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Nov 25, 2011

The 1st round of Church Vs. UNIBAM misfires

Lisa Shoman

It is a high profile-case, one that has been attracting a lot of attention, even internationally. It’s the UNIBAM verses the Attorney General case. UNIBAM, led by its President, Caleb Orosco is at the courts challenging the AG because they want sodomy to be decriminalized. But to date a number of organizations, including the Council of Churches have since jumped on the case. The legal battles have begun and today it was supposed to play out in court, but, attorneys for the Council of Churches were a no show.

Lisa Shoman, Attorney

“The interested parties in this case, the churches, have filed an application as a result of which the claimants have filed a counter application. We were prepared to move on this today—that was the date set two weeks ago—and I received a call asking that the case be adjourned because council will be out of the country. I know people are aware that the churches have several local senior counsels and they are out of the country so they did request an adjournment from the court. This now means that the entire trial schedule that was set for this case will be vacated and removed to another date. That schedule was the fifth to the ninth of December. And instead what will happen is that the application and counter application will be held on the ninth of December instead.”

In court the Council of Churches is being represented by attorneys Rodwell Williams, Eamon Courtenay, Michel Chebat, Jackie Marshalleck and Chris Coye.  The case is expected to begin in the Supreme Court in early December.

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39 Responses for “The 1st round of Church Vs. UNIBAM misfires”

  1. BlzCun says:


  2. Lucas says:

    Lisa, as an individual, has the right to side with any ideological position and as an attorney; has the freedom to chose her legal battles. However, her involvement in this matter, as a high profile leader in the PUP, may hurt her party’s chances of winning the general election. Conservative PUPs, friends and sympathizers may consider her role in this matter as the under the rug official position of the PUP. The first priority of the PUP should and must be returning to Belmopan to right the wrongs the UDP has done to our country and people. Therefore, if Lisa wants to excercise her rights and freedom then; she should and must give up all leadership role in her Party. Why should we be subjected to another five years of Barrownism? By the way, that is my name: Lucas Sanchez Cocom.

  3. Malcolm says:

    AS you see from the article Unibam is calling for acts between consenting adults in private
    to be decriminalized. Some rabid homophobes are saying every 10 minutes on the radio that this will “lead to gay marraige” and “make male-on-male rape legal”. Both of assumptions are completely untrue.and they are just using this to generate fear and support their agenda.
    Even the poll on here is asking if people support gay marriage. There should be a poll – “do you think that sex between consenting adults in private should be a crime?”

  4. Lloyd says:

    Stuns me how stupid and ignorant so many people are. Some people are born homosexual. Most are not. Get over it. Let people live their lives. If you’re religious, fine, keep your views to yourself, and the members of your church. Don’t impose your beliefs on others, and deny children learning about sex and sexuality, at a suitable time. I am so sick of hearing the nonsense directed at gay people. Live and let live!

  5. Leslie says:

    Lloyd it is guy people who are trying the impose their warped views on others, and because they cannot reproduce in same sex partnership they want to indoctrinate our children into their beliefs-the exact thin that you suggested in your last comment. Immagine if the man who was caught having sex with the cow says that he was born like that. Should society accept that lifestyle? No because it is destructive to mankind. Society has a responsibility to protect itself from destructive immoral tendencies- it not society will self destruct. It is one of bthe role of the Church to keep the moral bearings of society in line, when it is prevented from doing that a society is on the road to self destruction.

  6. Les says:

    Lloyd, suppose the man who was caught having sex with the cow says that he was born that way and lobbies for the right to sleep with animals. Should society respect his rights? He may even say that he raised the cow and the cow concents and enjoys it. Would that strenghten his arguments? What if the 50 year old child molester finds a young girl, say 8 years old and says that he loves her and that he was born with thath tendency to sleep with children. If he forms a group of child molesters and lobbies of their “rights” and identify children who concent, should society changel the legal age of concent to accomodate their “rights” because they claim to be born that way? See, where would it end. Society, including the Church has the obligation of protecting itself from destructive tendencies, and if it fails in this society will implode in destruction. The moral bearings need to be maintained for the good of the human race.

  7. David says:

    Religion is the continuation of colonialism. It is still very powerful here, and dangerous too.

  8. Leslie says:

    Some people do not like to be told what is right and wrong. They prefer to make up the rules as they go along. This is very dangerous. The manufacturer of man has given us our manual and it would serve us well to live by it. If we make our own rules then we will have shorten an problematic use of the life HE has given us. We would be like the operator of a complex machine who neglects the service manual thinking he is smarter than the manufacturer. How shameful is the state of that man who thinks himself wise in his own eyes. Follow the Bible or try to figure out life on your own. The choice is yours. If you choose to neglect GOD’S manual for humans do not get angry with those who are wise to follow it and do not try to encourage others to be unwise like yourself in the name of “descriminatiom”.

