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Dec 7, 2011

UNIBAM gets boost from Obama

Turning to a story that has been persistently in the headlines; that’s the case of Caleb Orosco and UNIBAM versus the Attorney General. UNIBAM is challenging section fifty-three of the criminal code that states that sexual intercourse against the order of nature is punishable by up to ten years imprisonment. Two days before the start of the case an announcement by United States President, Barack Obama, could give UNIBAM a major boost. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the United States will begin using American foreign aid to fight discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender persons abroad. Obama issued a memorandum directing American agencies to look for ways to combat efforts by foreign governments to criminalize homosexuality. The presidential memorandum said that federal agencies engaged abroad had been directed to “combat the criminalization of L.G.B.T. status or conduct; protect vulnerable L.G.B.T. refugees and asylum seekers; leverage foreign assistance to protect human rights and advance nondiscrimination; ensure swift and meaningful U.S. response to human rights abuses of L.G.B.T. persons abroad; and engage international organizations in the fight against L.G.B.T. discrimination.” The presidential announcement was followed today by a live webinar hosted in Washington, with experts responding to questions from across the Caribbean region on issues relating to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. The event attracted supporters from both sides of the debate at the US Embassy where the webinar took place. News Five’s Delahnie Bain reports.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

Interested parties from across the region converged on the internet this morning for live webchat on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in the Caribbean.

Paula Uribe

The discussion was hosted by the US State Department and featured three experts on human rights issues. Belizeans joined the conversation at the US Embassy in Belmopan and one concern raised was if Foreign Aid funds from the US would be withheld from countries that don’t support LGBT rights.

Paula Uribe, Senior Advisor, Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. Dept. of State

“No, the US is not going to withhold funds. We always take very carefully the allegations of human rights abuse and we study the situation, not just on LGBT grounds but in general in each country and then we decide what we do with our foreign aid. But no, it’s not going to happen and that has been actually a conversation that started yesterday after the secretary’s speech and the president’s memorandum.”

Other questions posed from Belize, included whether it is legal for US diplomats to support UNIBAM when it is entangled in a legal battle with government and people.

Paula Uribe

“We can support groups, civil society groups in the ground when they are fighting for their human rights but we are not going to get into domestic legal battles. That’s for civil society groups and lawyers in the country. We would just support them from the background.”

Victor Madrigal

Victor Madrigal, Head of Registry, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

“Even if one were to accept, for argument sake, that the majority of citizens of one country doesn’t want LGBTI persons not to be subject to violence or to be able to walk the streets and not be beaten, even if we were to accept that for the sake of argument that’s not a valid argument for actually having it be so because the rights of this person, historically subjected to discrimination, need to be protected also from the will of the majority if the will is that.”

Going a step further, it was also asked whether adapting the UN Human Rights in Belize would open the doors to same sex marriages.

Charles Radcliffe, Chief of Global Issues, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Charles Radcliffe

“Neither the Universal Declaration of Human Rights nor the International Covenant on civil and political rights talks about gay marriage. What we’re talking about is making sure—we’re not talking about creating new rights or LGBT rights either—we’re just trying to ensure that everybody is able to enjoy the same rights and that the laws themselves are not discriminatory. But when it comes to the institution of marriage, there’s no obligation under international human rights law to open marriage to same sex couples.”

And with the churches’ involvement in the case, Charles Radcliffe of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights noted that while the church is a moral authority, it has no say over basic human rights.

Charles Radcliffe

“The church, which we know in many societies including the Caribbean is playing a very constructive role and important role in terms of inclusion and teaching values, does not have a veto on universal human rights. And there is such a thing as freedom of belief and freedom of religion and people are completely entitled to do what they want. But they’re not entitled on the basis of those religious beliefs to insist that other people who don’t share them are stripped of their basic human rights and treated in some way as less human. So I think we have to resist the notion that nothing can change unless the church gives its agreement.”

Josh King, Senior Public Policy Advocate, Human Rights Campaign

Josh King

“I would caution that families come in very different strains and I think any time you kind of use that to justify offering rights to one group or another, I think you kind of miss the point that it’s not really about the family, it’s about the person.”

Paula Uribe

“There are many ideas that are wrong about the LGBT community; the perception that pedophiles are the same as gay people or that it’s contagious to be gay and that you know they are going to give it to their children. Those ideas need to be debunked I think.”

