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Oct 5, 2011

Prime Minister’s Gang Truce is a work in progress

Dean Barrow

The “historic gang truce” appears to be on the ready to crack. On September fourth, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, along with several high ranking members of the Police Department and the Belize Defence Force, held a meeting with leaders of various rival Belize City gangs to broker what was called a ceasefire.  That sit-down was preceded by another a few days earlier in which the warring factions gave assurance that the September Celebrations would proceed without incident. The truce between George Street, its affiliates and their longtime adversaries came into effect immediately after the carnival resulting in a significant decrease in gang-related homicides. On Independence Day the PM applauded the truce, but about an hour later, a nine year old was killed on Victoria Street.  The agreement with the gangs is now chafing under the weight of demands, particularly over payment which is being sought by certain outfits to keep the peace.  P.M. Barrow said today that he is being called upon to participate in a steering committee which would oversee the effectiveness of the agreement.  His involvement which came under fire for negotiating with gang members in the first place, would appear to be a case of micromanagement.  While there is no telling what is next, tension is building up considering the PM’s refusal to meet those requests.  According to P.M. Barrow should there be a breakdown in the truce the relevant security forces are once again prepared to increase their presence in the streets of the Old Capital.

Dean Barrow

“It’s holding but as I indicated on the radio we’re beginning to see signs of strain.  There are some demands being made that we are not going to be able to countenance so I think going forward it’s going to be very iffy.  There’s going to be a very delicate balance.”

Isani Cayetano

“Can you tell us where the strain is at this point [or] between which factions of the underworld?”

Dean Barrow

“No. I’m not going to identify who is making the demands that we cannot countenance.  I will say that it’s not the majority of the people involved but I want to respect the confidence of the discussions that are taking place but I will say that those are demands that will not be countenanced.  We can’t countenance that.”

Isani Cayetano

“Based on those demands is the government now prepared to deal with whatever repercussions that should arise out of this?”

Dean Barrow

“No.  We, the state has a duty to try to protect its citizens.  That duty has never ceased, has never been interrupted.  Some relief has been had as a consequence of the truce.  If the truce breaks down then it means additional pressure on the security forces but the security forces have a job to do and they will and need to do that job.”

Isani Cayetano

“Was it foreseen that the truce would have either been short-lived or there would have been certain pressures being applied moving forward?”

Dean Barrow

“Oh yeah, there is nothing that happens that is free from pressure so, and I am not saying the truce has broken down so all I am saying is that I am signaling from now that there are these tensions that are developing.  I try to be perfectly honest with people, keep the public informed right along but I don’t want to in fact suggest any kind of a Dooms Day scenario.  I’m merely letting the public know that we are experiencing some problems.”

According to authorities, the truce involved major gangs but did not extend to the Victoria and Kelly Streets groups.  And on Independence Day, nine year old Joshua Abraham, was killed on Victoria Street while Justin Teck Stephens as shot on Freetown Road within days by a Victoria Street affiliate. Tech is still hospitalized.

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19 Responses for “Prime Minister’s Gang Truce is a work in progress”

  1. Rod says:

    Impotent impotent useless a leader of a country on his knees paying bribes to gangs for their good behavior this shows the incredible weakness of this pm period.

  2. Jessica says:

    the PM is surely a puppet and the gangs are the ones pulling the strings!!

  3. Islander says:

    So you negotiate with local terrorist organizations, give them jobs out of our hard earned taxes. And now they want more of our taxes to ” keep the peace?” WTF Mr. Prime minister you need to grow a pair and stop entertaining this clowns USE THE G.S.U. Hck take it to a new level and use BSAG afterall they are our counter terrorism unit.

  4. From the West says:

    How dumb can the PM be to negotiate with terrorist, what did he expect, you start giving in to their demands, and what will they want next. If being a gangster gives a person an audience with the PM, then more people have a reason to join a gang.

  5. defend BZ says:

    PM i told you it would not work. One do not neogtiate with terrorists. it is time for targeted assignation.

  6. Learsiman says:

    Everything seems to be ok with the PM but I will not condone the fact that he’s having discussions with gangs.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    The PM is the main reason why the crime situation in Belize is where it’s at?Apparently the gangs has more rights than the law abiding Belizeans.

