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Nov 23, 2011

VOIP; imagining the possibilities

Dean Barrow

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP as it is commonly known, was part of the United Democratic Party’s campaign manifesto going into the general elections of 2008.  The introduction of the service would significantly reduce the cost of overseas and long distance calls to consumers, but would result in a steep decline in telecommunications revenues.  But in august 2009, the Barrow Administration wrested Telemedia from its previous owners and many have settled for imagining the possibilities for the introduction of VOIP. When asked today, the P.M. said that once VOIP technology comes online, general elections are sure to follow.

Dean Barrow

“There is a continuum that we are looking at and that continuum will inevitably include VOIP. It is just a matter of timing and that company is looking anxiously at the whole equation to see when would be the optimum moment at which it can introduce VOIP. The company will take a hit very clearly of its revenues, but the consumer is king, the Belizean citizen is bust and so I acknowledge freely the inevitability of the coming of VOIP. We are grappling with the kinds of monies we would have to find although I insist that even though none of us knows how a court will ultimately rule on this business of compensation—the numbers that the Ashcroft people are throw around are ridiculous—but we will have to find compensation and so we have to look at the ability of the company to sustain the payments in terms of the compensation that we will make. The point is that it is complex but let me end with respect to that particular issue by repeating that VOIP is coming. To some extent—if I can be a little bit facetious—soon as you hear the announcement of the coming of VOIP, expect the follow day the announcement of the date of the general elections.”

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19 Responses for “VOIP; imagining the possibilities”

  1. belizean bookie says:

    ok folks time to take your bets

    100:1 VOIP is operational before christmas
    1:1000 VOIP is placed before elections
    1000: VOIP is placed on for there to be “technical issues” that prevent proper service :)

    ok folks place your bets

  2. Eye In The Sky says:

    You also need to DROP THE PRICE of internet.
    Minimum of 20Mbs should be available and it should not cost more than $100 a month not the hundreds of dollars we must pay for only 4Mbs.
    When foreigners hear of the 128K Internet they Laugh at Belize.
    OPEN UP Belizeans to the world through fast Internet and you will see how Belizeans and your party will flourish.

  3. Storm says:

    Forget having GOB choose financial winners and losers. Communication and transportation are the highways to future prosperity. We need to let all forms move ahead as fast as the capital markets can move them, and let the best system prevail.

    Open competition!

  4. blackberry says:

    BET this will be another broken promise.

  5. Belizean says:

    belizean bookie: wow u can read! thats exactly what the man said!

  6. me says:

    Unu no get karried away. Dis da lone gimmik. d man d use dis fi elekshian purpose. i wanda who all wah swalla hook bait sinka and line. All kinda tings weh gwayne give away eena demya days specially how deh di talk bout elekshians fi happen reel soon. See di man di gamble reel haad. Gamble wid d pramise dat VIOP wah b available so he kud get votes and gamble dat if he loose, di nex govament get rite eena wah fix wid competition and less revenues. My two cents on dis matta. I kud be rong.

  7. murphy says:

    broken promises, and VOIP do come up it will b used as a political object so he could try get the attention of people and mek people vote for UDP again. trust no !!!.

  8. belizeanpride says:

    what would be more glorious if some day you make a speech with good promises “all students ranging high school to university level to get access to internet with a low price to help education”.

    it’s so sad to see many students trying to do home works in cafes that provide low speed internet service. gov. should now as owner of the BTL open cafes free of cost for students if they present a valid students i.d. this would be a gov. that works for the education and prosperity of the nation’s youths.

  9. belizean bookie says:

    Belizean: wow you believe a politician :) but i’ll still take your bet

  10. islander says:

    So sad that he is using VOIP as a political platform. I have voted UDP all along, but not even VOIP can convince me to vote for Mr. Barrow. His government style is akin to dictatorship

  11. Joe says:

    Its a shame when we have to talk about 128kb…those speeds are obselete….just like dial up….come on Mr. PM u da just like the old PM ….trying to fool the people…an embarassed to tell my collegues that our phone providers dont allow it becaz they watching the dollars n cents….mainly the cents…Voip is not a wildcard for elections…you can only fool some of the people some of the time…u cant fool all the people all the time…BELIZEANS ARE NOT IDIOTS>>>WE ARE A SMART PEOPLE!!!! GET IT RIGHT MR. PM

  12. Victoria says:

    VOPI is old school

  13. Mel Berry says:

    I would like to purchase Belize VoIP Numbers for use in other countries. Imagine all of those travel agents and Resorts that need to call Belize on a daily basis.

  14. I Have Awaken says:

    VoIP is good, no doubts about that. However, the GOB, at current, can increase bandwidth speed and would take no loss in revenues, it may actually increase costs. I would say increase the highest speed to at least 8 to 10 MBPS. At this speed I can sign up for a VPN and get a service like Vonage, also it will make communication for marketing materials such as videos and files for much easier and quicker for tourism related businesses and all businesses am sure.

    Give us higher internet speed now Mr. Borrow, think good about how to work VOIP in without crippling the company.

  15. I Have Awaken says:

    higher bandwidth may actually increase profit, sorry, not costs.

  16. I Have Awaken says:

    agree with Eye in the Sky. 20 MBPS would be awesome. Borrow is a lawyer and a politician first, he is struggling with economics and.

  17. says:

    You heard it for yourself!!! WAKE UP BELIZEANS!!! When he considers us, the Belizean consumers, Belizean businesses who can expand and do more with access to VOIP. When he allows VOIP then elections to be held day after!!! Is that a bribe?

    He is telling us all Belizeans, you stupid, you fool, you are easily bought and fall into the political game of being happy when scraps and hand me downs thrown at you. I allow VOIP, I call elections, electors will be ecstatic and vote for the UDP!!!! How blatantly arrogant can you be?

    Well guess what, fellow brethren/sisters, either on the day after or hours after election results given, IF UDP were to win, the paper work is already in place to take back VOIP!!!!! Nothing new, as we have seen with how the UDP has been operating and continues to operate!


  18. Charlie Price says:

    VOIP is nice….

    START WITH MAKING BELIZE CITY A WI-FI CITY starting with Albert street and the Library.

  19. BT says:

    Bandwidth is the cheapest ingredient in the mix. BTL could go from 128kps to 8mbps and the hit to their bottom line would be pennies per subscriber. I’ve been hollering for 3 years about how GOB and BTL are holding back the development of Belize by restricting access to true high speed internet. Glad to hear I am not alone on this. FYI, I just heard an ad from Canada advertising 50mbps PLUS free home telephone service (no tolls for calls) for $49 Canadian (about what we pay for 256kbps). Internet needs to be a national development priority. It’s one of the few problems we could solve virtually overnight if the will was there to do so.

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