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Nov 9, 2011

Moya, heir to Finnegan’s Mesop?

The field in Caribbean Shores got overcrowded today, which is the deadline for aspirants to submit their names as candidates for the United Democratic Party. The names so far are Chandra Nisbet Cansino, Ann Marie Williams and Santino Castillo. Belize City Mayor Zenaida Moya briefly put her name in the mix as a possible candidate for the December fourth convention, but was soon persuaded to withdraw. Late this evening, News Five found Moya alongside Michael Finnegan, campaigning in his Mesopotamia division. Finnegan and Moya both confirmed that she is in training and meeting voters because he would like her to be his replacement when he eventually retires from partisan politics.

Zenaida Moya, Belize City Mayor

“I’ve been speaking with Mr. Finnegan and he has advised me that this area, I must hang in there.”

Jules Vasquez, 7 News

Zenaida Moya

“So what’s the game plan? What’s happening Mister Finnegan?”

Michael Finnegan, Area Rep., Mesopotamia

“The game plan? I advised her not to deal with Caribbean Shores; it’s a very crowded area already and the area has some very good candidates—the first time for a political convention I have witnessed that caliber of candidates in one division for a convention. And another one wouldn’t help it; she must wait her term and stay in training for Mesopotamia.”

Jose Sanchez

“Is this your campaign or her campaign?”

Michael Finnegan

“This my campaign. I am the U.D.P. candidate for Mesopotamia division and I will be contesting the next general election for the Mesopotamia division for the United Democratic Party.”

Jose Sanchez

“Is it safe to say that Mayor Moya will eventually inherit this division from you?”

Michael Finnegan

“I would very well like and would want her to succeed me, but that is for the voters of Mesopotamia division.”

Jules Vasquez

“However she is in a particular predicament because when the life of this city council is finished in March of next year, her time is up because she is not running for mayor again. So she is out of politics. She need fi get wah break. You di try secure her inheritance for herself.”

Michael Finnegan

“That is very good for her. Between now and the next general election which will be 2018, she will be in top shape in this division knowing the people.”

Jules Vasquez

“But you want her to wait seven years when she has an opportunity right now to go and mash up Caribbean Shores.”

Michael Finnegan

Michael Finnegan

“I advised her that I waited for twenty years.”

Jose Sanchez

“But the way Carlos Perdomo call it; stepping aside. Could you be side-stepping for her in the future in case you decide to come out?”

Michael Finnegan

“No man. Miss Moya is on training in the Mesopotamia division. I will repeat again, I am the U.D.P. candidate for the next general elections for the United Democratic Party.”

Jules Vasquez

“Allow me to take a perverse interpretation. Suppose it is that you and Santi already have unu deal that you will support him and you can’t let the man down now, so you have to tell him, bwai I wa keep out Moya.”

Michael Finnegan

“I don’t have any deal with Santi. I don’t have no pack. There were three candidates in the division and he’s my friend and he came and asked me to lend my support to him which I did. As I have said to you, there are three wonderful caliber in the Caribbean Shores area for this convention. I have never witnesses that caliber of people for one convention. I don’t think that Miss Moya there will be of any help to the division.”

Jose Sanchez

“Mayor, it was always preordained in the media that this area, MESOP will be for you.”

Zenaida Moya

“Well I’ve spoken with Mr. Finnegan and eventually that’s what we are looking at.”

Marion Ali, Love News

“Mayor just let me ask you this again just so we get it candid, clear. You’re running in Caribbean Shores, but you’re campaigning in MESOP?”

Michael Finnegan

“No, you’ve missed the point; she is not running in Caribbean Shores.”

Marion Ali

“But that is what I got confirmed from the office.”

Michael Finnegan

“That is plain simple English. And on that note you’re holding up the campaign.”

Marion Ali

“I just got that confirmed from the U.D.P. office, sir.”

Michael Finnegan

“She is not running for Caribbean Shores. She submitted her application and she was advised by myself to withdraw; which she did. Is that sufficient?”

Marion Ali

“Mayor at what time—I was there at five o’clock; at what time did you withdraw this?”

So with Moya’s quick exit, Castillo, Cansino and Williams are officially now in the race and getting ready for the December fourth convention.

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14 Responses for “Moya, heir to Finnegan’s Mesop?”

  1. Marie says:

    Moya thought she could win there? after saying that the area was full of rich people that didnt deserve or need the BCC’s assistance? after not listening to the residents that they needed no more businesses encroaching in ther residential area? she saved herself embarrassment in what would have been her first loss.

  2. Charlie Price says:


  3. Marco says:

    ZENAIDA, why did you withdraw your name?? we would have love for you to run in Caribbean shores! Of all the candidates, you are the only battle-tested winning candidate!

  4. Marco says:

    Zenaida, why did you not run in Caribbean Shores?? of all the candidates, your are the only battle-tested winner, and my family would have voted for you!!!

  5. Angela says:

    The convention was for you to have Z, why you back out? people were waiting for you to run, so we could go support you…

  6. Herculez says:


    You must be out of your mind. I know you are Zenaida just trying to play yourself up. LOL! You suck and should quit politics. You don’t know what you are doing!

  7. blackberry says:

    She never seem to miss a photo app doing what she is not being paid to do . on the campaign trail while she should be in city hall to make sure our tax $ are well spent.

  8. junito says:

    Wishfull thinking that Zenaida would take the torch for MESOP after Finnegan is gone. Finnegan should know that HE is the only reason that MESOP has gone red. The day he’s gone its up for grabs. He has to bring a more credible candidate and not one who’s political career is in the dumps and full of corruption and mismanagement such as this woman. U mussi kud do betta Finnegan…

  9. belizeanheat says:

    Moya is probably going around the area to see which has more money she can steal from.
    Just like she did at City Council. Does everyone forget all the &!@$$ she did while mayor?
    Who in thier right mind would give this woman any more oppourtunities to rip off the taxpayers.

    go find somewhere else to finance your big mansion Moya

  10. CEO says:

    Zenida will do just fine in Mesop! She just need to take care of some accounting issues. She is a stand up kinda person and polotics in Belize need this type.

    Those days should be gone when the PM say so and everyone fall in line and lock step. As a leader the PM needs to learn how to deal with ideas other than his own.

  11. Storm says:

    Well, Moya just mashed up the City, and SO MUCH MONEY was stolen under her “leadership.” I’d just be yhappy never to hear her name in politics again.

    Belize can do better. Much, much better.

  12. Earl Grey says:


  13. June says:

    Don’t know if my message went out before but I want to say that I believe Zenaida will do just fine in whichever area she goes. We need someone like her to help run this country. Don’t give up Z.

  14. Gilda says:

    Don’t want you in Caribbean Shore Zenaida! U don’t stand a chance, listen to Finnegan…

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