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Sep 28, 2011

Will there be a charge for rape of 4 year old?

The recent rape of a four year old pre-school girl has left the community numb. The sexual abuse was reported since last Friday when the mother of the child went to the police and up until tonight, no charges have been brought. The child herself has given a statement in which she has reportedly named the perpetrator who is believed to be well known by the family.  One man was picked up and held as the prime suspect but he was soon released. Police now claim they do not have enough evidence to bring charges and that several persons are under question.  The police suggested on Tuesday that the crime may have been committed other than when it was reported and that the child is being checked for sexually transmitted diseases. They are also running DNA tests on suspects. The mother of the four-year-old rape victim is desperate; she has gone so far as to provide on camera interviews, which were censored to protect the young child.   Earlier today, she refuted claims and asserted that the police department has not spoken to the doctor that initially examined her child. She told News Five in a candid and tearful interview that she wants the main suspect charged. Unlike the claims of the police department, the mother says that her daughter has maintained firm in stating what happened to her.

Jose Sanchez

“When it comes to the school, when they released your daughter to that person, can’t that individual identify and say yes this is the man that we handed over your child to?”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“That dah weh I noh understand; they noh even do that. When I ask the teacher personally Thursday evening after the babysitter left from there; I gone dah school personally—me and my sister—and I ask the teacher who you give my baby to? Ih seh I gave her to wah man. I ask ahn which man? Ih seh ih look like either ih uncle or ih grandpa. I tell ahn that my baby noh have no uncle down yah and I seh worse grandpa. I ask ahn if you noh know how di person look. Ih seh ih look oldish, ih look kinda chunkish, ih look kinda tall. Instantly I get pissed off and I talk to my sister and she tell me mek we go dah my granny. When we gone deh, I meet my baby di sit down with ih hand fold up. Usually when my baby see mi she woulda run dah me. My baby neva run dah me; then I know something mi wrong with my baby. When I reach home, my baby grab me and hug me and start cry and tell me mommy, I wah start live with you.  My boyfriend tell me something wrong—I mi know something wrong. I put my babvy fi lay down, when I check my baby—I noh wahn talk bout that—but blood mi deh pan my baby underwear and I mi know something wrong with my baby.”

Jose Sanchez

“The reason why you are showing your face is because you want the public to see that you are hurt, you are not afraid and you want the police to do what they are supposed to do.”

Voice of: Mother of 4 year old Rape Victim

“I di show my face to that yes and I di show my face so the person—he know who he is—and  I di show my face so you know either you run crazy or you heng your own self or pray I noh meet yoh cause I noh wah left my baby soh and I mean it cause that dah part ah me and that dah my everything and I gone through lot fi my baby. I noh di left this soh; I sorry I noh di left this soh. My baby can’t defend ihself and I wah defend my baby. And whosoever pissed off with me, I do not care.”

As investigations continue, the National Committee of Families and Children, the Special Envoy for Women and Children as well as the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation has expressed outrage at the abuse of the young girl as well as the Independence Day murder of another minor, nine year old Joshua Abraham. They have also condemned the murders of Nelsi Chuc and Maritza Santos.

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30 Responses for “Will there be a charge for rape of 4 year old?”

  1. Storm says:

    Sounds like a conspiracy to cover-up and let a child rapist escape justice — is he a friend of corrupt police officials, or are they trying to protect a negligent school that released a defenseless little girl to a rapist?

    It’s getting close to time for us to grab our pitchforks and firebrands and storm the castle!

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Shame on our justice system.If these idiots can’t protect a 4 year old.Then how can they protect a nation?


    This monster will walk free from lack of DNA evidence, I suggest a mob lynching of the monster in question.

    Rape is a big issue in Belize, one most would rather continue to ignore, but when it happens to innocent children it cannot be ignored.

    For this crime, and this crime alone the law should not hesitate to administer swift and savage punishment in order to protect the children of Belize.

  4. bze_angel says:

    I abosulutely don’t understand how a (school official) can release a child to an adult with not even knowing what relation or permission from a parent for the said child… That is absolutely rediculous…

    I swear this needs to stop our society has always been a society filled of pedophiles, i could remember as a young girl going to SCA that grown @$$ men would tell you nasty things as you walk to go get the bus… The term is “YO RIPE” Yo got breast yo ready!!! Sick to mi belly…

  5. general says:

    send him westside closer to the border……..justice will prevail. let us know who he is and we can bring him west……..we dont tolerate them kinda a dfls%W%%^W here and nowhere in BZ.

