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Oct 18, 2011

Do you have confidence in the B.D.F. to protect our borders?

Tonight’s question is: Do you have confidence in the B.D.F. to protect our borders? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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13 Responses for “Do you have confidence in the B.D.F. to protect our borders?”

  1. Lucas says:

    I strongly believe that the BDF is capabable of defending our borders. We have to understand that giving the military a free hand can lead to problems but also too much civil intervention. There should be an equal balance. At this point in Belize, we are having too much civil intervention. I mean from the ministry of defense.

  2. Malcolm says:

    The B.D.F. has as much chance of defending our border as Belize has of beating Guatemala at football.
    The good news is, there is no doubt whatsoever that if Guatemala ever try to invade, the British will be here to intervene in no time, just as they did when Argentina tried to occupy the Falkland Islands, or, to go back farther, when Germany invaded Poland.

  3. Truths says:

    yes do believe in the BDF but the problem is if our goverment continues to pretend the guns where stolen while giving it to the gang member we may have to ask them to protect us rather than our soldiers…


  4. ex-bdf says:

    Lucas, you do not know what you are talking about; if one cannor even protect and keep it’s own assets safe you cannot depend on him to do additional job. Presently BDF can berely handle the streets of Belize City, worse deal with all the Guatemalan incursions occuring daily on our forest reserves. Why do you think government just turns a blind eye when this problem is mentioned; logistics is number one thing that is required in order for an army to operate successfully and that is what the BDF lacks big time; no ambulance, no proper transportation, ammo, rations etc. Then the lack of manpower is the other issue; I do not want to elaborate more since this should be enough to paint the picture. Also there is no nationalism and real dedicated soldiers in the ranks of the BDF, they are there just for the money, period!

  5. Lorenzo says:

    The BDF are capable and willing to protect our borders. But it is a pity that they have very limited resources. There is no excuse for this, since it is obvious that many government ministries undeservedly receive operational capital which they employ on extravagant expenses. This has been the norm of the Government of Belize. We may not be a wealthy country; but the least our Ministry of Finance should do is to put the limited tax-payers’ monies to where they are mostly needed. Forget the late-model SUVs, the entertainment expenses, allowances for ambassadors, etc.

  6. James says:

    I think the BDF needs to tighten up they are our Country’s Military and if they cant protect us and our Borders then who can, we were better off with the British Soldiers thanks to the Hon. Goerge Price they left Belize never to return. Belize so small is not ready for Independence we would have been much better off under British Rule come on lets face the reality of things. These guns gone missing is total carlessness this would have never happened under the British Army. Bring the British Army Back to Belize.

  7. MadDOG says:

    yes bdf can diffend our border 1. they need resources , my bet is that we can be rambos out there but we cant always diffend our border with a stick…or machete, we need the whole package( shame on our GOB) old modles planes, old trucks and antic rifles… better security starts at home…ex. look what happen a price barracks in plain view. start hooking us up with web cam, and maximum safe to keep thoses weapons secure. i dont think this will happen again right .

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    James: The BDF can’t tighten up when they’re underpayed,overworked,outnumbered and are not given the logistics by this incompitent PM and his affiliates.The gangs in Belize has about a thousand more men than the BDF.Furthermore Belizeans need to be grateful to these young men that are willing to put their lives on the line for the peanuts that they’re been payed.

  9. Joe Brackett says:

    Yes, I think BDF can defend its borders but the Government needs to provide them with the much needed resources instead of focusing on other unimportant things. It’s sad to know that these BDF officers will be used as scapegoats by the government officials just to protect their image or reputation instead of accepting responsibility for failing to provide their Soldiers with the proper tools and resources. I saw some BDF soldiers with torn uniforms and boots…simple and basic wears that were just unsatisfactory. If I were these officers I would sue BDF or the Ministry in court for large sums of money for negligence and more. Sad sad day for our country that prides itself in equal justice and fairness.

  10. Retired CEO says:

    The BDF can most certainly defend our beloved homeland, the problem is the current GOB, and their pseudo leadership style. The minister of defence should be fired, coulped with the minister of police, and there should be a no confidence vote for the GOB, they appear to be total failure.

  11. dah me man says:

    The BDF does not have the man power or resources to protect the country from invasion or civilian incursions – plain and simple! The BDF is designed to temporarily delay the initial land invasion efforts or a hostile nation until help comes. If help is delayed and invasion occurs the BDF is skilled guerrilla warefare; but make no mistake, the BDF cannot stop an invasion as it is currently undermanned and underfunded!

  12. blvnjah says:


  13. Eye In The Sky says:

    Do not feel so bad BDF. I just saw on the news that the LAPD just had 30 weapons stolen from them also. Click link to see:

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