Delahnie Bain for News Five.

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68 Responses for “UNIBAM gets boost from Obama”

  1. Lucas says:

    My fellow Belizeans, Let me say that good people do not always act good and that wise people do not always act wisely. The people who have the power to decide do not always make the right decision. Many times decisions and actions that seem right and good leads only to pain and suffering. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that decisions be based not on feelings or emotions but on principles guided by reason, however, reason itself is not a good guide unless it is santified by the Spirit of God. It is then of supreme importance that decisions made be compared with THUS SAYS THE LORD. Some have ears but do not hear and have eyes but do not see and call good that which is bad and bad that which is good. The conclusion of the whole matter is: FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS FOR THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN. FOR GOD WILL BRING EVERY WORK INTO JUDGMENT, WITH EVERY SECRET THING, WHETHER IT BE GOOD OR BAD. (Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14.)

  2. Earl Grey says:


  3. Islander says:

    Belize needs to get rid of it’s beggar status before it can truly be independent and decide it’s own laws. We need politicians that know more than just BEGGING the international community for money.

  4. Stephen says:

    Well if they are saying that no aid will be given to Belize then let them keep it and take their nasty @$$ out of Belize. We are a country that does not tolerate …… or lesbians so to hell with human rights on this issue they all need to respect each country laws. Not every country will tolerate that type of behavior so Belize is one of them. I hope that we all stand firm and keep those nastiness out of Belize as GOD will provide we will have more to offer and if you look at it only the small country those people target.

  5. Sugar says:

    No wanda the Gay PCV in OW has been very open and with the support of the Ambassador…now I see.

  6. belizeanpride says:

    THE OBAMA ADMISTRATION can say anything but we as a nation stand against this and they can’t dictate what we do in our country but only discuss this issues. we are the Belizean people who are suppose to decide about this matter. if Obama says so lets bring the pope then and see who has more authority OBAMA OR THE POPE.

  7. r says:

    when one door close many more is open…just have faith in the Lord and pray. God will look after his people, let us be his…..leave obama and his agenda. Our Father up in Heaven is always awake.

  8. Junior123 says:

    Belize WILL COME ON LINE with other countries and the gay and lesbian community will be accepted. Its not a matter of if…its a matter of when. But it will not happen today…The next generation of Belizeans..the ones who are 10, 12, 15, 20 years old…they are watching the adults..our elected officials..and most of them do not share the views of the adults. They who are the leader of tomorrow are more open minded….So in time it will happen. The 40,50,60 year old are old school and they won’t change thier views…Folks its just a matter of time….

  9. Junior123 says:

    Belize WILL COME ON LINE with other countries and the gay and lesbian community will be accepted. Its not a matter of if…its a matter of when. But it will not happen today…The next generation of Belizeans..the ones who are 10, 12, 15, 20 years old…they are watching the adults..our elected officials..and most of them do not share the views of the adults. They who are the leader of tomorrow are more open minded….So in time it will happen. The 40,50,60 year old are old school and they won’t change thier views…Folks its just a matter of time….

  10. Bdf says:

    Keep using our American tax dollars to defend homosexuals,use that money to Fred the poor.

  11. rasman says:

    Mr. Barrow lets stop begging the Americans and tell them to keep their money and we will keep our laws.

  12. bzn2dabone says:

    I applaud the intelligent people who have commented so far on this article. We as Belizeans should decide how we want our country ran, and not let another wrong-minded country dictate to us. HEY!, We have oil in Belize. Let us sustain ourselves with the income from the oil and throw Obama and his ill-gotten antics to the garbage. I was proud of Obama as the first black president of the US, but now he has lost my respect. Onward Belizeans, let us TAKE A STAND!

  13. mike says:

    Have these sick people read LEVITICUS 18:22 “And you must not lie down with a male the same as you lie with a woman. It is a detestable thing.”

    LEVITICUS 20:13 “And when a man lies down with a male the same as one lies down with a woman, both of them have done a detestable thing. They should be put to death without fail. Their own blood is upon them.