  6. Miss D says:


  7. NoNo says:

    the entire police department should go to jail, how stupid of then to can’t charge a rapist? what if it was thier little daughter how would they feel. I sure hope the mother of that baby knows people and the stupid ppl refuse to say the name of this rapist. the people need to know who he is, why should police protect a rapist. Say the name and hope someone deals with him and let him feel some pain. one bullet can’t do it, he need to feel pain….

  8. knowyourrights says:

    Somebody needs to make known the accuse rapist for the public to deal with him since the law can’t. I can’t understand why the police cannot use the phsychologists in this incident … it doesn’t seem right … a child does not lie!

  9. georgie says:

    Sorry 4 the little girl and her mom .They need to do like how we do out here in america when u go registered ur children u must full out a form and put those persons names who u want to pick up ur kids.U also need to show ID to make sure u are on the form . the police they need to do their work and stop messing around . Wat would happen if it was one of their family. They would move as fast as they can.

  10. Bel Can says:

    This specific issue runs deep in our country, so deep that there is not a family who has not been affected. I hope that there will be extensive care provided for this young child to help her heal. As Belizeans we need to bring this issue to the foreground and put in place measures to protect and educate our children.

  11. Fact check says:

    serious flaws in the law, these cases of child molestation are built on circumstantial evidence everywhere in the world. how can a 2 or 3 year old testify. where is the DPP, Sol Gen, Commitee for familes and children, NOPCAN ,lets work together to get a conviction in this case !!!

  12. Lysa says:

    @ NoNo. If it were the child of a police officer. here is the scene. man is under guard in hospital after suffering from gun shots wounds obtained from police while trying to resist arrest. also i figure that he would not be able to walk or see through both eyes after the beating he would have gotten. that is after his house would have been torn apart. or may be the news would say that a body of a man was found some days later in some area or feeder road. the body would be too decomposed to identify the cause of death by dr. estradabran (cause decomposed bodies nuh have asphyxia due to drowning) . and the police would continue their daily tasks. What you think?

  13. jewelz says:

    i am with the rest of Belize that says we need to show his face on t v. this is ridiculous and if the bigger heads of this country don’t stand up and demand justice for this child and her mother i think then us as Belizeans, even if you have never stood up and fought for anything,this time we need to support the cause and strick at our jobs, march in solidarity with this hurting mother and child. let us stop with this way of just laying back and allowing these peditors to rome freely amount our little angels, raping them at random with not a fare of prosecution.

  14. TEENAGE Mother says:

    Police and the authority dealing with this sensitive case please take the Little Girl’s statement. For many years now Phsychologist around the world have proven that children under 5 years of age do not lie since they do not know how to differenciate fantacy from reality. Come on the kid is only 4 years old…she cannot defend herself now. If justice is not made for her she will suffer mentally and emotionally while growing up. I’m sure the girl knows who did her this and i’m sure if the Photograph of the guilty man is brought to her she will identify him. Children need to be protected! Can’t you see there is enough crime to let this go bby as if nothing happened???

  15. true belizean says:

    what d !@#$ is going on when a teacher releases your child to a person not authorized to pick your child up from school. I think the teacher should be penalized by the law and the principal of that school be penalized as well. and when the police finally catch this person i hope they bring back the death penalty.

  16. true belizean says:

    what is going on when a teacher releases your child to a person not authorized to pick your child up from school. I think the teacher should be penalized by the law and the principal of that school be penalized as well. and when the police finally catch this person i hope they bring back the death penalty.

  17. Es says:

    SAD ,SAD Somebody knows somthing, the teacher should be charge for nelegence and child endegerment for handing this child to a unauthorized person. Does this teacher have children.
    God have mercy on here soul. The school need to also be held responsible. The police need to bring this ……… TO JUSTICE. Belizeans need the Face and Name Now

  18. RadicalBelizean says:

    To the mother:
    Stay strong in your pursuit of justice for your child, as it not easy but you will get it – through the justice system or otherwise, you will get it.

    No child at that age should be able to discuss any sexual act unless they have been raped, so the child knows exactly what she is talking about and she has been persistent with the name.

    To the school:
    I hope the teacher involved is questioned as parent place their children in their care for several hours a day and it is the responsibility of the teachers to ensure that children are return safely to someone they know to be the child’s guardian. So even if all schools in Belize have to revise their policy it surely something that needs to be address urgently. I know children as young as this child often arrive at school unaccompanied but time as changed and so we parents also have to change with the time to protect our children.

