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Nov 16, 2011

Former B.D.F. soldier in Coma

Dennis Ireland

Dennis Ireland’s name became headline news on last October twentieth, when a late evening police press release said that Ireland is “a person of interest” in connection with the Theft of the firearms stolen from the Belize Defense Force Armory on October twelfth. Ireland turned himself in for questioning, but his name did not appear in the report written by C.E.O. Allen Whylie who recommended suspension of three officers nor was he ever charged with the B.D.F. heist.  But before that press release, Ireland was involved in a bar fight as far back as March of 2010. He got in trouble because he was in his Belize Defense Force uniform and he had a round of ammunition in his pocket. Since then, he left the force and has been working as a diver with family members. But Ireland is now in a coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital since early Saturday morning. In this most recent incident, Ireland was embroiled in a brutal bar fight and at least four men got the best of the former soldier. It’s bad press for his relatives, one of whom told News Five that he is a good person and a family man.

Voice of: Relative of Dennis Ireland

“He come in from work and he gone out and they all mi di have fun and drink. He left on the bike and so ih gone dah this pool place. And they said that right there a fight broke out. They knocked him; some man jumped on him and beat him up.”

Jose Sanchez

“How bad are his injuries?”

Voice of: Relative of Dennis Ireland

“At this point we are not sure. He’s just unconscious and that’s all we know. We are waiting and hoping and praying for the best. Since Saturday morning about one or two; I’m not sure.”

Jose Sanchez

“Since he’s been in the hospital, has anyone come to look for him?”

Voice of: Relative of Dennis Ireland

“Yes a lot of friends; a lot of B.D.F. friends, lot of people cause he is a good man. He has so many awards from B.D.F.; he worked so hard. He was in B.D.F. for seven years. Since he left B.D.F. a year ago, he is diving. He’s a diver.”

Jose Sanchez

“What was his reaction when he heard about this thing about the weapons when his name was thrown into the middle of it?”

Voice of: Relative of Dennis Ireland

“We were shocked but we didn’t care about it because we know that it is not him and we know that we are a honest and good family. So that didn’t matter to us.”

Jose Sanchez

“As you are aware, there is a big report that came out about with people who are going to be suspended, but nowhere in that report is the name Dennis Ireland mentioned.”

Voice of: Relative of Dennis Ireland

“Because we know he is not that kind of person and we have faith and we know that he is not that kind of person. So we didn’t fear anything that came out in the news because we know he is not involved in that; he is a good person and family man.”

Jose Sanchez

“When people heard that he was injured, people said maybe it had to do with the weapons. You’re saying that it’s not that—just a fight.”

Voice of: Relative of Dennis Ireland

“Yeah it’s not that, It was just a fight. He was playing pool and he was drinking and a fight broke out.”

Jose Sanchez

“Did doctors give any word or what they expect would be his outcome?”

Voice of: Relative of Dennis Ireland

“Well we heard that he was stabilized and the doctors are working with us giving us courage. So we are hoping and praying for the best and we know he will come out of it.”

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14 Responses for “Former B.D.F. soldier in Coma”


    I find it hard to beleive Dennis was a good guy; every where he went he managed to get himself in more trouble.

    He is now in coma and we will never know where the rest of the stolen weapons are. (surprised he was not shot with the same stolen guns. he help stole).

  2. BT says:

    and if he dies, the “investigation” will find he alone stole the weapons and the case will be closed.

  3. point says:

    Are you forgetting that he turned himself in when he saw his name on the news. the police let him go. so why isn’t he charged, why is it only that ACTIVE BDF SOLDIERS ARE SENT HOME.
    You should go in his neighborhood and talk to the people who know him.

  4. belizeanbeauty says:

    with all due respect guys/girls. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion!!! this young man come from hard working, honest family of whom NONE of their faces have NEVER been on the news, nor in jail!!!!! as far as i am concerned or government and police force is weak and this is known, they constantly look for the easy way out so they don’t have to their job!!! As far as i am concerned they owe this YOUNG MAN an apology as well as his family for making a scandal of name before doing a full investigation!!!

