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Oct 11, 2011

Okeke opposes City Council construction

Stephen Okeke, he is an aspiring politician, he’s declared he wants to run for Belize City Mayor. Okeke is also an activist; you’ll hear his views on the airwaves on a range of issues in the city. Well, today he called on the media to share what he says are valid concerns about the construction at the Marine Parade round-a-bout. If you drive in the area, the Belize City Council through its mayor, Zenaida Moya, is constructing a replica of a Maya temple. Okeke says the construction of the monument doesn’t reflect the cultural heritage of the old capital.

Stephen Okeke, Concerned Citizen

Stephen Okeke

“I’m not just in disagreement if at all I’m representing the sentiments of a lot of Belizeans. As soon as they became aware of this construction here people have been voicing their opinions and sentiments against it. They just don’t want it here, it does not fit here, and it does not reflect the culture of Belize City. Just like any other municipality, anything you do in that municipality if it is Benque, Benque has to reflect the culture of the Benquenos. If it is Orange Walk, it has to reflect the culture of the Orange Walkenos. And if you’re doing something like this in Belize City in a prime location like this, it should be in consultation with the residents of the city. I understand they say it’s going to reflect the Mayan Temple so that the tourist and the children don’t have to go to the Mayan ruins; well we want them to go there if that is the case. We need the tourist dollars. In addition, Belize City was originally by the Creole people and it’s time we stop isolating them and excluding them. I ‘m a new Belizean, so nobody can say oh, I am a new Belizean. But I also say the original people should be respected, at least acknowledge the original culture here than the Mayan culture, we already have so many reflections of the Mayan people everywhere, here we should give respect to the original people.  But anyway what I’m saying is that was here is such contradiction. You had a beautiful layout here with the canons reflecting so much that Belizeans are very much passionate about and now you’re putting a terrible structure with canons there is such a contradiction.”

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23 Responses for “Okeke opposes City Council construction”

  1. Belizean says:

    Mayas were here first. do not be an idiot.

  2. Belizean says:

    ..and just FYI. Altun Ha is in the Belize District. Why is this guy on the news and he has no clue what he is talking about….

  3. mario says:

    This guy is a racist. He is not a Belizean. He has no right to come and talk in this fashion.

  4. Mel says:

    There is more to be said in response to this guy but I do have to say this. I will make an assumption that he probably has not been commission to do any work with this project and he probably has another motive/agenda . Roundabouts should be attractive.

  5. tim says:

    i am a new belizean? the first people to belize were the creole? i wish i have the power to shift you back home where u belong and starve to death amongst your peeps… the best way to approach this was the scumbag zenaida should have consulted the belize cityian.. and show what she plans to do.. anyways.. back to work..

  6. Barack Obama says:

    I agree with the dude. Those are some ugly creatures being posted at those roundabouts.

  7. me says:

    The Original People? What a Moron. Why is this guy on the news? Then again im glad he is making an @ss of himself on TV.

  8. Concerned says:

    Wait a minute the original people wasn’t this section of the world populated only mayans before the colonial era and come on you are an African, also our beer has a mayan temple on it, okeke needs to go back to his original home

  9. concerned says:

    Asipireing politician ? ok okeke i agree with you we want our original people to aspire to be politician here ur not. Also this whole part of the world was populated by mayans, come on our beer has on a mayan temple, dude go back to Africa and voice you opinions there where your an original people.

  10. G. Ical says:

    As a true mayan descendant, I also regect this project, it is not done with respect to our culture and our people. creating a concrete pyramid and plastering the name BJOWANI at the base can never be considered a tribute to our people. I call for more mayans to speak out against this..

  11. Kasandra says:

    the last time i checked this guy was AFRICAN….Why is he being a problem and why are you guys waisting your time publishing this *$$ on your news cast….there are much important things happening that listening to a looser that has his brain up his A talking NONSENSE…..

  12. Rod says:

    This African should be stoned now we have illegal. Africans voicing their opinion on our country by the way this guy was labeled a terrorist in his native Africa and this pm has been letting in anyone who is black to Belize we will soon have more illegal Africans in Belize than belizeans why do you even care what this African terrorist has to say you need to go back to Angola you ignorant African this was and still is the land of the Maya I say build more all around the city.and if you don’t like it then go back to Africa where you belong.

  13. Fin says:

    I think this guy should go back to AFRICA…he can’t talk creole atleast….what a shame that he can voice his stupid opinion when we Belizeans have many problems in the country that the news can ask for opinions in a constructive way….YES the mayas where here first BIMBO…what a entertainment!

  14. belizeanpride says:

    this guy is not even a born belizean yet he is aspiring to run for mayor WTF. he talks about original belizean well, tell you what okekeke get your candy @$$ off the list of political candidates cause you aint no belizean original, sucka. altun ha is in belize distr. from where is this man, mein. isn’t this guy a sculpturist? and what the hell is he talking about modifying our city,what does he have to do with our city. idiot!!!.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Regardless of how you may feel about Stephen Okeke, the guy has some sound practical views and opinions. Most Belizeans are quick to disregard sensible advise if they feel it comes from “foreigners”. The reality is that we can get stuck in our old ways, accept the status quo and never prosper as a people if we continue to criticize everyone who is brave enough to make a stand against stupidity!

  16. c says:

    I think the roundabouts were beautiful with their flowers and cannons… theother roundabouts they have built are ugly as hell

  17. whatafool says:

    I agree that this brings nothing benefical to the maya. But Okeke is a moron saying that the original people of belize city are the creole’s. I am a creole and know that that is not true. Now if you say that the predominant race post maya civilization in belize city were the creoles then you would be better off. He just sounds racist and wants to use this as political mileage and get the support of the black community.. U wrong buddy.

  18. DaMeDis says:

    Who is he to decide what is the culture of Belize City? The Maya were the original people of the country of Belize and even the land that Belize City sits on. One of the things I love about Belize City is that there are many, many, many cultures and races that live in this city, including the new imports from Africa. The Maya can certainly get one roundabout in Belize City without upsetting the culture of Belize City.

    I do agree that the designs in the other roundabouts are just plain ole fugly!!!! I no know hoo design dende. But going with a Maya motif certainly has the potential of looking better than all the rest if well done. And yes, please do find a classier way to put what seems to be the obligatory Bojwani name on this monument than the ugly assed signs on the other ones.

  19. Real Belizean says:

    Send Okeke back to where he came from. He can give opinions but he has no say in our country.

  20. belize says:

    what a moron! a complete idiot! mayans were here first ! wat a racist, go back to africa and pick some bugs off your RELATIVES THE APES! The blacks have a holiday which they dont deserve, the mayans dont and i dont hear ANY mayan b******ing!

  21. ELROY PERDOMO says:

    I don’t see why when some-one is advocating for black people to be honor and respected that person is called all sorts of demeaning names, what happen ain’t we as blacks good to be honor and respected? or is only other ethnic groups deserving of honor and respect, truly people we need to start accepting our own.

    And for those of you that say Mayans were here first please provide substantiated proof that cannot be usurp, just to set the record straight the entire Universe was once known as Asia, and that the original people of the planet was BLACK PEOPLE. I support Mr. Okeke 1000 percent erect a statue with some-one that look like me.

  22. vannyd says:


  23. Rod says:

    No African terrorist should be giving his opinion on the Maya culturevgo back to Angola where you came from now this pm is letting in terrorist angolands into Belize to tell us belizeans what we can and can’t do mien wey the go on in a this country out barrow out.

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