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Sep 28, 2011

Murder and attempted suicide case, but person of interest out of country

Maritza Janet Santos

Nineteen year old Maritza Janet Santos of San Ignacio was killed on Friday night at the home of twenty six year old Michael Silva. It is believed that Silva took her life in what amounts to a crime of passion. Reports are that Santos and Silva were at his house in the Kontiki Area when an argument erupted between the two. Police say when they arrived at the house, Santos was observed lying dead with a large wound to the head. In another room in the house, a container of herbicide was discovered and Silva was hospitalized for the ingestion of the herbicide. According to the post-mortem results, Santos died from a ‘massive sub arachnid hemorrhage due to injuries by a blunt object’. News Five understands that Silva was discharged from the Belize Health Care Partners on Tuesday to seek further medical attention.

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40 Responses for “Murder and attempted suicide case, but person of interest out of country”

  1. Stunned says:

    Why the hell was he allowed to leave the country when he is clearly involved in this crime? You are going to tell me she hit herself so hard that she received “a massive sub arachnid hemorrhage” give me a break. I wonder how much they paid police so he could leave the country?!

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    The Foreign Minister need to have him extradited back to Belize.He don’t have problem extradited to the US to face charges.As a result he shouldn’t have problem getting this criminal back to Belize.

  3. belize_bookie says:

    And we are back with today’s odds

    200:1 that he is brought back and goes to trial
    1:50 he doesn’t come back
    1:1 dies abroad during treatment (fake his own death)

    place your bets…place your bets…

  4. Oknow says:


  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why havn’t the crime stoppers got this fool back to Belize.I would assume that he intransit Miami?

  6. Yandeh says:

    @ Belize_Bookie…I bet they will fake his death…$100,000 on the table!

  7. BT says:

    I’m not defending the alleged perpetrator here… but let’s remember that until he is officially charged, and arraigned, there are no restrictions on his freedoms. To have prevented him from leaving the country before any charges were laid, or bail restrictions put in place might have been a violation of his rights and could have put the police, and other authorities, in a position where they would be liable if the guy died.

    Is there a system or procedure to deal with situations like this? It will not be the last time this sort of scenario plays out… but it can’t be to just hold someone back from getting prescribed medical treatment because you think they will eventually get charged with something. There needs to be a system in place where the police can quickly lay a charge and the court can impose bail conditions (including a extremely large bond) so a suspect can still receive medical attention abroad without becoming a flight risk.

  8. Fred Welch says:

    This is totally absurd that a suspect in a murder case will be allowed to leave the country for treatment because he ingested some herbicide. They should have done him a favor and let him suffer in the KHMH until he recover and go to trial. Now, under whose authority was he permitted to be taken abroad? That is the person that should be charged as a co-conspirator of murder should the culprit not return.

    Are our medical practitioners so incompetent that they can’t treat patients for poisoning, this is totally ridiculous!


  9. AV says:

    BT is right, Do you think they would have wanted a lawsuit on their hands because if he had died due to that, be sure a big lawsuit would have be laid on the department, it’s all procedure people, you can’t argue about it.

    Fred – He was at a private hospital not KHMH. We don’t know the severity of the poisoning and yes, a lot of times, our medical practitioners are incapable of handling certain procedures, that’s why most people go out of the country for most or all medical treatments, not to mention if you don’t die in the hospital, you’ll catch a heart attack from the amount you’ll have to pay.

    We should stop judging and wait for the police to finish their investigations, because all the found so far is the poison that he ingested, nothing about what killed her, like the murder weapon, etc.

  10. THe TRUTH says:

    That is the reason this dam place is like this! He is a murder suspect and they just left him leave the country like that! But its true what they say, “MONEY TALKS BS WALKS”, police got money for sure, they want this place to get better when police are also involved in a lot that is going on! FACT people because I’ve seen how dirty police work here in this country… if he survive he should be put on death sentence or life sentence so he rots in Jail!!!!!

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    BT:What you’re saying is bs.from the time he is accused of killing that young lady he should have been detained.Furthermore the nature of the offense that he was accused of should have made him automatically a flight risk.

  12. Charlie Price says:

    Flight……. EQUALS …….guilt, plain and simple.

  13. From Cayo says:

    We all need to wait to see what will happen. Yes we are all mad because she died but we dont know if it was murder. What if she slipped and hit herself or what if someone else did it? Im just saying…either way he is the main suspect and I really hope that he survives. His mother does not deserve to lose a son and I will continue to pray for the victims family. She definitely did not deservice to die. Only god knows what really happed and God sees everything. We cannot hide from God so he will still have to answer to God for whatever took place in that house.