  5. sweetbelizean says:

    Huh really and truly this person constantly mentioned that this guy is a good guy and family man. Many know that this man had something to do with the missing weapons thats for sure. i agree with the first guy, this guy is always in trouble. a member of one of this same good family was a BDF and was fired for stealing drugs and guns and selling them on the streets, . he was beaten up cause something he knows or is hiding.

  6. Earl Grey says:

    Two bar room brawls……HE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, and found it.

  7. Belizeangurl says:

    Excuse me Sweetbelizean, but obviously you don’t know what you are saying. This is my family you are referring to and I am positive that none of our family members have ever been removed from the force. We have a lot of family members in the force and all of them are well recognized and respected members of not only the force but also the society. So i advise you to get your facts correct. And for all of you, maybe you are confusing him with your own family member who probably has the guns and was trying to frame mine and now your last hope is for him to die so that your family member’s name can be cleared. this is really pathetic of you people to say. Also, Point: You yourself can go to his neighbourhood and inquire about who he is and you will receive the truth: He is a good, well respected, loving, honest and hardworking person. You can also receive information from the police report which will show you that he turned himself in and they let him go because he was not involved; they had no reason to charge him. Have you no common sense? next time before you comment on something think about what you will say before you say it. Use the knowledge God gave to each and every one of us. It will be much appreciated.

  8. hmmm says:

    I think we are so used to convicting people based on accusations. I don’t know the guy but i do know his face was plastered all over the place because of a police press release. the police press officer or the department does owe him the courtesy of an apology or clarification because it seems he’s not a part of any missing weapons case. the police should make a comment.

  9. Belzieanbeauty says:

    @ hhhmm that is my view as well! This young man is not a WELL KNOWN STREET FIGURE! His name was scandal, after turning himself in the least the police and press could have done was make it known. Now he got into a bar fight , that leaves the public to damm him for what they HEARD!! What about all the GANG LEADERS WHO ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF THE COUNTRIES CRIMES THAT THEY (KNOW) about?

  10. Concern citizen #2 says:

    You are innocent until proven guilty, what happen to that policy, why are you people convicting Mr. Ireland. These lazy officers need to investigate a whole lot of problems in this country, and start convicting the real criminals, and get this country back to where our citizens can walk the streets without fearing for their lives. How about that.

  11. belizeanbeauty says:

    @ hmmm, that is exactly my view!!! Prior to the accusations of the police, this young man has never been apart of any violent act on the street! He is NOT A WELL KNOWN STREET FIGURE!!! One would think after plastering his face all over the news and making a scandal of his name, the least the police and press could have done after this young man turned himself in was make some kind of public clarification!!!! ok, he was involved in a bar fight, this leaves the public to damm him to death NOT FOR WHAT THEY KNOW OF THIS MAN NOR THE SITUATION AT THE BAR BUT OF WHAT THEY “HEARD” . SHAME ON THEM!!!! what about the WELL KNOWN STREET FIGURES AND GANG LEADERS WHO ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF THE COUNTRY’S HIGH CRIME RATE????



  12. McBowen says:

    I try to read the news carefully, and not to cast judgement on people, but Belizeans, open your eyes dont be ignorant to the fact that our sO-called (BPD)Belize Police Department, clearly cannot do their jobs’ i constantly read about innocent people being robbed and killed, and now this one BDF, you all are trying to nail him to the,cross? You should b e rediculing head of police and the government who are not doing a thing to protect, we-the people!! You know how many livez have been lost, children ripped of a future, becuse of our unsafe and very violent streets, do you think by tearing,down this one young man will help. We need to take this same energy that we use to commet and crucify people, to the PM, to Doug Sighn, We as a people haveto learn,and stand up,for our,rights, because Belize, my friends will only get worse.

    I pray Dennis, that Almighty God who sits high and looks down below, touch your body and soul that you may return to your family and clear your name. Only God Can Judge U.

  13. McBowen says:

    Fyi Dennis, one thing though, to standup to your good name that your family strongly say you have, I would lay off the bars, and take my littld drink,at home. Its obvious, the bar scene is not for descent family men. Take my foolish advice. When God gives you a second chance at life, whic
    h i know he will, because, He is a merciful God, you may want to re-think alcohol.

  14. Robert2 says:

    Hmm, I didn’t know that good guys were barroom brawlers. As a good guy, he should frequent decent establishments where other good guys attend (you know who you are by the friends you keep).

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