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Oct 14, 2011

Placencia residents fed up with crime

The residents of Placencia Village are also being terrorized by burglars. In the past couple weeks, several businesses and homes have been broken into; some of them more than once. Many of the residents are a part of a Facebook group called Placencia Crime Watch and the reports of burglaries and failed attempts have been pouring in. Concerned Resident, Don Palmer, spoke to News Five today and he says the string of burglaries can be linked to the rainy weather they have been experiencing. Palmer also believes that all the break-ins are being committed by one group of persons. He told us about several incidents via phone.

Via Phone: Don Palmer, Concerned Placencia Resident

Don Palmer

“They broke into RFG Insurance twice I think it was last week. They broke in one night and stole a bunch of stuff, they broke in the next night and stole some more stuff. Mango’s up here at Maya Beach has been broken into twice. They broke in one night and stole some of his drinks from his restaurant and stole a big flat screen TV and the next night they came back and stole a bunch of computers. Now I’m looking here at, there’s a lady here in Maya Beach who says some entered through—I’m reading this right off of Placencia Crime Watch—she says “someone entered through my gate and entered downstairs at five-thirty this morning. I heard a sound a little earlier and as I was getting dressed to go look they had started to cut the wire mesh and I guess they heard me coming so they took off”. My point here is they are still around all the time. Someone else was watching someone’s house up by the water tower and—I’m just reading this right off here—they stopped to check on the house and there was a giant crowbar about five feet in length laying against the downstairs storage area. They could see where they tried to pry open the door but couldn’t succeed. Also very large boot prints were in the sand around the area they kept the crow bar.  Here’s someone down the road form us “thieves are on the move. Someone cut a hole in our fence today big enough for a big person to go through. Don’t know if we came home and caught them or our dogs scared them or if they were planning on coming back”. So it’s just a whole rash of break-ins going on all the time and I’m just not sure if everybody is aware of it. I don’t have any idea who might be doing it but I think it’s the same group. The question I have is if they’re stealing flat screen TVs and computers and all this, they have to be selling them somewhere. And I really don’t think they’re selling them in this country but I think they’re taking them out the country. I don’t have no evidence but that’s what I think.  Usually it’s when it’s raining outside when you really can’t hear different sounds. When the rain is coming down, it’s hitting the tin roof, you’re sleeping and everything, you don’t really pay attention to all those noises. So I think it’s when the bad storms come and we’ve been having a lot of rains recently so I think it’s when the rains coming in. and what I’d like to see happen is for the B.D.F. to come down here and start patrols. The police are doing all they can do.”

While they hope for added security, Palmer’s advice to Placencia residents is to keep your lights on, keep your dogs well fed and stay alert.

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7 Responses for “Placencia residents fed up with crime”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    The Barrow Administration is SOFT ON CRIME…

    WE NEED ARMED CITIZENS WHO PROTECT THEIR PROPERTY….sometimes you have to do for self.

  2. Storm says:


    I think the best way to do that is to contact the Guardian Angels. It is a private, volunteer organization to fight crime in neighborhoods, and it has chapters in many countries. Read about them, they have been VERY effective.

    And they are willing to come here to help us set up a Belize chapter.

  3. Shawn M says:

    Its terrible to see these burglaries happening so much at that area. The officer in charge of the placencia police should try and do something about it. Maybe they are just looking at the situation with little concern.

  4. somiah says:

    when they cant’t get from the have not, they are going to start going to those that have…wow!

  5. cali says:

    good job for setting and example to the rest of the country. it is time to take back what is rightfully yours. our government does not do much for us. they only care about theirselves. our police lack the resource to do there job properly so we as productive citizens of our societies has to pitch in and help.

  6. eric says:

    Start a militia that is the only way law and order will come to your community. I organized a meeting last night in my neighborhood. We are a very small community of a few residents and we decided that the police will not help even if we call. We are outside of the city limits and if people living inside of the city limits can’t get help when they call 911 it will be worst for us when we do. We have the majority in our community that has licensed fire arms and we have exchanged numbers and will arrange for alternate patrols of our neighborhood. Anyone that is found in our neighborhood that isn’t supposed to be here will be escorted out with a warning and anyone caught in the act of committing a crime let’s just say we won’t waste time calling 911 it will be vigilante justice and we will be doing our community and Belize a favor by getting rid of these feral animals. Take the law into your own hands for there is no law in Belize and the justice system is a joke they are protecting the killers, rapist and thieves. The even the criminals think the government, the security forces and the justice system is a big joke. Warning to all criminals do not be caught in my community because we don’t call 911 and you may be just another missing person if your mistake that is your life is valued by anyone, if not even better as no one will miss you. !@$% the police!!!

  7. Eye In The Sky says:

    As the Economy of Belize continues to Fall the Crime will continue to Rise.
    Unless Old Belizeans all die off and the thinking of the New Young Belizean takes over we are Doomed.

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