  14. Louisville,Ky says:

    First they came with a sword in one hand and the bible in another. Now they bring promiscuity in one hand and a fist full of dollars in the other. What is this, Neo-Colonialism, modern day slavery or what. Take your pick.
    Come to think of it, linking the granting of aid to the country on whether or not we wink at an immoral lifestyle, is tantamount to pedophiles giving their victims monetary incentives for sexual favors. These international agencies need to be told in no uncertain terms that we do not appreciate their meddling in the internal affairs of a soverign State. They can take their money AND their slackness and leave.

  15. Joe says:

    Little Belize stand up to the bully!!!!! — Go and continue to mess up your country – USA.. You crazy son of a ………..!!!!!! — keep your dollar there — we don’t want to change our laws and you should not interfere with us..



  16. erik says:

    this is all a confusion and this movement is using it to its advantage. what rights? these folks from UNIBAM already have rights, they are respected as any individual and always have the same right like someone who is not homosexual. what they are seeking now is special privilidges which i think is very not acceptable and unfair. like them we have so many minorities in our community and if they are given special privilidges then we are talking undemocratically. this movement must be stooped, we are already heading down a dangerous road that has many re pre cautions

  17. E says:

    What the hell is wrong with the U.S? Its people are killing their children and themselves because they can not get food stamps and many are out in the cold sleeping in the streets with nowhere to go and no where to get sustenance and look at them here, they are trying to help people to debunk the morals and values of our lovely society. Why don’t they go and deal with their people instead of meddling into other’s affairs. Is it because they heard that now we have the potential to export oil too? I hope they won’t take us for fools like what they are trying to do to all the Muslim countries that have the black gold. The U.S doesn’t seem to learn a lesson. Afghanistan has beaten their @$$#$ so hard that now they are so broke but yet they have money to assist LGBTs. The U.S is already claiming that they don’t have money and so forth but yet they have money to accomplish the will of the devil. They are immoral people. People without a fear of the Almighty God. I don’t see the reason why Caleb or whatever his name is, is making such a big deal about his gayness here in Belize. There have not been cases in Belize where his rights have been violated. Whatever he does/did in his bedroom we didn’t have to know about it. People are following the footsteps of those Immoral countries so much that at some point in time if we continue in this route we will end up like Sodom and Gomorrah. then we will shake our heads and ask ourselves why so many evil things are happening in our country and why our children will no longer listen to us or why so many sick people will be around or why so many natural disasters will be happening to us? The Almighty looks down upon us each and every second of the day. There are so many things in this life that Humans do that the devil himself shakes his head and is surprised at what they do. Even the Devil can not believe the deeds of perverted Human beings. As the Movie, “The Devil’s Advocate ” puts it, ” Free will, its like butterfly wings: once touched they never get off the ground. No, i only set the stage. You pull your own strings”. Satan sets the stage for us all we have to do is do the rest out of our own free will. At the end of the day we do our own wrongs. We need to stand firm for our generations sake, so that they will still have fear of God and have morals and values in their lives.

  18. Belizean says:

    How come the U.S.A. has as its motto “In God We Trust”? They say one thing, then they contradict themselves with their policies. Unless they are refering to another god.

  19. dude says:

    dear god, if you are there please let it rain brains over belize we need it here urgently !

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am very proud of my Belizean brothers and sisters for standing firm on this issue.That been said We definately don’t need SANDUSKY in Belize we already have CALEB.

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    United we stand and divided we fall Belize,Let’s not allow these foreigners to decide our fate.If they care so much about Belize why don’t they put thesame effort into fighting crimes in this beautiful Jewel of ours.

  22. Diane Sabal says:

    This is a perfect oportunity for Belizean politicians (specifically, Mr. Barrows) to pocket funding intended for a cause. I don’t believe the discrimination against LGT is so extreme and problematic, respectively, that the Belizean government need to hustle America. Do a song/dance for obvious social issues such as employment, poverty, fighting corruption–HELLO!!!!

  23. Elgin Martinez says:

    We definately don’t need SANDUSKY in Belize,we already have CALEB

  24. No Integrity in Belize says:

    We have to stand for something or we will fall for anything….People for once be convicted and STAND. As others have said no one is abusing these people and quite frankly we don’t need to know what you do in your bedroom so why do you need special treatment because you decided you want to use the back instead of the front. Nuff said….

