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Nov 11, 2011

Kevin Lee gets deported and is greeted with criminal charges

Kevin Lee, the well-known and now infamous acupuncturist of the “Pain no Pain” massage parlors in Belize City, landed at the international airport before midday escorted by US Marshalls. Lee had been on the run since last September and was apprehended in Los Angeles in early October through local police and INTERPOL work. An attempt at blackmail was not successful and Lee absconded when he figured police were hot on his tails for hundreds of video recordings he secretly made of his unsuspecting patrons at his massage parlors. From what we have been able to gather, Lee will likely be facing charges of aggravated assault of an indecent nature. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Shortly before noon today American Airlines flight 2103 touched down at the Philip Goldson International Airport where it taxied lazily along the tarmac before coming to rest in front of the arrival gallery.  While friends and family eagerly anticipated the appearance of their loved ones members of the Belize Police Department remained on standby for the disembarkation of Kevin Lee.  The Taiwanese/Belizean massage therapist and acupuncturist was arguably Belize’s most wanted fugitive until he landed in local jurisdiction at midday where he is scheduled to face a slew of charges stemming from acts of voyeurism committed upon his many unsuspecting clients.  The Kevin Lee sex files, as they have come to be known, were secretly harvested over a number of years resulting in an expansive database; a complete collection of clientele ranging from the relatively unknown to the well-heeled and even the politically connected.

Upon landing on Belizean soil Lee, decked out in a light grey windbreaker, was escorted by a U.S. marshal to the arrival lounge at the PGIA where he was processed before being handed over to local law enforcement agents.  He was being sought internationally after fleeing the country in the wake of a sex scandal which reportedly went viral on the internet in mid-September.

Kevin Lee

The massage therapist, who operated several acupuncture studios cum happy ending parlors, is said to have recorded a myriad of sexual favors being offered to locals and tourists in exchange for cash.  Lee was arrested in Los Angeles on October third by Interpol having absconded from Belize weeks earlier.  According to police an investigation was launched into the discovery of two terabytes of video housed on electronic equipment belonging to Lee; however, it is questionable how a strong a case can be built against him since the crimes have been described as summary jurisdiction offences.  The fact that there were no minors involved has significantly reduced chances of upgrading existing charges against Lee; nonetheless, News Five understands that anecdotally he is facing almost six hundred charges of recording pornographic videos.  While only two complaints have been formally registered against Lee more are expected to be filed in civil action being brought against him.

So tonight, Lee is in the custody of the police pending charges of aggravated assault of an indecent nature.

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9 Responses for “Kevin Lee gets deported and is greeted with criminal charges”

  1. blackberry says:

    return only to be release by out poor court system.

  2. cali says:

    remember those passport this is what happen when we see out our country. we dont know who is entering our country no history of these criminals. i know i had done this before somewhere else that is why he ran to belize. criminal paradise.

  3. Be Real says:

    I wonder if he feel “pain no pain?” LOL

  4. belizeanfirst says:

    Who has been investigating the influx of Nigerians into the country recently? Many now applying to junior colleges without being even present in the country as a means to get into the country? Who is monitoring those taxi Nigerian men illegally operating taxis in Belize City? Taxi’s that are not even insured? Last week a Belize City man on a bicycle was hit an run by a taxi driven by a Nigerian who just jumped out of the car and ran. He was caught by another bystander and what happened? Can you believe that when the police came, the Nigerian pretending he cannot understand or talk English was released by the police? Bystanders and the civilian who caught him til police arrived, told the victim later on, who ended up in pain at the hospital with a broken leg that the police released the man. DESPITE the fact , that the taxi had no insurance, it seems the Nigerian had no legal papers to be driving it either!!!

    Investigative reporters go check!!! When the victim, bicycle rider, whose foot was broken went to press charges, it was confirmed that they did not even process the Nigerian and that they will now have TO FIND HIM!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I AM NOT SURPRISED!!!!

