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Nov 2, 2011

Gang Murder not gang related? The truce revealed

Dean Barrow

The gang truce was agreed upon by Belize City gangsters and the prime minister on September fourth. There has been a drop in gang related murders, but there were still gang related shootings. During the press conference, the PM asserted that no gang related murders occurred since the truce was sealed.  And though the families of the deceased nine year old Joshua Abraham of Victoria Street, Noel Usher and several shooting victims such as Justin Stevens of Kelly Street would disagree, the Prime Minister stuck to the zero gang related murder statistic.

Dean Barrow

“I’m very happy to report that since we signed that gang truce, there has not been a single gang related murder occurring in Belize City. As a consequence of a neighborhood dispute, perhaps more than a dispute, between Kelly Street and Victoria Street, somebody was killed. But we didn’t know those streets to be locus of gangs; that just seems to have been a rivalry between these respective areas. Certainly nobody from those streets was involved in the gang truce. No entity that was part of the truce, no affiliate of any of those entities has broken the truce. And it is now two full months since that truce has been in effect and so far so good, so far so very good. For September and October of this year, the murder statistics countrywide were seven and eight as compared to September and October last year when they were nineteen and eight or seventeen and eight. Clearly the very welcomed dip in the murder rate is due principally to the gang truce.”

Jules Vasquez, 7News

“Kelly Street and Victoria street; while you may not wish to call it a gang because the invigilators of the gang landscape did not include them. Those are known to be rival crews—and a nine year old was killed.”

Dean Barrow

“Look we are not talking about the child death. But anyway have your say.”

Jules Vasquez

“I’m just saying that the same person that provides these fiendishly wrong statistics is the same person who is presiding over promotions.”

Dean Barrow

“You know you are really editorializing now. You are going too far. But I am telling you that you are interpreting the circumstance, portraying the circumstances certainly with respect to what happened on Reggae Street in a particular way and while you are entitled to that opinion, we do not accept and will not accept that that was a consequence of an inter-gang rivalry. In terms of the person we suspect did it, you know that there was a situation in which two persons were involved in a robbery and one decided that he will talk on the other and then he is killed. Man that noh have nothing fi with any inter-gang rivalry.”

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10 Responses for “Gang Murder not gang related? The truce revealed”

  1. Elgin Martinez says:

    There are no facts to support your statement PM.Lost but not least stop misinforming the Belizean people maybe you should have stepped down along with your buddy Perdomo.

  2. Rod says:

    This pm s. Head must be in a total fog his mind must not be working at all murder after murder is gang related what is he talking about get out barrow just resign you look like a baffoon what a useless incompetent person you are.

  3. Swamp Dragon says:

    Jackass Barrow! The reporter most certainly was talking about the 9 yr old’s death. In your quest to look superior as always, you are touting statistics that are not real. Your “truce” signed with some F’n gang members is BS! What are you thinking? How much have you paid to these gangs?
    Clearly something else is happening here. We are not the fools you believe us to be.

  4. belizeanpride says:

    think my fellow Belizeans we need a pm that works for us not that we work for him.

  5. Think people says:

    no matter which PM unu vote in he wah cant stop violence from happening and he himself will be crooked.. thats just how imperfect people are.

  6. citizen #2 says:

    To belizeanpride: You all keep bringing up color, then when somebody else says something about race, you all call him racist. Get rid of the black pm, that is the bottom line with you all. Bring back whatever as long as he or she is not black. Look in the mirror and see the hate in yourself for the black man. I was born in Belize and I know how you all think. So, don’t tell me there is no racism in Belize, now more that ever, just like in the US.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Think people:No one expects the PM to stop crime because there will always be crime.That said the PM needs to find a solution to curb crime and not entertain gang members.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GSU has a goal to curb crime in Belize City. As a result, the criminals are relocating to the Western Highway, Ladyville, etc. It is not a secret that Ladyville is now the home for these criminals. Ladyville is now introduced to Drugs, Murder, Robberies galore all down the Northern Highway and nearby villages. Ladyville needs help. There is not enough officers, vehicles-resources as they are responsible for too many villages. Ladyville people are now trying to relocate but with recession they are forced to bear the outcome of these demons that are lingering. it is obvious that the Government can’t help as they are on a low budget. We know they need to pay their lawyers for never ending law suits. So Belizeans can’t get help from GOB. We as a people need to come together and PRAY TO GOD because we need him now more than ever. Don’t let the devil win. Pray away the demons.

  9. Storm says:

    Ridiculous lies! What total contempt the PM has for us all.

    “Repeat a big lie often enough, and the people will believe it. ” Goebbels, propaganda minister for Hitler’s Third Reich

  10. msssd says:

    Everyone knows that you shouldn’t make deals with criminals we need to start looking on someway to put them up for good not send them to a facility that will feed them and have them living like home and getting paid to be there so wen they come out they have a cheque to cash we need to start to think of them like pests of society and call in the exterminators to deal with the situation and about the G.S.U i support them fully and in regards to the Gorge Street incident why take up for them when those some same person have killed someones friend someones brother,sister cousin ect., and yet people are complaining about the GSU why defend killers i’m yet to see some of those same peoples that were complaining to be on the news again crying about a lost family member or friend by the same people who they are defending

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