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Nov 22, 2011

Would you support legislation to enable same sex marriage?

Tonight’s question is: Would you support legislation to enable same sex marriage? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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113 Responses for “Would you support legislation to enable same sex marriage?”

  1. Zee says:

    I don’t follow Religion…I follow Jesus Christ and the Bible because they are THE ONLY WAY< THE TRUTH AND LIFE!
    Why were these anti-homosexuality laws in law books all over the world in the first place? Is the world getting better or worse since "intelligent" man started to finds laws "anti-human rights" and began removing them from the books?
    The people of this world were closer to God and His standards back then than we are now.They were also healthier,safer and happier.

    Homosexuality is not wrong because it is in the Bible as wrong….It is wrong, unnatural,offensive and only brings pain, suffering and early death so THAT"S WHY IT IS FORBIDDEN BY GOD AND WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE!!! DUUUUUUUHHHHH…

    God knew what actions would hurt the human race whom He created to love and He knew what actions would make us happy and healthy. That is why, together with man, He prepared a set of instructions for us. The same reason God told the Jews to bury their faeces/waste even before they understood the danger of having it around them is the same reason He says "don't to some things and "do" to other things. It means GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING and He wants us to live right. GOD'S LAWS SAVE US FROM HURTING OUR OWN SELVES, FROM HURTING PEOPLE AND FROM PEOPLE HURTING US. And all medical studies show that it brings pain, sufering and early death too

  2. Zee says:

    Homosexuality is not wrong because it’s in the Bible as wrong. It was wrong in the first place why God made sure He condemned it in the instructions He gave us to live by. God knew what would hurt and destroy His creation so he said “no” to those things and He knew what would keep us healthy and happy so He said “yes” to those things. God loves Me, Brent, Caleb and Alex etc…and His intentions are to protect us from hurting others and from hurting our own selves. Thank God for giving us the Bible. If we obey it we will be healthier and happier. That’s my advice for the whole world…and for Mr. Obama too.

  3. Zee says:

    Hmosexuality is not wrong because it is in the Bible as wrong; It is outlawed by God and written in the Bible because it is wrong.It only brings pain, suffering, sickness, disease and early death. God is only protecting us from hurting our own selves. I STILL BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE AND ALWAYS WILL. If we obey it we will be healthier, safer and happier.

  4. Olga says:

    Let us live in Righteousness and obedience. God created Adam and Eve and therefore if we want to live abundantly we need to follow Christ. Do not be deceived by the devil, he only comes to kill, steal and destroy. Live for Christ and your reward will be eternal. Seek Christ and he is the only one who can release you of the self-destructive feelings of gayism and lesbianism. Christ is your healer, provider, councilor, deliverer, and friend.

    I vote NO to same sex law. Let us set good example for our children and country and stop trying to be like other countries.

  5. Brightman says:

    People who keep quoting the Bible: where is your evidence that a book that was passed down via the oral tradition by people with limited scientific knowledge of the world and its origins, and that has gone through so many translations and changes over the centuries is the absolute proof that God exists??? And, if He does exist, do you think He is concerned about what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms with the already truly myriad problems the world is facing???? God is love, isn’t He?? His existence is a matter of faith!!!! Are all the Hindus, Muslims, Budhists, etc, all wrong? Talk about the self-righteousness of those who profess to be ‘Christians’. Religion is about faith..believing in something you can’t prove–homosexuality is scientific fact. Stop using the Bible to justify your ignorance and selfishness! Allow for justice to prevail–the right for humans to determine their path in life!

  6. bb says:

    reguardless of the bible, that $#!% is just plain nasty and sick!

  7. Jawaan says:

    I find it amazing how so many belizeans who say that they are followers of christ often persecute the people who choose not to live their life blindly.I guess my fellow belizeans dont understand that when the british came to belize, they brought their religion and culture with them. By the way, the europeans also called us savages and heathens because we didnt believe what they believed in. If you actually read the bible in the context that it was written, you would know that the writings condoned slavery and persecution of women. Furthermore when the bible reads homosexuality is an abomination. It is mearly saying that it is unnatural.( In the Hebrew context) Now I know why so many belizeans blindly follow the dumb@$$ parties in belize. In the wise words of Malcolm X: YOU HAD BETTER STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING

  8. Carrie says:

    @ Jawaan, speak for yourself, and let people do what they want to do. Your are the blind food for even calling anyone names.

  9. Desmond says:

    I do not support any legislation that would bring about the wrath of God on our inheritance, Belize

  10. JamesBond says:

    Gay people can do whatever they want, ok, no problem, as long as they stay away and behaved, now they crossing the line, they want more and more they got greedy, they even want to change the law of Belize, WTF… dare….you….more gay people and less human bing, is this what you want to see? gay people are human terminator….

  11. Charlie Price says:

    They want to turn Belize into SODOM & GOMARA….remember what happened there?

  12. Louisville,Ky says:

    Brightman, you don’t come across as very bright at all. In an effort to legitimise and further your detestable life style, you are prepared to go to any lenght, including but not limited to questioning the authenticity of the Holy Bible and it’s Author, God himself.
    Oh by the way, if you think christianity is hard on homosexuals, you obviously don’t know how you people are treated by Muslims. Death by stoning!!
    Your disregard and disrespect of the Bible is the very reason the vast majority of morally clean Belizeans will do anything in their power to uphold the laws of this land that denounce homosexuality.
    By the way, word on the street is that if you all keep insisting on this slackness and faceyness, you had better start watching your back. ( no pun intended). Nobody di play wid unnu.
    We insist on raising our little boys to become real Men. Not b…!! STRAIGHT like that.

  13. drobinson says:

    ppl really???? if a book dat has been translated many times over that MAN wrote and not god himself said that everybody wuld commit suicide would you believers do it? i highly doubt it. now on this issue. who an individual chooses to be with is their choice wether they choose to be with a partner of their own sex or one which is different. it is not our place to dictate to these people what their morals are or should be. their morals and their choice comes from the way these people were raised what their mind rationalizes as right or wrong and what they saw fit and preferencial when they were growing up. just because they choose this does not mean that u have to shove ur nose in their business!. now instead of harrassing these types of ppl. why don’t u harrass the straight people who choose to rape ppl or molest little children…

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