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Dec 1, 2011

B.T.L. employee charged with knocking out 3 teeth of woman

Bernard Bent

Forty-five year old Bernard Bent, a senior employee of B.T.L., was charged with grievous harm and remanded to Hattieville Prison, after he was found guilty of beating up an acquaintance.  He told the court that on February twentieth of this year, twenty-five year old Kendra Henkis attacked him and he retaliated, whilst under the influence of alcohol. Henkis told the court that she was at a shop on Seagull Street when Bent approached her and they got into a quarrel. Henkis, who was punched in the face, suffered a broken right cheek bone and lost three teeth.  Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith remanded Bent at the Belize Central Prison until December sixteenth, when his fate will be determined. Bent faces a jail term of five to seven years.

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17 Responses for “B.T.L. employee charged with knocking out 3 teeth of woman”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. Cuttie says:

    @ Earl Grey, LOL, sooo true!!

  3. sammy says:

    he’s no man… why cant man now a days just walk away… i know that girls can be pushy, i am so i kno. but hell be the bigger person and walk away… a man is always wrong in this case.. doesnt matter if your defending yourself.. once you hit a woman, your wrong!!!!

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    I can’t believe this idiot is a man.Where are Henkis brothers to whip the living hell out of this coward.If this was my sister,i would give you some vigilante justice” Bent”You’re not a man as a result i am going to refer to you as Bernadett because that’s how you’re acting.

  5. moesha bent says:

    wait tell yall man do that to yall…….yall talkin like shes something but shes not…its not like he wanted to do that that to her …and she a !@#$%…which wen i get da belize then she goin to see who moesha
    love you bent

  6. moesha bent says:

    !@#$ all yall…talkin about my fam

  7. Hate crafty bitches says:

    First of all you all you !@#$%^& stupid @$$ people that comment….you have to know the !@#$%^& situation before you say anything…..!@#$% bad good while…knot me I will knock yo !@$$ back…especially inna public….get the !@#$ up off him haters……the !@#$% only wants to come up on some quick cash………

  8. moesha bent says:

    who is u Elgin?wat the !@#$ u sayin up here !@#$%^…dont talk $#!% up here ok…just makein u know ok…luv u bent

  9. glenda bent says:

    wat the !@#$ yall sayin about my brother up here…yall need to shut the !@#$ up…kendra da wa !@#$%…

  10. moesha bent says:

    yup @ glenda mi ma she is…i dont no y people dont get out of this..and da 1 Elgin i want to no who she is 2 or he

  11. Hate crafty bitches says:

    !@#$ ……… Kendra!!! The big …. slut deserve anything weh happen to her. Also to the rest of UNO pan this page if y’all don’t know the business stay the !@#$ out of it. And to Elgin Martinez .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. Deshon Bent says:

    I would love for all the negative ppl to mind their own business because you dont knw what happen nobody knws only them and god.Excuse me mr martinez dont you think my dad have ppl too but unfortunately our family is not known to violence moreover what you want her brothers to do kill my dad dont think so cause there is the right way to handle situation like this.If you think that retaliating is an option then it will never end sir.your an adult rite you should knw this.what my dad did was wrong he knws that because he has three daughters whom he love and never one day laid a finger on them.who are any of you to judge my father let god do dat and to be honest he`s a dawm good father.i could testify to that he aint no coward or whatever negative anyone has to say he is a man.Ppl need to stop judge cause they dont knw him.PPl will always be ppl cant change that.they will always want to condemn and belittle you but dont let those ppl get to you cause then you may become what they want you to be.he isn`t loved any lesser than he already did.If you cant say anything positive then say nothing at all.

  13. BRENDESH DOLL says:

    Hi This Is Bernard Bent Older Sister, I Know My Brother Made A Wrong Decision,But That Does Not Make Him Nothing Close To Be Called Out Of His Name,No Human Being Is Perfect We Win Some,An We Lose Some,Hey What If It Was The Other Way Around ,What Would You All Say Then.He Did Not Rape ,He Did Not Steel,Did You Comment On The Female That Just Got Life For What, Check The News, So You All Mine Your Own Business. I Love You Brother At Least He Works That Why These Pestilence Was Around ,Who Did Not Like What I Wrote That Just Too Bad As For The Female You Like Too Much Money Keep Your Legs Close And Stop Being A !@#$%,That How !@#$%^& And Ho Get Dealt With You Cannot Attack A Man You Have To Give Yourself Respect So You Get Treated As An Empress.Stop Passing The Kuchie On The Left Hand Side,They Get Men Caught Up My Brother Will Be Okay No Matter What He is A Real Man,Did Ya All Got The Sense,These !@#$%^& Outta Control,They Take Men For A Fool I Am Not Saying What Happen To Her Was Okay,But She Made Him Loose Control,It Takes Too To Tangle

  14. JG says:

    1) Loose control>>>>>lose control
    2) too to tangle>>>>>>>two to tango
    3) the use of curse words and threats is not becoming of a lady, if that s the environment you and ur bro grew up in, no wonder he lift up his hand to strike the woman. unu sung fighta!

  15. Beautiful says:

    I totally agree with you JG…But in reality them kindah man neva change!He musy dah UNIBAM uno dah fightah fi tru!!!fighta people uno a get no where acting like idiots!!!All a uno grow up!!!Even if she was wrong he have no right to put a hand on a woman!!!WOMAN!Unless he is a fag!!!

  16. Kendra Friend says:

    forty-five less twenty five… do the maths. If he was cheated on damn he deserve it. Mien he should respect himself and find a woman in his age. Dah… thoroughly understand why he have to play santa and then get played. As the song says….. one man wah pay the bill, one man wah build the house and hey young man not old man wah laid the pipe. Lol and stop all this unnecessary bickering. love you all

  17. CONCERNED says:

    I totally agree with you JG. These family members and friends who have commented on the story sounds just as ignorant and dim-witted as the accused ;Bernard Bent. I know nothing of the situation apart from what was shared to (us) by the media.
    1. He is 45 yrs old- he has no business sleeping with a woman almost twice his age… that individual can be his chid. He wanted to be a SUGAR DADDY!!!!…. She may be a a gold digger and all the names his family may have called her. However, it gives him no right to hit a woman.. Simply Walk away.
    2.One person stated for us to mind our own business. Unfortunately, BRENDESH/DESHON your bro/dad comitted an act/crime that allowed everyone to be in his business; hence he was charged.
    As previously mentioned, I know none of these individuals. Nonetheless, the charges should stand as there are consequences for actions. As the great Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of physics states : For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

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