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Oct 24, 2011

Senate gives merits and demerits of 9th Amendment

Senator Henry Gordon on behalf of the Council of Churches also abstained from the vote siding with business senator Godwin Hulse. Senator Liza Shoman was the only opposition representative in the Senate. She did not support passage of the Ninth saying that there is danger when parliament is given absolute power.

Lisa Shoman, Senator

Lisa Shoman

“More than twenty-one thousand citizens of this country were sufficiently concerned to sign a petition demanding a referendum of the entire population on the very fundamental question. Yes senator and it was done within one short month which should tell all of us, Madam President how important Belize saw this. Those of us who oppose simply want to prevent the amendment of section two and sixty-nine and those amendments buttress the core of the constitution and why our constitution we can continue to proudly say in respect of government by the people, for the people. That is why we have separation of power; that is why we have the rule of law; that is why we have natural justice, fundamental rights and freedoms so that no parliament can rule unchecked and so that no parliament can use their right to make anything at all right. We do not—we the people of Belize—do not want the kind of government that will decide it has the power to declare a blue sky to be red nor do we want one that will remove even one of our fundamental right and freedoms—whether that be freedom from being subject to slavery or whether that be freedom to access the courts.”

Henry Gordon

Henry Gordon, Senator

“What is before us is a bill that has been approved by House of Representatives. And since it has been approved by House of Representatives, then I question jurisdiction of this house to now deal with this bill in a way to vote on this bill. The constitution does not appear to provide to the senate the jurisdiction to vote on this bill which deals primarily, fundamentally with a constitutional amendment presides in the house by this constitution and that is what the church would like this house to entertain in this deliberation today.”

As we said, the Senate has ratified the Ninth but it cannot yet get assent from the Governor General because of the injunction. Normally the papers should have been sent to the office of the attorney general for legal vetting before landing before the GG for his signature. But the injunction has put a halt on the GG’s pen and that’s where we stand tonight.

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9 Responses for “Senate gives merits and demerits of 9th Amendment”

  1. Rod says:

    Lisa shoman the only one with cohones.

  2. Rubber Stamp Senate says:

    The Senate must be elected. Therefore, this Senate is pointless, useless and is just a goddamn rubber stamp senate.

  3. Jan says:

    Belize is all about politics. Again when you have majority in the house you have the power. But who are we to oppose the Prime Minister. Only sometime ago we call for civil disobedience right… Only that time we were motivated to destroy the little beauty that we have in Belmopan. Como dice el dicho tu dices rana y yo salto asi estamos…

  4. ABC says:

    Injunction or no injunction the deal is done, our GG is useless he does as he is told, the senate is nothing different…. they are just there for style :) lol and we talk but do nothing.. thats just how it is.

  5. Belize says:



    what ashame on BELIZE if the 9 th is passed you will suffer under dean barrow administration,

  7. Earl Grey says:

    I nominate LISA SHOMAN for the NEW head of THE PUP!!!

  8. BELIZE first. says:

    the GOVERNOR GENERAL IS JUST ANOTHER DEAN BARROW PUPPET…..WE ALL KNOW DEAN BARROW IS THE PUPPET MASTER!!!!……I hears !@^!#&* lios young barrow say pan the news that the people that signed the REFERENDUM PETITION WERE paid $2 dallas,is she out of her !^%&*43 MIND,I signed the petition VOLUNTARILY no one paid me fi sign it, i believe with this 9-8 amendment we have lost our fundamental rights,looks like lois young believe we are UDP slaves! its not like they told govt workers to rally in Belmopan for the UDP fi pass the 9th amendment because if not they will not have their job the next day, so sad we have created/elected GIVEN MORE POWER TO A DICTATOR TO RULE US…….its time we wake up and call for civil desobedience like this dictator gave us the example..’ come elections we will kik them 1 by 1, 2 by 2.

  9. Belizean says:

    Belizeans, please do not get carried away or fearful of the Ninth being signed into law, Dean cannot be a dicatator and never will be. He is yet to reach any milestone in his political career. PUP lost the election, UDP did not win! UDP took over well ran companies that have made significant investments and upgrades, that the gov did not do. All Barrow did was change the law and take it away. He negotiated with gangsters and had them shake hands but did not change their lives to ensure logevity of his initiative for peace. He negotiated with CFE for 10% discount on electricity, not invest in alternative. What happens when the cost of power goes 20% higher than we are paying? He dropped the 8th ammendment when he got a threatening text. People didnt stand in a line and sign a petition for referendum for the 8th, they did for the ninth, but one text got him to drop the 8th..gangster go on TV and call his name and he hurriedly turns back from his flight and met with them. When the cane farmers blocked the highways and called him, he refused to meet with them for fearfulness and instead sent Gapi.

    When Zenaida said Barrow no got no B@!!s she was right.
    my people please do not fear dictatorship, he doesn’t have the will to do it. much less have any b@!!s to try it!
    Vote for what is right, vote back PUP, under new leadership!

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