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Nov 11, 2011

Minister Rene Montero intervenes in horse track controversy

Horse racing is a popular sport in the west, but there is trouble brewing and it is getting political over who gets to control of the only public track. The Cayo Horse Racing Association has been canceled from using the track at the Peter August stadium by no less than Minister Rene Montero. With an event scheduled for November twentieth, the association says they were notified on Wednesday via letter from Montero, area rep for Cayo Central, that it is not authorized to conduct any event on the race track unless it is sanctioned by the Jock Club Committee. The association was also invited to join the Jock Club which, according to Montero, is under the aegis of the National Sports Council. Alejandro Rodriguez, the VP of the Association, says that for the past couple of weeks they have invested time and money into developing the track for the upcoming event and they believe that politics has no business in horse racing:

Alejandro Rodriguez, Vice President, Cayo Horse Racing Association

Alejandro Rodriguez

“Well you see everything is there voluntary nobody charging and it is hard labour. As you see all those guys that are here they work and Sunday we come here and we plant those things to there and all of deh yah things they are lining up to this post so we get some donation already. We put flyers all about we got Orange Walk getting ready their horses, Belize, Corozal they are getting their horse ready. So fi mek this man come and stop this race.”

Andrea Polanco

“But you’ve been told that you can’t conduct the race here?”

Alejandro Rodriguez

“Yes, yesterday Mr. Montero he called us for a meeting and then sudden one he come out, well he didn’t come out, he send his driver with a letter and his driver give me the letter and I read it. And then he told me that this Tate is a register man and if you come to register then we will register in Belmopan too, our committee, the Twin Town Jockey Club because you got Cayo.”

Andrea Polanco

“Did they give a specific reason why?”

Alejandro Rodriguez

“That’s only because the man is register that is all they told me they didn’t give a specific reason why. They only told me that I can’t have any even here in this track.”

Theodore Lennon Jr., Committee Member, Cayo Horse Racing Association

“For me like I own horses out here, I have kids who train horses out here. Out here I mean for San Ignacio we just want to see horse racing on the track, it doesn’t matter who owns the track or who is dealing with the track and as long as they have a good committee they are working that is my most interest about the track. But I am seeing that they are trying to play politics while we are dealing with the track but I think it should be about horse racing and not about politics.”

Andrea Polanco

“What does this mean for you?”

Theodore Lennon Jr.

Theodore Lennon Jr.

“Well it destroys a lot because a lot of kids put a lot of interest in training their horse and it is a lot of time some of them come after school, they put in their training and if you do something like this, what you want us to do with the kids? It’s like we are stopping them from the sports that they love and for us it is just to keep them out of trouble.”

Andrea Polanco

“When we make reference to the work being done, can you discuss with us the specifics?”

Theodore Lennon Jr.

“Well awrite, you could see we have some of the rails coming up and we did pay a guy to grade the track because if we don’t have a track we don’t have horse racing.”

In order to maintain the Peter August Stadium the committee has been paying dues of sixty dollars per year and soliciting donations. They say they are still forging ahead with their plans to hold the race on November twentieth.

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9 Responses for “Minister Rene Montero intervenes in horse track controversy”

  1. dunfedup says:

    one thing you can be assured of: if Montero is involved it will be F’ed up! Just look at Ministry of agriculture.

  2. Belizean says:

    A little cooperation would go a long way, MR. Lennon. Its NOT your track alone.
    So work with the people who want to make it better, like the Motorcycle Association.

    You have it wrong Mr. Lennon, You did NOT pay for the grading, it WAS DONATED. Stop tell the lie man..

  3. Storm says:

    Too bad politics sticks its ugly head into every profitable business in the Jewel.

    “That government governs best which governs least.”

    Unless the government owns the business, it should stay out.

  4. Rebel says:

    This is HORSE $#!$!!! the UDP is so petty they even create controversy in horse racing!! wtf! All this could have been avoided. Since when does the Ministry support a monopoly on sports facilities….isn’t this what they have tried to avoid with the Chimilio and the FFB. This is a huge double standard. Montero has his head stuck in his @$$. I say let them use the track….Cayo horse race jockeys and fans deserve it.

  5. Manuel Almendar says:

    What can be expected of the so called dunce minister Montero?
    No surprise at all at his a&**ole ideas !!!
    He will never NEVER win again, bet that !!!

  6. luis says:

    Yes the grading of the track was paid for. I can say so. Nobody donated anything.

  7. Diehard Belizean says:

    My gosh! Montero again????? Why the heck will this man put his sticky fingers all over the place. But we told you about this bunch… believe in the possibilities. But don’t worry… we’ll soon send him packing along with his gang.

  8. general says:

    put the udp gang to race pan the horse race track man……i bet montero wah come in last.

    dont u gies get it he wants to make sure that the track is in order for the gereral election race for the finish…..

    stay tuned

  9. Positive says:

    Make sure nobody misses the Motocross Race!
    November 17, 2011 at 1:00pm.

  10. Sweet Heart says:

    Yes Min. Montero dont have any respect for Peter August race Track. he knew from years before and now that this race track is for horses only. I think he should have some consideration. and not only that why do the menonites dont use there own land to do there not so interesting bike ride. looks like they dont want to mess up there land only the poor people land. and abuse our freedom.

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