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Oct 24, 2011

Teenage murder victim knew his assailants

Frank Usher

Another family grieves the murder of one its own in the wild cycle of violence. At the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, Frank Usher, a minor was shot and killed.  His mother had made reports to the police that her son’s life was under threat and Usher moved from Roaring Creek to Camalote.  But he remained hunted until two gunmen caught up with him. Before dying the sixteen year reportedly identified his killers as persons the family knew well. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Sixteen year old Frank Usher is a happy looking teen in this picture. But for the past three weeks he was living in fear. His life was allegedly threatened by men who were his friends. His adopted mother, Juanita Gill, says that she had informed police of the death threats to her son. Gill believes her son was killed by friends.

Juanita Gill, Mother of the Deceased

Juanita Gill

“I know that ih life mi get threatened because he and dis bwai deh dah good friends right? And I call the police three weeks ago or more than that. I call ah and I say, ‘ah wah you come yah because mi son involve with this bwai [bleep] and umm [bleep] mi suppose to have two AKA and wah 12 or something like that. And ih lost the gun and he say Frank tek it because he and Frank dah friend and he mi give Frank the gun fi hide.’ I call the police and tell deh bout deh nuh duh nothing. I call them again and say the bwai deh weh di threaten Frank deh di pass through mi yard and deh nuh come.”

Fearing for his life, over ten days ago Usher went to stay with two friends here in an area called ‘Young Bank’ Road in Camalote. His friends say that they heard two gunshots early Sunday morning. Around four-forty five Usher’s body was discovered with a single bullet to the chest. His mother says he named the gunmen before he died:

Juanita Gill

“When ih get up, mussie five o’clock ih get up fi come home, same time they dodge and shot ah. So by time I get up, deh come hail mi and tell mi that Frank get shot and when I get dah hospital he mi done dead.”

Andrea Polanco

“Where was he shot Ms. Gill?”

Juanita Gill

“Straight dah ih heart. I think dah wah close range because I think deh mussie gone to ah and ask ah questions and he mussie tell ah ‘kill mi if you wah’ because that the way he talk and suh deh mussie shot ah right dah ih heart.”

Andrea Polanco

“So, where his body discovered?”

Juanita Gill

“Somewhere inna Young Bank Road because dah two bwai pick ah up and ker ah dah hospital. Ih tell di bwai, ih say, well the bwai tell me then, ih say, ‘Dah [bleep] and [bleep] kill me. Dah [bleep] and [bleep] shot mi.”

Andrea Polanco

“So he was able to talk at that time?”

Juanita Gill

“Ih talk until ih nearly reach hospital and I nuh know if dah pahn the bed ih dead or when ih reach hospital ih dead.”

For this grieving mother the pain is overwhelming. Her son’s life was allegedly taken away by men the family is all too familiar with. Gill says she can only hope that the law will be on their side:

Juanita Gill

“Live right behind mi house deh. Dah he and Frank used to be good friend. Good, good friend, they come yah everyday. They would ah ker Frank go do robbery and thing and when Frank nuh wah do it, they put the gun pahn ah and tell ah mek ih go. I mi always tell Frank nuh fraid fi dem come tell me, but Frank listen to them. All the time deh set up Frank fi go do things outta di way and been he nuh got no ma, ih nuh nobody, dah only me ih got. I di pray and I di tell God, I say tell ah what I want because this dah too much thing. Every time deh di get weh because right now if deh bwai nuh go fi witness that case deh done; so needlessly you go there everyday and everyday because deh nuh wah do nothing. But I know that I wah get justice. Dah nuh my pickney but I feel it because ih live yah with me and I raise ah and I love ah.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Up to now, the two men identified as suspects have not been arrested by police.

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10 Responses for “Teenage murder victim knew his assailants”

  1. Storm says:

    This should be easy, even for our police and DPP.

    Catch them, give them a fair & impartial conviction, and HANG THEM BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD!

    The Jewel will be a jungle until we hunt down and kill the killers.