  8. carl says:

    You have to do this in order for the gangs to not stop the crime, because thats kinda impposible, but to slow down the crime. You have to work with people in order to get things right. Now if Jamaica had done this, or would do this, then the crime in Jamaica would be much less. In Belize, we may have criminals and at times our city,m Belize City is under gang warfare but at least we have political parties that will care a little bit more about People. You have PUP and UDP that do care more about their Belizean People than the Jamaican government cares for their people. For example, even though political parties buy votes, they do give people land and some money. In Jamaica, government officials do not do any of this. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THEMSELVES. So honestly I like two political parties, especially PUP, but you have to give Mr.Barrow some credit for at least working with them.

  9. me says:

    Well PM are you that stu…d or you just do stu..dity to anger people like me.
    There was never a truce becuose dirt is everwhere including your hand PM.

  10. Al says:

    This so called leader of Belize is a total jackass, you cannot call a truce or sign a treaty with people who have no morals, scruples or respect for life. They are all laughing at you as they move ahead on their future plans to kill, steal and destroy the peace and good name of the county. There is only one way to deal with these people who are too far gone for any rehabilation and, that is to treat them to the heavy hand of the law. Lock them up with no possibility of parole. They are guilty of espinoage, they are holding an entire country hostage, take a stand. Remember what they did to yourpartner, or maybe you are afraid to meet the same. Save the country, please, please.

  11. deedee says:

    This is what happens when you negotiate with terrorist, they keep asking for more & more. Mr. P.M I blame you for this because you should have never sat with these people in the first place & entertain them. I can’t believe these scums are asking for more money just so they could “keep the peace” WTF.The P.M should have a meeting with the GSU, round up all of these low life idiots, take them to an undisclosed location, shoot them DEAD & bury them in unmarked graves…end of story. Citizens of Belize will sleep better at night.

  12. ivan says:

    he wants to control the gangs so he can win elections….he wants everything under control. where are the jobs u promised mr. barrow? better health for all BELIZEANS?, LESS CRIME,bring down the cost of living that are things u should focus to, not deal with terrorists. once again u have failed the Belizean people, u have to goooooooooo.

  13. belize first says:

    he wants to control the gangs so he can win elections….he wants everything under control. where are the jobs u promised mr. barrow? better health for all BELIZEANS?, LESS CRIME,bring down the cost of living that are things u should focus to, not deal with terrorists. once again u have failed the Belizean people, u have to goooooooooo.

  14. will says:

    Our security is similar to Mexico, threatened daily by drug cartels, like in Spain, Colombia and many other countries’ citizens subdued to organized criminals and organizations. Indispensable,our so called jewel no longer is; instead, its a country, especially the city, controlled by bandits, jobless people called gangs, that have learnt and freely victimize, intimidate and even kill innocent citizens. The present situation simply shows the empty hand, blur vision and loss of authority of the PM on this issue.

  15. Retired CEO says:

    One does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that this sort of thing is pure nonsense, GOB attempting to negotiate with common street criminals. This is insanity, doing the same thing over and over hoping to get different result. In order to sign a truce, demand that they turn in all their weapons. Then arrest them after they turn in their weapons, giving them a fair trial, then throw them in jail. Trick n treat!!

  16. belizeanpride says:

    bet everyone who knew about the so called “gang truce/ cease fire” would backfire anytime and guess what now, the gangs are the ones who are going to choke the dumb pm for giving them the bold opportunity of having a meeting with them, why don’t he have meetings with the family of crime victims? why don’t he have meetings with the chines community who suffers more on the crime but he stupidly accepts and runs back home to make a meeting and the gang leaders walk in the room like celebrities while the media snaps pics and video of their triumphant step, now they are pulling the string on the dumb pm. jeez what a pm, one of a kind that makes dumb things in law amendments and other atrocities that have us the Belizeans looking more than a third world country.

  17. mustard says:

    and white collar crime by people and officials??? thats crime, extoration is a crime, do we now go to the border and parly view with the illegals quats in our territory???????????
    Belize has to get some ……. and deal with all this… round and round we go, where Belize stops, no one knows. I agree with retired CEO and actually part of what everyone above has said…

  18. Zeus says:

    You have got to be kidding. A prime minister of a beautiful, democratic nation concerned about gang bangers and $#!%less scared of them?

    Mr. Barrow, you have become the Obama of Belize. Smooth talker but unqualified leadership.
    Jeez, send in the police gang squad……….. arrest anything and anyone that resembles a gang banger, burn their homes, harass their immediate families, kill them all if you have to. Trust me, God will sort them out.

  19. you says:


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