  25. AmericaninBelize says:

    @E and others- U say, “THEY are immoral people” How can you categorize the entire population of the U.S? I am an American and I Trust God and Fear him. I LIVE according to his standards; do u? U think Belizeans are more righteous, REALLY. I have seen promiscuity, fornication, murder, adultery, alcohol & drug abuse and more. All these things GOD condemns, not only homosexuality. Keep in mind Matt 7:3-5 “stop looking at the straw in your brother’s eye, when a rafter is in your own eye.” Take a good look at your country before judging another. And for your information many Americans are against homosexuality, but the government does what they see fit. Same as Belize, what the people want may not be the will of the government.
    Another thing you really think Belize can survive without any aid, without tourism? Besides you must not have read the entire article that mentioned “the US is not going to withhold funds.” Most decent jobs here are provided by foreigners. Belizeans are blind to the fact that they have not, will not, and can not do it alone. Pride makes people very ungrateful, another quality God condemns. God doesn’t look for righteousness in nations anymore, but in individuals. Because he can’t find a Nation of his people, including the US and your precious Belize!

  26. Bzeman says:

    Brings a whole new meaning to “big stick” diplomacy…..

  27. belizean says:

    The reason why USA is in such tormoil right now is because they want to get in everybody’s business and dont take a look at their own situation. Each country have the right to say what they will and will not tolerate in their countries. I have no problem with gay and lesbians but we have so much other important issues in Belize that needs attention right now instead of fighting a law to make UNIBAM waste of tax dollars. Caleb Orozco has his own agenda and I have known him for many years the issue that they should be tackling is how to decrease the spread of HIV amongst the gay population that is more important than this.

  28. Elgin Martinez says:

    Belize can stand without aid from the US.Man is not in control God is.

  29. walls says:

    First of all lets all be proud as belizean but lets not be proud on those $#!% they trying to bring to our beloved country, belize it or not they will die one by one if gay rights are being approve but again lets stand strong people lets think on our younger generation. Who the hell are these stinking @$$#$ to want to bring their @$$#$ to bze we don’t want them and believe me they will die just like how jamaica do with them. SO SAY NO TO ALL GAYS AND NO TO UNIBAM LET THEM BURN!!!

  30. brightman says:

    Human rights for ALL. Religion is a matter of faith and belief, not fact. We must leave our ignorance and bigotry aside and give everyone the right to live according to their identity. What CONSENTING ADULTS do is their business. When we forcefully dictate what people can and can not do solely based on religion opens dangerous territory. Will we go back to stoning to death the adulterers?? Shall we burn at the stakes all Non-Catholics??…We must let justice and dignity for all prevail. I applaud the US for their stance on this issue. We can not endorse discrimination against an already vulnerable group. Remember: To thine own self be true–the truth shall set you free!! Gays should no longer be forced to live repressed/double lives. Let charity, tolerance, respect, and justice guide Belize, not bigotry, hate, ignorance, and intolerance.

  31. Earl Grey says:


    ??????????????who are we to judge??????????
    Keep the GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE BEDROOM…or soon they may tell heterosexuals what they can’t do.

    making sure THAT our food is not laden with chemicals, AGAINST THE ORDER OF NATURE!!!

  32. Storm says:

    Obama seems to have done a lot of damage to America from where it was before. Now he wants to wreck us, too, just for practice?

  33. Thinker says:

    I have read all the feedback, and I must say that I expected Belize to be more openned minded.. after all,, Gays, lesbians, are people just like me and you, the difference lies when u forget what you are,, if God sent you in the shell of a man ,, be a man .,, what you do in the conformt of your house, your bed room is your buisness,a straight cople doesn’t exhibit how they like there sexual pleasuere, so don’t place labs. For as much as Belize is a religious country .. we can’t deprieve people for feeling what they feel for one another but we can only demand respect.. the thing that makes me laugh is that everyone qoutes the Bible and how many of these exact persons live by it, Do to your brother as you would want them to fo to you, the Tennth Commandment,.. moreover all of ous have familys, sibblings and life is funny what you don’t like you end up getting in full, I for one would not like if any of my family memebers or friends are chastized for their feeling. Once they respect me and I respect them then we are all straight.
    This is not about human right and Bible this is all about respect and love..
    Word for Bible quotares continue reading homosexuality was and has always been there, plus If you are all religious and rightous, and stuff then you are the most sinful person cause who are you to condem… GOD IS ABOUT LOVE>>> and these same persons that you are condemning.. are Doctors, teachers, politicans, fireman,, etc… lets not take sides, lets not fight.. lets just remember we are all human beings … and most importantly .. none of us like a man abuser that hits his wife..and has his kid watching ..that is what we should focus.. on helping.. Homophobia. come on .. you either are sure of your self ,, or afraid of having tendences and news flash… gay or not.. that is gentics… GOD BLESS AND LOVE TO ONE ANOTHER>>>

