only needs the peoples votes!!!

  8. Bobby says:

    call elections Now! I would definitley vote for the Opposition. Merely because I recently graduated with my Associates degree, I applied for a post advertised on a local newspaper,ad yu wont believe what those ………….. did to me! 1- The job was for a government agency, so i applied, weeks later was called for an interview, went, was called for a second interview, went and was then that pay was discussed, tasks, duties, etc. On Sunday I was called and told ” Mr. X Sorry but we cant give you the job.” I was like “why?” The lady was a nice lady, met he before and she was honest, ” I’m gonna be honest with you- THEY found out that your family does not affiliate itself with this party! That was Fire for me!
    SO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY WE HAVE A HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE???! I’ts the GOB’s fault. If you dont ahev STRINGS…. YOU DO NOT GET A JOB! simple as it is!
    So this Gov. has to go mein! They are destroying our future, we are the future! Lots of promises, no fulfillment! Since Hulse won elections, he has NEVER BEEN to my village to meet with the people, but he will soon be there, wanting votes, and I wil remind hom of what happened!
    We elected TRAITORS!

  9. Jp says:

    Well laid out subKonshus

    that is the hearth of the matter…Belizeans don’t go by color…PLS…
    vote for the best person to represent you in the House.

    as the end we are all Belizeans and coperate with each other on selecting the right person instead of fighting about the color…Dont you see…this is what the politicians want!! for us to kill our self and while they exploit our country…Unity!!!

  10. ABC says:

    Bobby, I couldn’t agree more, I have seen that being done all the time. I do not believe they will call early elections though, and I do no think that third parties are ready to make a change for the better either.

  11. Big Man says:

    I will vote UDP because they are trying hard to get us out of the mess PUP leave us in not a another dam PUP

  12. Alex says:

    No doubt I would vote PUP…. the UDP has done nothing but destroy our once great country over the last three years. The PUP can surely turn things around and I will definitely vote for them.

  13. Concerned says:

    We belizeans deserve what we get, cuase its us that put them their and tolerate them. Maybe in the next elections we should vote for people who will actually work for us….. for the parties to change, we as people need to change first, after all, we are the government…if we demand change from our politicians then thats what they’ll give us,

  14. Justice says:

    My fren once told me. Pup eat with fork, what drop is for the people. Udp eat with spoon cause nothing no drop for the people. If early election is called i will vote pup. Hon. George price did a lot for our country and i am willing to make his dream continúe. I am willing to give pup another chance.

  15. Rene Rodriguez says:

    This poll actually shows me the UDP still strong:
    1) This ain´t a 2 party system no more, so that 50% has to be shared among PUP, VIP, and PNP
    and please don´t forget Belmopan PUP actually came in third.
    2) Only Smart customers can vote
    3) For sure some belizeans americans voted who actually won´t come to Belize just to cast their votes
    5) Last, if add both numbers they don´t add to the total, even thou it don´t makes any difference you guys should check that.

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