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Oct 5, 2011

U.D.P. City Council slate unveiled

The current U.D.P. City Council has had its own share of infighting and scandals since it took office in 2006. Garbage and finances have been at the top of their perennial problems. But with municipal elections scheduled for March 2012, the United Democratic Party today put on a brave face when it presented its slate for the upcoming City Council elections. Mayor Zenaida Moya will not be on the ballot and the U.D.P. Eleven boasts only one female candidate, newcomer Alifah Elrington-Hyde, who is the daughter of Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington.  Other newcomers include CitCo’s marketing clerk Michael Theus, BQ Pitts Jr. and Dr. Alleyne Gonzalez.  The remainder of the ticket includes incumbent councilors Phillip Willoughby, Dean Samuels, Eric Chang, Deon Leslie, Kevin Singh, and Roger Espejo. This morning the roster, led by mayoral hopeful Darrel Bradley, was formally introduced to the media at the U.D.P. Secretariat.

Darrel Bradley, U.D.P. Mayoral Candidate

Darrel Bradley

“When we have been on the streets campaigning, people have spoken to us; they have identified to us their concerns and I will not stand here and tell you that this team and I have all the solutions; we do not. The elections will likely be difficult, being in city hall will likely be difficult, but I can say to you that this team headed by me, we have a commitment and every single day that we are on the job in city hall, we will work hard to ensure that the lives of every single citizen will be better. It may not take us one day, it may not take us one month, it may not take us one term, but we will be there and we will have a heart for the improvements of Belize City. People have asked if you can characterize your leadership and what you offer the Belizean public. And I have always used three words that really define the message that this campaign in all about. And those three words are: integrity, vision and action. I believe first and foremost that leadership first must begin with integrity. At the very basic level, every single citizen of Belize city can trust that when we are there, we will have you in mind—we will think about you in the day, we will think about you in the night, we will be accountable to you, we will be approachable and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your lives are better. Thank you to all these men and one woman who stand behind me.  We will be a force for the people of Belize City.  We have already talked about developing that team.  We are unified and we will move forward as one slate into the upcoming municipal elections and you will see the type of leadership and the type of visionary transformation that we mean to bring to Belize City.”

The P.U.P. is yet to field its slate of candidates, but it is known that three persons want to contest the Mayoral post while twenty others have presented their names for councilors.

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9 Responses for “U.D.P. City Council slate unveiled”

  1. Belizeanheat says:

    Very nice photo. The only thing missing is the rainbow wigs, red noses and floppy shoes. Another term with these same clowns? Are you kidding me? We have all seen the City go from bad to worse under this joke council’s watch.

    I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would vote for this UDP council with all the scandals, missing funds, infighting and the circus they have been running.

    One just has to look at the city and see all the garbage, flooded & neglected streets, closed businesses, and funds wasted on useless projects like the bandshells in the park which have merely become shelters for crackheads.

    They can’t even get a simple thing like the pound yard right, and when hard working vendors complain, they just send in the Special Constables to shut them up, (more than likely under the direction of wife beater Phiillougby.)

    C’mon Belize, I wouldn’t believe one thing Bradley says, after all, he is a Lawyer and Lawyers by trade are professional liars.

    Do we really want a council composed of a wife beater who thinks he is a comic book hero, an illegal gaming house operator who doesn’t pay duty on his vehicles, a professional liar, and the rest of this unsavoury crew?

    At least under the PUP money was circulating, business was good, and you could go to City Council and get some help if you needed a plate of food.

    Try going to City council now and ask for help and you will get nothing, zip, nada.
    Same thing you will get if we vote them in again.

  2. Marie says:

    Lets see if now the Mayor in waiting will use his power as a vendetta to go after all those his libelous daddy attacks on his talk show-including some UDPs-cant wait to see UDPs canibalize themselves through this Mayor.

  3. zane says:

    oh my 6 of the same idiots are running again all a bunch of crooks and the new comer the mayoral candidate Bradley what a waste of time, saying the same speech mayor Moya gave 10 years ago. same thing and Belize city is in the worstest condition ever. But people are still going to vote again for them. instead of taking there money and vote them out cause at the end of the day the money they are giving away is our own tax payer money to begin with. so take it and vote them out. they never did nothing good for the city and they never will do good. pure broken promises just like the government. maybe Bradley wants a mansion like Moya. you can see he is Dean Barrows puppet. People wisen up don’t vote these ppl back in.

  4. CityGial says:

    so wat are you saying ‘belizeanheat” that we shud turn to the PUP’s??????????
    common….are you for real? Neither of the political parties do anything to help the ppl of Belize.!!!

  5. belizeanheat says:

    Re City Gial

    Sometimes, You must choose the lesser of two evils.
    All I know is when the PUP was in power, things were better. Sure we know they are all chancey, UDP and PUP, but at least the PUP threw us dogs a bone every once and a while.

    This UDP government is a total embarrasement.

    You can’t even walk the streets of the city anymore after dark, Once the shops close, everyone runs for home. It never was this bad before. How can you justify the UDP when a nine year old boy can’t even stand on the sidewalk in broad daylight and watch a parade.

  6. belizeanheat says:

    Re: CIty Gial

    I know what you are saying, but sometimes you must choose the lesser of two evils.
    Be Honest to yourself, When PUP was in power things WERE better in the city.

    Yes, both are Chancey, Welcome to politics.
    But at least the PUP threw us dogs a bone every now and then.

    This City Council is a complete embarrasement.

    The City is totally out of control. I mean come on, a nine year old boy can’t even stand on the sidewalk in broad daylight and watch a parade.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Same game the only thing that change is the name on the ballot.

  8. marco says:

    Dear Guys, I also keep you all in mind as my Belizean people. I keep you in mind day and night, same like what this Mr. Da real Badly (Darrel Bradley) but do I do anything to help you? What a moron and an outright pig comment.

    Rod, lets start the civil war against these people that say they have integrity, vision, action. Where is that integrity, where is that vision and more where is that action?

  9. BLVNJAH says:


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