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Oct 18, 2011

Carter Center wants G.O.B. to comply with Bar Association

The Bar Association came out strongly against the Ninth Amendment, followed by the Chamber of Commerce and then the Council of Churches. More recently, eight branches of the B.N.T.U. have come out against the proposed amendment. News Five has also learnt that the prestigious Atlanta-based institution, The Carter Center, has written to the government asking it to comply with the views of the Bar Association of Belize. There were also the nationwide consultations and a petition for a referendum.  But the government will proceed with the ninth at Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, notwithstanding opposition from these influential organizations.  Two Belizean voters however, are attempting to stop it.  Ricardo Castillo and Vaughan Gill, two signatories to the Petition for a Referendum on the Ninth amendment, are moving the Supreme Court this Wednesday for an injunction to prevent the coming into force of the amendment.

They are not attempting to stop the debate and passage in the National Assembly. Rather, they are attempting to stop the Governor General from assenting to the Bill once it comes out of the National Assembly.  It is an unusual move and we will keep you updated on the outcome of this application, which will be heard by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin this Wednesday.

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9 Responses for “Carter Center wants G.O.B. to comply with Bar Association”

  1. Lucas says:

    First, I recent when we have foreign intervention in our internal affair. The Carter Center would be of better service in it’s own country for example, standing up to the anti-immigrant Alabama Law. I say to HELL WITH THE CARTER CENTER. Second, Does the bar association has no balls to stand on their own two feet and have to depend on foreign assistance?. Third, foreign intervation is the fault of Mr. Barrow. He should listen to the people who are requesting a referendum on the matter of the 9th.

  2. Earl Grey says:

    If the 9th goes through……..OUR DEMOCRACY IS DEAD!!!

    George Price died with a broken heart when he saw what Belize turned into.

  3. Be Real says:

    Why al this Hullabaloo about referndum when the Privy Council has already said that having a referendum as a requirement for amending the constituition is unconstitutional. Lisa Shoman knows this very well as she is the one who lost that case. A referendum is a fetter on the constitutional procedures laid out in the constitution regarding the amendment of the constitution. The constitution is the highest law of the land. Any law inconsisten with it is null and void to the extent of the inconsistency. This Referendum Act can not add further procedures to those already spelt out in the constitution regarding the constitution’s amendment. All this noise for nothing. I am yet to hear a real genuine critique of the 9th. I see through each argument against it as I know who is really speaking when these criticisms are levied.

  4. Initiate! says:

    It is sad that we hear a whole lot more of who is against and for the 9th, but very very very little about what the 9th amendment is principally about.

  5. peter clever says:

    to ‘be real’ finally a sane comment

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    They are not going to explain what this amendment is all about because as long as they can keep you as a fool they can control you.I also agree with Lucas,foreigners are not suppose to decide what happens in Belize.

  7. Belizean says:

    Let us pass the 9th and then Be Real can come back and spell to us how we are going to bring down electricity when the cost of power is determined by World Oil Prices, this is after he and UDP realizes this. When the price of oil soars again, and they cant find those companies like Fortis who bring Hydros, wind and Solar on commercial quantities. Let “Be Real” analyze and tell us how the take over of BTL has contributed to Bze growth and development after they have taken it over, and please dont show us what BTL was already doing in private hands. Let him show us the structure of the Telecom Industry and tell us if it is beneficial to Bzns, through cheaper rates and access to better internet and services, (why do internet cafes pay so much for DSL when they serve school kids and tourists bringing in foreign exchange? Why do they have to invest in Satellite? The structure of the Industry has miraculously been better under UDP, thanks “Be Real and Dean Barrow”).

    Let Be Real tell us why it is more important to own the utility that we use to bathe and wash our clothes with, than the ones that provide purified water which miraculously keeps us alive? What is essential to UDP then? To drink water or to bathe? To own the Electric distributor or the Generator?(By the way the concept of BEL VS CFE is like taking over Save U and having the SanCas Wholesale remain for the Castillos, how is this beneficial if u have to buy from San Cas anyway, you are only a retailer, but lets ammend the Consitution making these free from encumbrances) The only company owned by GOB (oh and we dont own BTL or BEL, the courts havent passed judgement, plus we no pay fu it yet either to the owners or the banks who will lend us the money to pay all the litigations and shares) had to increase rates, yes that same essential service company raised the cost of living, but no matter what UDP will bring down the cost of living. Peter clever and be real, we are sane! Let us change our constitution to save Barrow face cause he no got no other option than to get drastic to compensate. We are sane!

    Mein this Ninth is just a waste of time political shenanigans! Trying to own the utilities to buy votes, when they are risking real growth, playing with investor confidence. Lets really be real, has the govenment have the will, knowledge and expertise to move these companies forward? Consider this before answering. The state of BEL BTL, is it the same under private hands than it was in public? What we are doing to control these utilities is good, its not a bad thing really, but please strengthen and eforce PUC, the real regulator to vet what happens there, after all didnt what happen at these utilites happen because PUC wasnt doing its job? We have an opportunity to have something good for us but let us do it harmoniously and with people who have the capabilities to invest with us and make our lives better. Its not about the consitution, its about economics. A lawyer wouldnt know what this is about!

  8. PUP says:

    Having a referendum for a constitutional ammendment is unconstitutional because the requisites for an ammendment has not been changed. But what better way than to listen to the voice of the people. If it was really about us, then why not change the consitution to state that a referendum is binding and no judge can contest the will of the people. That is democracy, not what a judge tells u is unconstitutional because u no put it inna d constitution yet. But this is what Barrow and UDP want you to believe what democracy should be, what they think is good for you and me. Dictator like? Point is, most people other than UDP paid fanatics are against the ninth because it is high risk to democracy and development.

  9. LOL says:

    The last time Carter meddled in the affairs of another country, the Iranians shot them out of the sky and that was it for Carter-we now have Iran still attempting to assasinate leaders in DC all because of Carter-that will always be in the history books.

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