  2. Karma says:

    Your son was hiding and dealing with AKs and robberies? And now you wonder why he’s dead? You raised him wrong mom if he didn’t want to listen to you as you claim

  3. Be Real says:

    To all you males who are too cowardly to fight with fists between 14 and 40 years old:

    Russia, USA, Isreal, China, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, South Africa, India and other arms manufacturing nations nuh stop mek gun after deh mek yours.

    The statement above is self explanitory. It does not need elaboration

  4. Iniate says:

    You are real ‘Be Real’.

  5. blacksheep says:

    karma, she knows why he is dead. i dont believe she ever indicated dat shes wondering how dis cud have hapend. she knows all too well since she was the person who alerted the police that he was in possession of watever AKs. you must be a male, without children? if you were a mother you wud know, sometimes no matter how well u train your child the are left with the choice at the end of the day, wether to choose to do wrong or right, as does the rest of us. u are judging her wrongly, the mother didnt fail by encouraging in this case. its the police officers who were alerted as to the situation and didnt act upon information given.
    very sad case. the mother tried all she can, to the point of even reporting her adopted son’s illegal activities (tough love) in order to try and save his life.
    our law enforcement officers have failed us yet agen. u mean to tell me police get very reliable information dat sombady is in possession of AKs and did noting about it??? wat more cud dat mother have done i ask. more mothers need to be like her and start reporting their children if they want to see them live. but den agen, wats the point if our police department cud hardly care??????? SAD INDEED this is yet another lesson to our young people, you live by it, u die by it. a cycle we cant escape.

  6. Shawn M says:

    Its sad and tragic to see death this way. But i have been seeing the news for some time now and i have to agree with the comments of Karma. Your son was hiding AK’s and guns for other people, now you expect smypathy from the police and the public, these are the same ones who shoot after police and try kill others. I always see on the news greiving family member saying their kids go to church and no give any trouble. I begs to wonder if everybody getting killed at bze these days are all christians and go to church. please wake up give the devil what he is due, you live by the gun you die by the gun.

  7. Shawn M says:

    Your comment storm is good, however you are missing one minor detail that may make the killers get. Think about this you think the guy who he shot him will go to court and testify, “Res Gestae” there is no way he will and boom the case goes down and killers get off. Only those who are naive will blame the police and Dpp when the case get thrown out. Think people, we all have to do our part,,,, who do you think put killers behind bars. Juries and witness not the DPP, not the Police, Not the judge….the judge just sentences them.

  8. Storm says:

    Shawn, you’ve put your finger on part of the problem, but other countries have the same issue and much higher conviction rates.

    If the regular courts cannot do it, we either need martial law and military trials, or we need vigilantes.

    Realistically, if no more than 100 gangsters were exterminated, the murder problem would be ended. We see the same scum killing over and over again. I’d support a special squad of BDF getting rid of them under Rule 5.56.

  9. JahKid says:

    Evil is overtaking our civilization. Most people live in fear that if they speak their lives gets indangered. I can almost feel their fear. These evel ones if they can’t get you, it is your children that will pay the price. Sad situation! People can’t even trust the Police, many people tell others of the experiences they have passed after speaking to the Police. There are police informants to these criminals on the street. After you go to station and make a report, by the time you reach back to your community, you begin receiving threats. Why and how can they know you went to station to complain. The police are killing us. (please not all of them) Some constable might want to be doing his job as his training taught him, but when the higher ranks see the threat from the young and serious and sincere police, these old rugged high ranking cops cut their wings and put these young police flat on the ground. So at the end of the day the little cops looks as if he is only interested in his saalary because he is not producing. The weed smoker and the drunkard and the poor honest citizen are the ones they makes big news from. Very sad. Only the Lord Jesus can help us, lets not put our trust in humans like us, because corruption is not at it’s peak yet but is very high. Peace and Love!!!

  10. S.S. says:

    you people need to keep in mind that dis boy was only taken in by this woman couple yrs ago. she has no in wat this boy was doing…these guys who killed this young boy are well known criminals in this village and even if this young man refused to aid these men in their criminal activities he would be killed by these bullies. this guy trained this young boy to be this type of person. this young man had no one his mom passed only a few yrs ago….this guy needs to be taken off the streets permanently sumone should do him a favor and put him out of his misery. he is a well known bully in the village and whenever he is released from prison he stirs up trouble!

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