  9. brightman says:

    The gay community is NOT endorsing abuse against children. It is fighting for their right to be who they are: wonderfully created human beings who only seek to express their love between two CONSENTING adults according to their identity. The majority of hypocrites quoting the Bible are doing so out phobia and ignorance. Most homosexuals are born gay, and that is science! The only reason why more people do not fess up to their homosexual identity is because of exactly what this anti-gay action group is doing. It is a sin to force people to repress their identity for fear of reprisals. Stop misinforming people and spreading hate. There are already too many factors leading Belize to destruction–corruption, selfishness, greed, murder, rape, etc…homosexuality is not one of them. We do not need bloodshed, homophobia, and intolerance being propagated, especially not from the CHURCH!! Remember how innocent people were burned at the stakes as heretics for not being Catholic??? When so many were persecuted and killed ‘in the name of God’ during the crusades?? How even the Church endorsed SLAVERY for centuries?????? To love is an expression of God, for God is love. We can not selectively quote the Bible to conveniently suit our agenda of intolerance and hate! Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned, spend your money feeding the poor you vile hypocrite ‘christians”–you could learn something from the Good Samaritan…the wrath of the Lord will indeed fall on you who seek to judge–the Lord will say to you: DEPART FROM ME!! I NEVER KNEW YOU!”

  10. brightman says:

    Oh you hypocrite, ignorant christians! Why aren’t you clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, visiting the imprisoned, visiting the sick, helping the poor??? Why are you like those before you who murdered thousands during the crusades, conducted witch-hunts and burned non-Catholics at the stakes, and endorsed SLAVERY for centuries, now seeking to cast aspersions on the rights of CONSENTING ADULTS who only wish to express their love according to their identities?? Corruption, greed, selfishness, intolerance, murder, hate–those are the things driving Belize to destruction, not the love between gay people. You quickly forget that God is Love!!! How convenient to pick on the vulnerable with your self-righteousness! The only reason more gays live repressed and do not admit to their sexuality is for precisely this reason–for fear of being persecuted and discriminated against. You could learn a thing or two from the Good Samaritan!! You are calling the wrath of the Lord upon yourselves. The Lord will say to you: “DEPART FROM ME! I NEVER KNEW YOU!”

  11. somiah says:

    Good job Leslie!

  12. Retired CEO says:

    Right on, man of light and wisdom, additionally the church has been guilty for many years of the very same behavior they are condeming and apparently casting judgement upon. How many young people have been sexually abused by members of the church and clergy? Yet the ignorant are defending the church, whose behavior and lifestyle resembles that of the Dejal the anti-christ.

  13. Young says:

    @Les: That makes no sense at all. Can a cow give meaningful consent? Can an 8-year old? Under this law, Belize would be getting with the times and making sure that consenting adults’ private lives remain their own business with no harassment from some barbaric, ancient law.

    @Leslie: News flash, there is no “manual” for humans. If you think us following the Bible is a good idea, you better not buy your boil-up or fry chicken on the weekends, because didn’t you know you shouldn’t encourage sinners to work on the Sabbath? (Exodus 35:2) Better take your daughters, sisters, and female cousins out of school, because god does not permit women to teach or have authority over men (Timothy 2:12).

    And don’t tell me about the Church being the absolute moral authority. You have to live in a cave to not hear all the abuses done to children by PRIESTS and other religious authority figures– not because they’re gay (pedophilia and homosexuality are two VERY different things), but because they have taken advantage of their position of authority to take advantage of trusting families and rip them apart.

    Get real. Don’t be on the wrong side of history where human rights are concerned, Belize.

  14. Sugar says:

    There is a Peace Corp Volunteer (PCV) in OW who is vehemently stirring up the gay community with his LGBT group. I think he should be kicked back to the USA. They shud be here to help the community and not to promote their personal Gay agenda.

  15. Me says:

    Lloyd U must be gay to be attack straight people

  16. True Belizean says:

    @sugar,I dont know who these other people are trying to be or what they’re saying but us real Belizeans arent into this whole gay $#!%, and if they dont like it, then leave but stop trying to change our traditional beliefs and our culture. We are happy with man and woman on our wedding cakes, on our marriage certificate, prom king and queen at our prom. We are NOT the United States or Canada!!! If they are gay and ok with it by all means, but dont try changing us

  17. BT says:

    @Sugar, your own words define the problem people like you are creating with your intolerance. You say “they should be here to help the community”. Sorry to break this to you, but those LGBT youth ARE part of your community. If someone is working to promote acceptance of EVERYONE in the community, then they are doing noble work.

