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Oct 11, 2011

Or will it be the P.U.P.’s King Arthur?

With thirty days to go, the Belize Rural North Standard Bearer and political novice, Arthur Saldivar, has promptly announced that he intends to contest the leadership of the P.U.P.  Political insiders point out that Saldivar who has won neither a convention nor an election.  They see his bid as a transparent move set up by the so-called old guard to wring positions for themselves in any new Mark Espat National Executive. It is not known what kind of support this wild card can garner but Saldivar tells News Five that he has what it takes.

Arthur Saldivar, Contesting P.U.P. Leadership

“We are in an unusual time, an unusual period and certainly no one would have expected the turn of events that took place last Friday.  I, having been a member of the People’s United Party for the better part of twenty-five years, have decided that I would contest the leadership convention.  Considering our great tradition of service to the people of Belize, our membership, I understand the responsibility.  I understand what is required to bring about unity and certainly I believe that the position I hold on economic issues is the right position.  This is not a time for us to be bashing business.  This is not a time for us to be putting forward any candidates who have had issues with the private sector.”

Isani Cayetano

“Mr. Saldivar despite your many years of service to the party, as a functioning member, one can argue that you haven’t won an election in terms of you being a standard bearer for any constituency.  What would your sense of support, what would your sense of bringing fresh ideas be, bringing that to the table?”

Arthur Saldivar

Arthur Saldivar

“Well Isani I’ve been involved in party politics at the national level since 1989, first starting with Sam Waight and thereafter with Maxwell Samuels whose campaign I managed for three consecutive elections and three successful elections.  I understand certainly that looking at the electoral resume it may seem a bit thin but the body of work cannot be looked upon solely from the point of view of standing for political office.  We have to look at the overall picture.”

Isani Cayetano

“Do you have the support of the hierarchy of the People’s United Party, its executives and those in the background who make certain influential, impacting decisions?”

Arthur Saldivar

“I wouldn’t be standing here if I didn’t have support.  I have support and I have support of those that occupy high offices and those who are the people we serve, the rank and file members.  Those who actually make up the numbers, those who are suffering today, those who need hope, inspiration, motivation and someone who will be there at all times standing with them to make the change that is necessary for them to improve the lives of all of us here in this country.”

Isani Cayetano

“Finally, if you were to emerge victorious in this convention the party, as it is, seems to be in a state of turmoil.  What would the wider members of the P.U.P. come to expect from you as the new leader if you are to be elected?”

Arthur Saldivar

“Well it’s going back to the future Isani.  We’ve had the greatest example of leadership this country has ever known in George Cadle Price.  He has just passed on.  His humility and his dedication to service and people is certainly unparalleled and unmatched but that is the example that I seek to follow.  Those are the footsteps that I want to emulate.  At the end of the day, certainly, I don’t believe that I can ever match his accomplishments or his dedication but I have the commitment, the heart and the energy to do what is required to bring about the kind of change that is necessary to move the country forward just as he did.”

So moving forward, there is a convention to take place in a month to determine who takes over the helm of the P.U.P. and the changes in the executive. In the interim political maneuverings are taking place. Briceño has not yet advised the governor general that he is stepping down as Leader of the Opposition in the House, which also means that Espat cannot yet be sworn in which is required should the Prime Minister take back the Ninth Amendment to the House before the election of a new party leader. The former party leader John Briceño left the country on Saturday. He is in Mexico seeking medical attention.

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15 Responses for “Or will it be the P.U.P.’s King Arthur?”

  1. William Grimshaw says:

    He wont win…period.

    You cant be a political novice, and win against a veteran politician here in belize. The country is too small, and if your name isn’t a house hold name, then you can forget about it.

    I think Espat, will win, and there is potential for him to an ok prime minister.

  2. Lucas says:

    Indeed it is so very sad. So very sad it is indeed. With nearly ten years as deputy P.M. under his belt, what a wealth of experience he would had brought to the office of the P.M. But Johnny had a problem, he walked in the company of evil men and sat in the counsel of men of intrique. He became leader but the writing on the wall was clear. However, the man who is responsible for Johnny’s fall will not go unpunished. Espat is a sef-centered, egotistic, power hungry traitor. On his bed he schemes evil and in the morning gets up to put his plan in action. The PUP can go ahead and install Mark as their leader but mark my word, you will be banned for another five years from Belmopan but it does not have to be. Get rid of Mark. Open your eyes, among you is your leader and I say HE not SHE.

  3. Marie says:

    what a clown-he is more annoying than johnny. Is this a joke for the GOP? what has it come to?