    To the rapist: I am sure you have done this to many other children, only this child is a brave, fighter and survivor. Your days are number because you will pay either in the streets or in prison. One thing most criminals don’t like are pedophiles so I am sure they will deal you.

  19. Earl Grey says:



  20. Evaristo says:

    If the authorities will do nothing…then we the people should do something.

  21. hi hop says:

    hi i an still sad to there that the little girl life is over

  22. rosy says:

    I have concluded that there is more to the mother’s report. Do not mistake me. In no way I am trying to blame the mother for such monstrous behaviour or bash her but from one mother to another mother I plea for the entire truth from her primarily for the sake of the child regardless if it will embarass her. Currently, your child, our child deserve your honest and her best interest is first. I beg for the truth. Only so will the police be better able to conclude their investigation and deal with this monster accordingly.

  23. molested says:

    I was molested(not raped) when I was four. It was an old man, my neighbor. And the house was filled with cildren and wife. I remember him. it’s all vivid. My parents found out he was molesting other little girls and forbid me to visit that house. i guess that was why all my life I was protected from even leaving my yard. Growing up I always felt worthless, impure, dirty. my dad use to tell me about taking care of myself and honoring him, and I did. When the old man died I was the happiest person in this world. That baby has a soul. The soul is at times mature, without the child understanding. i can’t explain that. But my point is that I never forgot, I almost never smiled (only now as a mature adult). This man should be killed. I hope he is soon. I grieve for the child. If I were that teacher I would resign my job. You do not deserve to be teacher. If it was the first time you saw this man, why did you give him a baby girl. Shallow person. Kill this man mein.

  24. jill says:

    hearing this news gave me “gold seed” how can a big man look at a innocent baby and get arroused,what is wrong with Belize justice system?? it look like the system is design for the criminals to get away with whatever! thi is easy to solve if the teacher cud describe the person who pick up the little girl then obviously they cud identify him so they just need to take the idiot ,the lee gial call out so the teacher cud identify him,, thing done man get slap da jail fi life time , but no they hungry bruk police the worry bout who got weed and who got drugs weh they cud Tek weh and hustle off, thats why the country is getting so bad cause no justice., then the prime minister have to negotiate with bad mman fi try prevent thing from hapn instead he deal with dem rough this whole countru is going down the drain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  25. Eli says:

    i hope that this mother is serious about getting counselling for her child. This child will surely need a lot of counselling to get over this ordeal. If she doesn’t get counselling her life is surely over. Many people do not understand the effects that rape and incest have on the life of children and their ability to develop positive viable relationships with the opposite sex. I know because I was molested as a child and to this day, my life is altered by these events. It is really really terrible.

  26. Sweet gial says:

    People like that !——ing person should die that’s the one they should kill not innocent teenagers. They don’t deserve to be dead their lives was cut short because of crazy people. But this poor little baby did not deserve what they did to her hang him kill him do something to him if this suckers of police don’t want to do their job then somebody please make justice for that poor baby and her mom

  27. shorty says:

    well as i as a teenager is afraid to get rape and my opinion towards the rapist is to punish him in a way because if they leave him free he will want to do the same so he shoiuld be executed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. knowyourrights says:

    NOPCA, FACSEAC, NCCS please come together and help this child. Arrange for psychological assistance for the child and her family. Many times families cannot afford the high specialist fees to provide these children which continuous needed medical care that this child will now need for an undetermined length of time.

    In regards to the teacher, we cannot fully blame her for what has occurred (not saying she isn’t to bare some blame either), but our society are either not fully aware (or do not care enough) of the dangers we put our children in. We allow every Jack, Jill and Harry to look after our children, take them here and there, collect them from school etc. Furthermore, our schools’s (public and some private) are not enclosed, the teachers are use to have children arriving/leaving on their own, or seeing random people collect them. Also, Belize is still behind on flexible working. How many employers allow their employees the time to tend to their families: take/collect their children to school, attend meetings pertaining to their children etc? Very few. So all these factors contribute to the problem at hand. Belize, we need to do more for children!

  29. island guy says:

    “HENG DEM AN BUN DEM” nothing else should be done to that demon hang him high cut him down burn him public time for a change need an executioner call me will do it with no remorse legally or illegally

  30. island guy says:

    rude bwoi the kill each otha out street stop the target each other an target idiots like this demon that what u should be killing rememba buju song when u ah sleep ah we a protect unu well be like buju protect the children whlie the adults around are sleeping (gazing)

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