  5. CEO says:

    The US marshals may have wasted time and money to bring him back.

    There will come a time when Belizeans will get fed up with this level of service and there will be riots and mass blood shed. Can our leaders do something to avoid this level of unrest?

    This problem is systemic who will root it our and change the culture in the police department? Will the compol continue to be appointed by the way he votes or will it ever be because of intellegence and hard work? Perhaps no because even the prime minister condone’s the promotion of police officers by favor; not sure what is the purpose of the police exam then! Is this crap or what?

  6. Sasha says:

    What the Bz Government needs to do is get a copy of individuals CRIMINAL RECORDS coming into the country and staying longer than a month. If it can’t be obtained the the person should be returned to his birth country. Bz has enough criminals running around loosely for other criminals from other countries to be adding to Bz Dilema.

  7. Nigerian4life says:

    @belizeanfirst; It shows that you’re a stupid racist and you have no medulla oblongata. You find time to talk about Nigerians in Belize. Get informed about Belizeans in the states that will be deported back to Belize very soon two dozen of them…. I’m a Nigerian and I’m not in Belize illegally so as many Nigerians. You’re in Belize City Killing yourselves everyday because of nothing… you don’t see that to talk about. The news header is talking about Taiwanese/Belizean and you’re talking about Nigerians….. You must be an idiot.

  8. stayclean says:

    Belizeanfirst represents a wide spectrum of Belizeans. And I can tell he is a black Belizean. The chinese take advantage of Belizeans not paying their due taxes, super markets collect GST and use calculators to computer purchases, they hardly employ any Belizeans, and are now in city council, hoping to be a minister of Govt soon, and they bring in the elderly and the maimed into the country and Black Belizeans say nothing. Guatamalans who according to the law are laying illegal claim on Belize are not supposed to be made citizens. They get citizens in droves, and bring in the lame and the maimed and Creoles say nothing. The Indians take advantage of Blacks and pay pitiable wages and creoles take the humiliation with a smile and more. Nigerians come to Belize and contribute in their own way in hospitals, schools and more and creoles want to destroy. They are so sure that others are a better breed than them, but at least they are sure that they are better than African immigrants. To see how blind black people are consider Stephen Okeke who has contributed so much already and how he is manhandled at every turn. Who in his right mind as an immigrant will want to do any more thing for Belizeans.Just take yours and run. It does not seem to be worth so much doing stuff for belizeans. Go to the immigration and you will find hundreds of peasant central american immigrants and one black nigerian. Everyone else is assisted in everyway. The only person hassled and complained about is the black immigrant. Guess what, the person hassling them must be always a black creole. Does this have to do with insecurity? A Taiwanese has humiliated Belizean daughters and mothers. The creole man has no balls to fight for his mother and sister. To give the impression of a fight, he goes out to pick a querry with an innocent African Immigrant. When will black people in Belize wake up and pick up some balls to fight for their own against the right despots.

  9. Daisy says:

    Regarding this Nigerian for life individual first and foremost there a many Belizeans in America that are doing extremely well for themselves. please do not put us in the same boat as criminals because here in America people are very scared to do business with Nigerians as they are known to be very fraudalent and not to be trusted . lets be real you know Nigerians are killing each other in Nigeria too. stop going to these countries and pretending that where you come from you had it going on because if you did you would not be in a country like the wonderful Belize. Here in the USA Nigerians love to belittle people. I was shocked when I went to Belize and some Nigerian nurses was belittling the Beliazean people to me not knowing that I’m a born Belizean. Some of you are using Belize as a HUB to find your way here in the US of A. And this name calling has to stop referring to people as Idiots come on you know it takes one idiot to recognize another idiot. And guest what do you think that America are only deporting Belizeans? here’s your rude awakening my love, criminal Nigerians are on the deportation list as well for their criminal acts whatever their crimes may be. Every country in the world has criminals. Oh by the way are you informed about Nigerians in the united states?

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