  18. Bzekruffy says:

    OK, to all you ……………… and your supporters. Forget about the Church and Bible. Common should tell us that we must reproduce to perpetuate the human race. Can’t do that with sodomy. The Church will have to answer for their role in history. But on this issue of ………….. my country so dear to me, I have to admit that “ah deh wid dem.” As a Rasta I KNOW the past deeds of said church but someone has to lead the charge against these Global and Local Sodomites. Too bad I deh da farrin addawize ah wudda mi de rite deh lang wid de chuch pipple dem di lick shat pan dem ……….. Weh happn to all de Rasta dem bout Belize? Unnu cyan stay silent pan dis. Unnu dun know seh Rasta nuh deal wid Sodomites. Jah Live

  19. Get it right says:

    All i hear about is the rights of the gay people. What about the rights of the vast majority of everyone else who is not gay. The gays want us to respect their rights but they themselves don’t respect our rights to say no to their campaign to change the law. A law which is only used in the court of law against pedopfiles and rapists. I have nothing against your preference in partners, but don’t infringe on my rights and change a law that is used to keep the moral fabric of society in check all for the sake of a disguised greater cause by an outside influence who is using Belize as their guinea pig. For those that put down the church and Christianity, bc of wrong decisions made by some GAY clergymen, should not pass judgement on Christianity bc majority of us are good God fearing people that live harmoniously with each other.

  20. belizeanpride says:

    i believe and agree what true Belizean is saying. not because other countries are doing means we have to do it also. lets keep our nation free of this abomination acts. it will bring more wrath to our small country. not because other modern country have lifestyles like this means we have to do it. lets keep our culture and believes as a nation. let them live as they want but don’t legalize it. worst don’t even bring the same sex marriage issue.

  21. True Belizean says:

    @sugar, I agree with you! and@ BT you should talk intolerable would be people like you that wont just let a country be. We dont need them top come and do noble work. belize decided that the day they got independence.

  22. ws says:

    show me your friends and i will tell you who you are lisa? if u dont approve it why support it….God be with you all “team distruct Belize” the dream team……

    ur days are numbered

  23. Leslie says:

    Futhermore not that many nations support “gay rights”. Australia which is huge on the world scene has legislation agains homosexuality, about half the states in America has not legalized same sex marriage. The Caricom Community just had a big vote and they agreed to keep homosexuality illegal as a region even though the EU president got angy. Do you notice that this financial recession that hit so many countries in Europe and enen the US did not really have a negative impact in Belize and the rest of the Carribbean as far as job numbers and so forth are concerned. God is helping the nations that try to maintain a standard or fighteousness. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.-Proverbs 14:34. Let us open our eyes and see where our blessing comes from.

  24. ER says:

    We are not the united states and will not tolerate the degeneration of our society. Stand up Belizeans and take a stand against the gay agenda being shoved down our throat.

  25. Louisville Ky. says:

    You homosexuals; not because you choose to be penetrated by someone of the same sex makes it right, no more than an individual who chooses to deprive you of your possessions,by robbing you, make him right. And please don’t give me any foolishness that you were born that way. If so, may a child molestor use that excuse as well in his defense?
    Lets not confuse the issues and muddy the water with lame permissive excuses. We need to keep it on the STRAIGHT and narrow.( pun intended )

  26. Black Beauty says:

    God created woman for man, not man for man, woman for woman, if we tolerated other countries pressure on the Jewel, eventually most gay partners will use the Jewel as a country to come and freely exhibits their unnatural behaviours, then they will fight for rights of nude beaches, So let step up Belize and NO to jay marriages,jay rights,our laws stand with a NO NO
    Keep in your closet

  27. Al says:

    Lloyd, you may not believe that there is a God, but there is. The country is already under the rule of the enemy, whose job is to steal, kill and destroy anyone who is like you, a bystander who supports evil. Homosexuality is a sin against God. Read the account in the Bible about Sodom and Gomorreah and the distruction that came upon that city. How much distruction must come to the country before the uglyness in the country is corrected.

  28. BT says:

    @truebelizean, those LGBT youth in orange walk are every bit as Belizean as you. So you can’t talk about “let the country be” when those are our fellow Belizeans who are being repressed and discriminated against. An LGBT Belizean is still a Belizean, entitled to ALL the same rights and protections as everybody else.

