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Nov 11, 2011

Self-proclaimed drug addict gladly accepts 10 year sentence for burglary

Edward usher

A ten year sentence was handed down in a case of burglary against forty-two year old Edward Usher. It may seem a hefty penalty for stealing seven hundred and sixteen dollars in liquors, but surprisingly Usher welcomed the prison time. He admitted to being a drug addict and with six similar convictions, Usher told Magistrate Roberto Ordonez that he wants to go to jail because he needs rehab. With that said, he pleaded guilty to burglarizing Bombay Cool Spot in Hattieville, which is owned by Glenford Jemmoth. The break-in was reported on November ninth when Jemmoth arrived at the bar and detected that several items were missing, including an assortment of liquors. Police also received reports from eyewitnesses who saw Usher committing the burglary.

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7 Responses for “Self-proclaimed drug addict gladly accepts 10 year sentence for burglary”

  1. nigel says:

    He wanted to go to prison… what is this telling you about the Belize central prison aka Hattiville Ramada? This is exactly why the criminals don’t mind putting a bullet in our heads. What’s the worst that will happen to them if they do? The so call courts of justice that is the biggest oxymoron ever, court of justice, B.S!!! The last time I checked the only justice that exists in this country is justice for the criminals. It is almost like it is a crime to send thieves and murderers to prison, which don’t make any sense when sending them to prison is like sending them to a 4 star resort. So every time you get up early in the morning to go to work to pay your taxes just remember a poor burglar and murderer is counting on you for an easy vacation at the Ramada. I know where I am going for my next vacation. All the drugs, food and free accommodation you can ever hope for. All you potential mom’s of limited means out there do society a favor and start swallowing before you bring more mistakes like this into our already damaged society. Break the cycle of making future human garbage.

  2. Storm says:

    Drugs are a scourge that cause a lot the crime here. I think we need a locked treatment center separate from the prison, to try to cure addiction before it leads to serious crime.

  3. Marie says:

    blame kolbe and woods for making them now WANT to go to jail-what happened to chain gang and hard labor?
    now they have internet, church, basketball, dentist and other stuff law abiding people still cant afford-it s a shame.

  4. Earl Grey says:



  5. Earl Grey says:



  6. NewSoul says:

    Guys, You’re ‘blaming’ Mr. Woods for what he’s done at the prison?
    Here are some facts:

    By implementing educational and religious programs at the prison, Mr. Woods is attempting to create moral and upstanding men with positive outlooks where we as a society could not.

    Recidivism in a criminal justice context is defined as the reversion of an individual to criminal behavior after he or she has been convicted of a prior offense, sentenced and presumably rehabilitated.

    Through the programs at the Kolbe prison, Belize’s recidivism rate has reduced to around 20% .

    For comparison, the national average for the United States and the United Kingdom were reported to be around 60% and 50% respectively in 2005.


    It’s easy to point fingers, it’s harder to put our own hands to work.

    Rather than blindly bashing his efforts, let’s talk about how we can make them even more effective, or participate in our own productive alternatives.

  7. HatersPreventGrowth says:

    Now C’mon Nigel, Earl, and Marie, I don’t believe you are that vapid and ignorant.

    Now let me ask you, have you ever been to the prison? It is surely not a resort. It sucks. And do you really believe criminals are thinking, I want to go to prison, so I’m going to kill that guy?

    However, yes, rehabilitation is by far a better alternative than being on the streets and committing crimes to survive. The fact is, anything is better than living a life of crime, and it is positive that criminals wish to rehabilitate themselves.

    It is a fact that if you treat prisoners the same way in other prison systems, those prisoners repeat crimes when released. So instead of that one person committing several crimes in his lifetime, rehabilitation reduces that total number of crimes.

    It is also fact that most of the funds for Kolbe is from donations, not government.

    It’s a fact. Kolbe works.

    Kolbe and the prison system do not cause crimes, they prevent them. What causes crimes are poverty, desperation, hate.

    Now, maybe the Kolbe effort isn’t perfect, but you know what? I give big ups to Mr. Woods and the Kolbe Foundation for trying and taking action. That’s more than I can say for most all people in Belize. The reason why this country is so challenged, the reason why we are so poor, the reason why we have so much crime, and our people steal from each other, is because so many do nothing.

    Our country does nothing, except complain and point fingers. Or they say they’re going to do something and then take all the money and run. But what do you want? Just to complain and not let this country grow and face its challenges?

    And don’t you dare tell me Belize isn’t dying for change. Literally.

    These people are taking, they are giving money, raising funds, and they are making positive changes. What are you doing for Belize?

    Nigel, Marie and Earl think smarter, I encourage you to think about making changes, doing something, taking action, instead of wasting your time broadcasting your hate and negativity.

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