  4. CONCERNED says:

    Are u serious Mr. Saldivar???…This will be great to see. U have no chance of winning. hahahaha. Whoever put u up to this is simply doing this for the laughs. hahahahhahaha I am sure u are the PUP Jack @ss!! lol lol Nonetheless, I wish u the best.

  5. defend BZ says:

    The fact that he was campaign manager for Max disquelifies him.We all know that max was one of the mast corrupt commissioner/minister in belize. his crimes includes but not limited to the selling of passports.

  6. Lisa says:

    This is the pup equivalent of philoughby- we ignored it because we accept the inevitable that Castro would beat him anyway and hopefully we are not peppered with his vigaro voice all day everyday- it is so annoying to see his stupid smirk behind his fake designer shades with the foolish comfort to him alone that he has just said something brilliant- in fact even philoughby or mark king wouldn’t attempt this stunt- what an idiot- go mark – blow this unqualified fool who thinks he can talk like you or a barrow to the moon

  7. Lorenzo To Arthur Saldivar says:

    I honesty tell you that the fact that you did political work for Max Samuels and Sam Waight does not look good on you. Bear in mind that Hon. Mark Espat is head-and-shoulders above you in terms of accomplishments for the country and for the People’s United Party. Making noise is not enough; you need solid political credentials. It is crystal clear that what you are doing is carrying out someone else’s plans to try to disrupt the inevitable: Mark Espat’s rise to established leadership of the PUP. But you fail to realize that by doing that you will only be winning your political casket along with the others who are creating mischief with you. And it will be the people who will be delivering to you that gift. Arthur, enough with your comedy; get off the stage. It is not your time yet. Let us join together in support of Hon. Mark Espat all the way. Don’t you see the UDP are trembling? Or is it they who are paying you to create this mischief?

  8. TASHY says:

    HON. MARK ESPAT ALL THE WAY. its about time, i been waiting on this for a long time. YEAH YEAH.

  9. belizeanpride says:

    if ask i rather would like to see espat than saldivar, not being racial but i rather a spanish guy there in the sit, hope to make no offense but it’s fact that others have said it before me also. mein he’s wasting his words for nothing he won’t win. anyways i won’t vote for this election cause i don’t trust none of the two parties but i feel saldivar is a waste of time what he’s aspiring.

  10. NattyDread says:

    Good move Mr. Saldivar.

    Mark has been quick off the mark, but needs to answer some questions.

    An open convention and tussle will ventilate these issues and provide a good framework for selecting the right leader and a substantive and viable deputy leader of the People’s United Party.

    Both Mr. Saldivar and Mr. Espat are excellent candidates who individually can stand up to the machinations of the Barrow / Faber UDP regime.

    Together they may well be the team leaders to take down the UDP.

  11. Coro-resident says:

    I wish to see a fair and well contested convention for Leadership of the PUP… to be honest, it is rather sad to see Johnny leave — it is unfair because he has gotten to the point of connecting with the people.. the real people of Belize – the grassroots and the ones who really compose the PUP… but in the war of the lords, this is what usually happens and at it has been suggested, the person with the money or the know-how to attract the money will be the leader of the PUP – I think Francis Fonseca is a good candidate and I wish he would consider vying for the leadership… He is a good man, I have gotten to know him personally – he is a fair man and I think he would be a good leader… He has seniority, he has experience and most of all, he is a liked man – the PUP need UNITY – only like this will the party move forward and will bring down the UDP… I really wish the PUP will really sit and plan a good strategy to re-unite the party and to move forward… this is the KEY to a PUP government soon… Francis, think about it… I support it and I know you will have the support you will need — Mark is too volatile.. he is not particularly loyal to the PUP and that is his worse downfall… plus, he is not a people person…

  12. DUTIED CITIZEN says:

    fraud n more fraud

  13. MACAL RIVERA says:


  14. PUP supporter says:

    Mark will make a good leader….he is smart and dedicated. However mark might be better for the post because he like by most pup supporters and seems to attract udp supporters that once supported the pup. Hence, he will be able to get a majority vote for next general election. Francis is a qualified person likewise; however, because of his affiliations with the old guard it might put him at a disadvantage in getting enough vote to win the next election and hence the party will not make it 2013. It is nothing personal against Francis, it is just the nature of the situation. Saldivar is a clown that wants power and has no proven political credibility so far! Before he gets all that power as leader…he needs to prove that he can follow the party an serve the people…

  15. PUP Belize says:

    Saldivar needs to prove that he can follow before he is allow to lead….he such a clown that wants overnight power without even earning it…

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