  29. marco says:

    no, no, no to goddarned homosexuals. Get scarce or better yet disappear. Zero tolerance to this attitude or actions. I will not state any reason simply NO!

  30. smile says:

    It makes me smile at so many comments with their different ideas n opinions. N this is “Mine” opinion. If the Gay wants to be gay then let them stay gay and live their life Gay. But don’t change the Law to suit them. If they want to be gay then y shud they fear of what other people wud say of them. People will talk anyway u take it. There is so much sin being commited and for fear of what
    others will say, we try to hide. Don’t you see now, that man does not hide but broad day light they kill each other. Yes, after they commit the crime they hide not because they don’t want to be called a murderer but because they don’t want to face punishment. But being gay u don’t have to hide or fear for discrimination. You choose to be like that . God Made man n woman. A man is beatiful creature as a woman is also very beautiful. Even a born gay can be save as long as he follow God’s rule. stay away from sexual immorality. But those who wants to be gay are on their own. We must all repent and do rite to see heaven open and God shall call us by name to live with him in paradise. But if we dont’ in hell fire that burns we shall burn together with the born gay and the make up one. And there in hell there is no love or hate no one will discriminate no one. there wil not be another man for another man or woman for woman. we will burn to ashes no more to remember our sinfull desires. The red man the devil is at rage he is mad he is not in peace he knows his time is at hand and he must find ways for top leaders to change many laws. that will benefit the sinfull man (Gay or not Gay) he wants all of us. May God give us better mentality.

  31. alice says:

    Does everyone realise that currently Belize law does NOT consider a male who rapes a male to be a rapist? “Rape is carnal knowledge of a female of any age without her consent.” – from the laws of Belize. Currently Belize law CANNOT charge a man who rapes another man or boy with RAPE. Yes, in both cases, the man CAN be charged with “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”, but that does NOT receive as severe penalties as rape does. Section 53 leads to a maximum sentence of 10 years. Rape of a female child is minimum 12 years, up to life. Rape of an adult woman is minimum eight years, up to life. So, currently, a male rapist of a male chid can receive 10 years at the most for “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”. “Rape” needs to be redefined in Belizean law to include males, and child rape to include male children. Rape is rape, and should not be dressed up under other laws.

    Ideally UNIBAM should have lobbied for this BEFORE going to court, as then the more rational arguments against their cause become null and void. Is it correct that a man or woman who rapes a male child can a maximum of 10 years in prison, the exact same sentence that a man who has consensual intercourse with his male partner can in theory receive under Section 53? I don’t think any rational adult will think so.

  32. alice says:

    Oh and also, sodomy also includes ORAL sex between any two people. So all you people that have oral sex with your husbands or wives, girlfriends or boyfriends, can also be jailed for up to 10 years. Cool huh? I know I did that with my husband fairly recently, so see you all in jail…

  33. True Belizean says:

    @ BT by all means, go be gay but dont bring Belize down in your $#!%

  34. True Belizean says:

    @BT, if those Belizeans are gay, thats their thing, but dont make the rest of Belize change their laws and tradition! thats not how we do it!

  35. Posh says:

    I agree with True Belizean, god will judge but dont try to to change the laws and traditions for everyone because you feel like disobeying god.

  36. True Belizean says:

    @ posh, thats all i was trying to say, god says its wrong, we know its wrong….you cant stop them from sinning, but dont let a whole country suffer.

  37. Belizean says:

    Gay people……….stay gay all the way but just don’t make Belize change their laws to suite you, and corrupt our culture. you guys are like flees if you are not controlled you eventually kill the point of our culture and society…

  38. BT says:

    @Alice, excellent point about the laws. The Belize Action people say they care about protecting kids but then they say they don’t want to change the laws that are weak and to do not equally protect boys and girls. If it was really about the kids they would be spending their $250,000 budget to bring in legislation that protects ALL children, heck they’d probably have plenty left over to feed hungry kids, and educate poor kids who’s families can’t afford to send their children to school.

  39. Marie says:

    Why is this matter even using up tax payers money that can be spend one peopel who really need it like the poor and hungry. Gay rights is one thing, trying to impose your sexualtiy which un-natural is beyound ignorant and disgusting. Be who who you want and what you want but not at the expense of society, our society which already has more problems than we can handle. Caleb I am an old classmate of your and over the years have grown to discuss and dislike what you have turned into, an attention starved, indiscriminate and untrustworthy person who really doesn’t know the meaning of love, faith or manners. Not even sure your sane anymore.

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