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Nov 10, 2011

Benque Police lock up minors overnight without charges

The relatives of a group of men and minors, who were arrested Wednesday, say that they are angry over the way the police handled them. According to the family members, the group was digging out scrap metal from a parcel of land that was previously a dump site. Araceli Pech, the sister of one of the minors, says that the men had gotten permission from the owner, and were seeking to earn an honest living in a town where there are no job opportunities. Pech said the workers were arrested at two o’clock Wednesday and were released today, but that the police dealt with the minors with undue harshness.

Araceli Pech, Claims Unfair Treatment and Harassment from Police

Araceli Pech

“They were working here taking out scrap metal. One of them was my little brother; he’s just seventeen and the next one too; he’s just sixteen. All of them got arrested. The sixteen year old bwai, fi he ma just mi di come from work to bring water for him, police noh even tell her anything—they just put her in the pickup and they ker ahn—they noh even give her no explanation. They just pick up she and they gone with she too. They detained them. I gone see my brother dah police station. they neva make I see my lee bredda; he dah wah underage. This morning I gone dah station [and] they neva release my bredda until 10:15—all of them—with no charge. They wanted until dehn people from environment come. And they were taking out scrap metal from here with permission from the owner of the land, Mister Miguel Ruiz because they don’t have work. They go to Mister Nick goh ask fi job. What Mister Nick tell my lee bredda: he dah wah young bwai and ih ‘fraid ih cut ih foot. So if dehn goh ask fi job, dehn noh give dehn job. So they have to see what to do for living; things hard right now. The thing is that police noh do what they have to do; go out there and look for criminals. They come yah and they harras people weh deh di work fi wah living. Police dehn noh do dehn work good. I get fi understand that dehn noh supposed to handcuff no underage, but dehn handcuff this lee bwai weh sixteen years old— Israel, dah fi she son. Police dehn noh give we no information or nothing—dehn just put dehn ina cell. I neva know dehn could lock up my lee bredda and he only seventeen and di next one sixteen. Police di behave wah way and they only di take out scrap metal fi sell fuh wah living.”

Pech said that the men were released without any charges or explanation to the family. She told us that some family members were also roughed up by the police when they tried to inquire about the whereabouts of their relatives.

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9 Responses for “Benque Police lock up minors overnight without charges”

  1. RT in Vegas says:

    when are we going to start hearing good things about Police. When? When? I know there has to be at least one good police who does his job right and protect the people.

  2. jose says:

    police especialy in benque and cayo are in some serious serious act of corruption and them no give one $#!% about nobody
    belize nee a nation wide protest at each district against the police unfair act at the same time
    sue them the police department

  3. islandbwai says:

    Police are just some dumb @$$#$. They have no brain to think..

  4. belizeanpride says:

    no wonder they never pass the exam they had lately but wants promotion ,WTF, do we get the idea why this dumb@$$ police act like that because they have no skill training, no professional tactics over all they have no ^%^&#%# idea how to act as a police officer.

  5. Al says:

    The awful things that are happening in Belize starts at the top in every aspect of Belize’s foundation. In the Police Department, there is a lack of education, a lack of integrity, a lack people who can think rationally. Listen to how they speak, the communication process lacks basic structure, they ramble. There should be a curriculmn set up for the police academy. There should be an education standard test, they must pass before being accepted to the academy. Reading comprehension should be one of those things they are tested on. If Police officers are taught that in their jobs they need to understand this basic art of investigation, “who, what, where, when and how. This is the basis for every investigation and communication. I look at the Prison, the people who are doing a good job are overlooked while the higher ups play trip on their importance. In the government positions are handed out based on who you know not what you know and can help the country. Just look at the candidates for Mayor, what a sad state of affair, put all of them together and you don’t even have one good strong candidate. Let us band together and change this country for the good.

  6. wondering says:

    hey belizeanpride,

    I heard from a good source that one of the questions on the Police Exam read, “which one of the following is a living thing?”
    a- chair
    b- pencil
    c- cat.

    wonder why they have so many graduates every year??????

  7. Al says:

    How about asking the wanna be cops when was the last time they smoked marajuana, or when was the last time they drank alcohol, how often they drink, all these things goes into making the personality and possibly gives a glimpse who the person is. Plus these cops should be tested at random for drug use. I say tighten up on the environment and bring some structure to the organization.

  8. belizeanpride says:


    is that the type of question they take? i thought they are tested in skills about their profession. mein my kids is answering this question in prim. school. jejejeje

    really unprofessional police for real.

  9. charlie says:

    This isn’t the first time benque police does something like this. If you ask anybody from benque or succotz, almost everybody will say benque police like to take the law too personal and do anything they want. If any family want’s to know or see you at the station, they won’t let you. This is something that police headquarters in belmopan should take a look at. This is nothing new about benque police.

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