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Nov 15, 2011

Should DEA operate freely in Belize?

In our last question to viewers we asked if the D.E.A. should be allowed to operate freely in Belize. The response is as follows: fifty-eight percent of those who polled were ih favor of the D.E.A. unrestricted activities while forty-two percent were against it. Now turning to tonight’s question. It is: “Why do you think government acts powerless in the plunder of our national parks: one; lack of resources? Two; no political will? Three; Involvement of highly connected figures?”

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Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “Should DEA operate freely in Belize?”

  1. Lucas says:

    I am sure the govt. would protect our national parks by force if necessary from locals, a recent example is the eviction of the caneros in the San Juan Area in O.W., but not from Guatemalans. The reason: G.O.B. is afraid of a military confrontation with the Kaibils. To be honest, we stand not a chance. Why? because PUDPgovts. have followed a policy of disarming the population and thus be able to trample upon our rights e.g. take away our lands like in Carmelita ,Ranchito and the caneros in San Juan and lock up individuals and deny them visitation like what happened in Benque last week. An unarmed nation like an unarmed individual cannot protect themselves.

  2. BelCap says:

    I tink there is no political will from any gov’t because they are afraid to rock the boat of the OAS and the chapines…i tink its time dat we the ppl elected leaders who will stand for OUR rights, and to hell w/ what outsiders say. It is OUR country that is getting raped by foreigners so WE have a right to KILL any invaders of OUR HERITAGE

  3. CEO says:

    The real answer is all of the above in addition there is no one in the GOB and hardly anone for than matter who does anything for love of country!

  4. borntobehero says:

    And CEO answer is the most correct one so far!!!
    Lock of love is what the Bible is being mentioning that will deteriorate in human kind as the years advance more and certainly only few are the ones that can realy can show loyalty to our beautiful Belize, Can YOU be count in those that love Belize? If the answer is yes keep positive and do the right things everyday. We all have a mission in our lives. Let find the path to accomplish that mission We all know the answer. Read and understand your Bible, people!!!

  5. jahaura says:

    many have favoured this intrusion by dea but many have not research the onset on how the dea was created and by whom, they just blindly follow the dark forces of destruction… having the dea to operate freely in belize is like letting the fox into the chicken coop…. this would be another of the worst thing belize could do to the country…. having these drugs lords operate freely is not a wise decision… they are the culprits of belize drug problem… giving free operation will only make it easier for them to manipulate and continuation of the so call drug war from the central and latin american countries…. check your facts about dea before allow these druglords into your country who continue the farce with the “war on drugs”… america drug war was and is created by the dea, the fbi and the cia they are all one big cartel… that is a fact that could be found just by searching the web, do your research, stop thinking that america is the savior when it is the wolf in sheep clothing…. along with the fbi they are the ones that started the gangs in california and export it throughout the so call third world countries….how much longer will belize continue to open their homes to the same ones that is destroying it and come back in like the savior…. handle your own business belize… it will be very foolish to give someone permission to clean your home when they can’t even clean them own… they cannot clean up their own drug war cause without crime they don’t have a paycheck… so what make you think they can do it for you… what we fail to realize that all sectors of law enforcement collect their daily bread from crime, it is their business,… supply and demand is the function of any business… believe it or not that’s the reality of it… lol!!! what make you believe they are willing to give up that paycheck…belize have let america dictates its policies and laws and behavior and that is why belize is now the footstool for america… keep eating off the plate of these drug lords and expect to have a peaceful community is a joke… what you getting is a fools paradise….wake up belizeans and realize that america was and is the problem not the solution…..

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