  34. Thinker says:


  35. Skywalker says:

    Most of you guys are so far off target it’s almost funny.

    First of all, US isn’t forcing anyone to do anything. If they don’t like what’s going on in other countries then it is their choice not to help them, just like how they have that embargo against Cuba.

    Second, we need to realize that this is a basic human rights issue, that we, as a member of the UN need to examine past our own personal beliefs. Just like the quote said, you can have religious beliefs, but “not entitled to insist that other people don’t share them are stripped of their basic human rights.”

    I’m sure there were white South Africans who felt the same way about blacks during the time of Apartheid that a lot of Belizeans feel about the gays right now. Apartheid was tolerated for a while, but everyone wised up and decided that they would take a stand against discrimination. In the same way, discrimination agains the LGBT community is becoming internationally censured, so the US and any other country has a right to voice their problems with it if they see it going on in another country.

    An earlier commenter said that it’s a matter of “when” and not “if” this will come. The law in Belize will change whether it is next year or in 20 years. Let us not make discrimination a matter of national pride. I am disgusted by how the political parties have been pandering to the extreme anti-gays, making it seem like being gay is at odds with being Belizean. I am not gay and I have never been homophobic. I have never been afraid of change. Let us progress as a society with the rest of the global community. That is what the US wants, and what we should want too.

  36. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe we should support gangs rights because they would also like to be treated equally like the gays.

  37. CEO says:



  38. Retired CEO says:

    Igorance, ignorance, ignorance, my people suffer due to lack of knowledge. Bigotry is bigotry no matter where or who it is coming from, after reading all the sick and hatefull comments. I am convince that if and when Jesus returns, these are the same people that would crucify him all over again, due to their narrow mindedness and dogmatic point of view coupled with ignorance.

  39. KING'S KID says:

    Why am I not at all surprised at Obama’s stance? Liberal extraordinaire! Since his inauguration, just take a look at all the decent, moral laws that he’s sought to or successfully overturned…. But Obama is an “honorable” man (tongue-in-cheek).

  40. USBelizean says:

    WOW some people here are just ridiculous. Some of you need to open your eyes and see what is happening in the world. You either accept that it is so or be left behind.
    I am sorry to say this but some of my belizean people sound so uneducated when they open their mouths.
    People are so ready to quote the bible against gays but then they fail to see the whole big picture. I agree that Belize has bigger problems and more attention needs to be focused on that, so why is it that all these negative comments are being posted on here…use that energy to focus on the “real” problems and let everyone live their life the way they chose to!




  42. The Patriot says:

    Brightman, Sky walker, Thinker, Lucas i’m in agreement with all of you.

  43. jay says:

    This whole affair seems misguided to me. Why don’t we tackle more important issues in our country, like the out of control crime rate and poverty. What two consenting adults do in private does not concern me in the least. What gets my blood boiling, are the two legged animals running the streets robbing and killing innocent citizens. What bothers me, are the corrupt politicians and government officials who are selling us down the river.

  44. OriginalWoman says:

    Skywalker don’t confuse civil rights (racism) with perversion (gay sex)….Apartheid and any other civil rights issue should never, ever be compared to sex perversion….Just because the US and other European countries are becomming more open to sexual immorality does not make it correct…..It is only a matter of time when, other sexual perversions will become accepted too, ie: having sex with animals, the dead, children, family members, etc…..If more countries would follow Cuba’s example and not let the US PUSH THEM AROUND, we would be in a better position. Like No Integrity says, if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything….STAND TALL BELIZE, SAY “NO” to GAY SEX AND MARRIAGES!!!!

  45. Brightman says:

    OriginalWoman, your reference to Cuba is further evidence that you know absolutely NOTHING about it’s economy, politics, tyrannical proclivities, and violations of human rights–kindly read a book. As for gay sex being a perversion, well, that is your opinion. Others might consider sex with shallow-minded individuals as you a perversion in itself, or in the minimum in poor taste. Nevertheless, that would be an opinion too. But, to equate gay relationships to bestiality, necrophilia, and incest is so erroneous and ludicrous that it is embarrassing for you. It is individuals like you, Mike and “walls” above that are the true dangers in this society, propagating hate, misinformation, intolerance, and ignorance. If you’re 100% straight, what have you to worry about?? Why does it bother you so?? Dignity, equality, justice, respect, and charity are due EVERYONE, not just a select few. While it is a shame that we have many like you in our society, I am certain that Belize Action, on the other hand, must be proud to have pea-brains like you on their side. Stand tall Belize, for human rights and human dignity–for Black, White, tall, small, rich, poor, gay, straight, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, PUP, UDP, no-P–for all. Keep the Jewel united–respectful and tolerant of our wondrous diversity!! Let peace reign in Belize–say no to discrimination!

  46. Skywalker says:

    I don’t equate them, but I absolutely believe they can be compared on the basis that they are both forms of discrimination. Before the 1950s MOST western countries discriminated against all people of color, but we have progressed and know that is no longer acceptable. Some people would like things to be that way still, but now we cannot stand for it.

    Another example: Think of how women are treated in some countries in the Middle East. That is part of their culture and ask us to respect it. However, they face censure from the international community because they see fit to do things like sentence women to gang rape and stone them to death.

    The global community has come to accept the gays, and Belize will have to follow suit sooner or later. Let us not cling to our old ways just for the sake of it.

    For those of you who are coming from a religious background and do not want the law to change, take a look at this article. This young man wrote an interesting and well-thought article. It outlines the positions of the highest offices of the Catholic and Anglican churches. Take a look.

  47. John says:

    @OriginalWoman It used to be perverted for a white man to have children with a black woman. We can judge people in the past for things we would never do, but we always forget that we also have a long way to go where human rights are concerned!

    And try not to confuse gay rights with having sex with beings that CANNOT GIVE CONSENT. Children, animals, the dead, all of these fall under that category! What we are talking about here is legalizing the consensual relationship between two mature adults.

  48. brightman says:

    OriginalWoman, evidently you know nothing of Cuba’s economy, its politics, or of its violations of human rights through the years–read a book please. And as for your muddled thoughts on sexuality, read a scientific journal or two. Learn the facts before you speak utter fallacies from your ignorant and fascist ideas. Dignity and equal rights for all, not just some. We need to move Belize forward in unity, in peace, in tolerance, in love, whether we be black or white, gay, straight, tall or small, weak or strong, UDP or PUP, or no-P, Christian, Hindu, or Muslim. Let’s make Belize stand for the jewel it once was: a sparkling nation that seeks growth and progress where everyone is a valued and respected someone. Say no to oppression, and yes to freedom! …..

  49. hmm says:

    People wrote the Bible, NOT God. Against the laws of nature? Google homosexuality in the animal kingdom. We’re made in his image. God doesnt see sex, he just sees love.

  50. Louisville,Ky says:

    I just got thru reading the article in the Amandala on the US foreign policy position as far as homosexuality is concerned. To say the very least, I am appalled and truely disappointed in Barrak Obama and his big stick iniatives, hell bent on ramming certain things down our throat.
    First of all, he should be minding his own darn business and do more to correct and solve the economic and racial discrimination affecting people in America.
    I am absolutely certain, had he placed as much emphasis in leveling the playing field as far as racial bigotry is concerned, as he is attempting to do for gays and lesbians, Black people, his people would be way better off.
    As a Black man myself, I know I shared the sentiments of pride and accomplishment like countless millions elsewhere when he became the leader of the free world.
    Right about now, those feelings are gone. See, it’s one thing to be indifferent or to even condone a lifestyle that is contrary to nature ( a style that not even my dog would adopt ) but it’s a completely different matter when one uses his might to try and make right. Thats what Obama is doing and that’s downright chancey.
    Want to tackle discrimination? Start by doing something, anything about the racial bias and prejudice that has continued unabated on your watch against your own people right under your very nose.

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