  14. God says:

    @ Elgin… You say that from the time he is accused of killing he should have been detained, but where are the accusations coming from? The only people accusing anyone of anything are people here in the internet, and the media who are just making the headlines for us to read. If you actually read what the Police had to say, there is no mention of suspect or alleged killer or person of interest whatsoever. All these terms are coming strictly from the media houses and people with axe to grind. Obviously there’s much about this case that neither of us know, and the police themselves are trying to figure out. The only person who can help them is in need of medical attention and if he dies there will never be closure. I can see why the family of the young lady would be happy if he died, but that won’t bring out the truth for them.

  15. Lysa says:

    @ From Cayo. The mother deserves to lose him. after all am sure as a mother she did not teach him that an insecticide is a drink to be consumed. If it were a poor man, his poor !@@##$ would be under guard already without evidence. to the mother sorry to be cold hearted like that. you and i both know that he is guilty as sin.

  16. Islander says:

    Funny how you all ignoramuses assume that he flew in good health condition out of the country. If you have ever seen someone who ingested that herbicide you would know that his organs are slowly failing .

    I think he will die and that will be the end to it.

  17. someone says:

    BT: …”charges being laid or bail restrictions put in place might have been a violation of his rights….” I hope you went back and realized you talk BS since he was the only one around when they found her, automatically should be suspect #1.

    From the minute he becomes suspect #1, he lost his rights. This is my belief:
    1. He should be the prime suspect
    2. The police seem to be covering up
    3. If the girl was not afforded a chance to see a medic, then neither should he have much less be released from hospital to get treatment abroad
    4. Seems to me he is being “afforded special rights” since he has special name

    I must say that he does not fit the profile of a criminal, but circumstances show that he “could” have been the one to do it. If he were a young black man, with no name, he would be at KHMH under heavy guard…Shame Real Shame.

    My sympathies to the family of this beautiful younglady who did not deserve this. May she rest in peace. Lets hope and pray for justice cause 1 + 1 is most of the times 2 but in this case, I suspect the result will be 3.

  18. From Cayo says:

    @ Lysa you must not be a mother because that is cold hearted. His family cannot be blamed for his actions. He is an adult and what happened in that house is messed up but him dying will not get the other family closure nor will it bring her back. Honestly drinking that stuff will probably kill him so maybe it is best if he dies so that he does not suffer every day. If he will not be a vegetable and will be able to answer questions and help the family get closure and justice then hopefully he lives.

    People on here are too quick to judge. God is the ultimate judge and one sin is not greater than the other. I bet some of you told a lie today and in the bible a sin is a if its lying, murder, stealing its all the same. Stop judging people and let the police do their job. As ive mentioned before he still needs to answer to God so either way he will pay for whatever took place in that house if he caused it.

  19. Ethan says:

    Here is the fact…Under no circumstances will the murderer leave unpunished. One of the worst crime is for someone to self-inflict injury. Just punishment. I want him to live! Obviously death is too good of a punishment. I want him to suffer like I know he is right now. He must be broken down methodically for him to reflect on what he did! The longer he lives the better for him to try to purge his diabolical mind. May he have a long and aginizing life. To all the people who is trying to put words togethier to make sense…I understand this…to the friends of the murderer, well I know you will give the benefit of the doubt to the little killer friend and hide behind bureaucracy. Answer me this…all of a sudden I will wake up one day and decide to take a little drink of “POISON” for no reason. If he did it himself or not, he still is a killer. Crime of passion=Killer; hired someone to do it=Killer. Hiding behind lawyers=Killer; Getting away free when you know he is guilty as hell=Killer. But one someone you can’t hide from is yourself. The same rod you judge someone you judge yourself and how fitting the crime of murder when you turn it to yourself? Only he has no salvation! No matter how sorry he is now; and I’m sure he is, he cannot change what he did. Talking about learning the hard way! The brute that he is… I hardly think he is learning from this. This classification is for animals. A wasted screw! Hey money lovers money is not everything! Obviously money is not God otherwise the killer would have miraculously gotten better. Touch the ground ordinary people walk now and see how it feels. I feel pity! Money dosen’t can’t buy Love! Please grow your kids with Love otherwise we are lost.

  20. CP says:

    For all who commented:

    Matthew 7:2 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgement you judge, you shall be judged; and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

  21. Reality says:

    all you people who are criticizing that he had privileges to go abroad for medical treatment, i can bet that if it was your child in that situation and you had the money, power and name you would do the same, its your child and will love him/her for whatever they are yes its frustrating to see that the rich have so many advantages over the poor but its just reality

  22. Reality says:

    all you people who are quick to judge that he was taken abroad for medical treatment i can bet a million dollars that if it was your child in that situation and you would have the money,power and name, you would do just the same! its your child and regardless of what he/she has done you would love them, yes its frustrating to see how the rich has so many advantages over the poor but its just the sad reality!

  23. From the Sates says:

    Its funny how people are ready to make judgement without knowing the facts . Wait for the facts people and like someone said before that man dieing does not make the pain go away for the family that lost the girl . My prayer are with both family .

  24. From Santa elena, cayo says:

    Omg how can u just say don’t judge or don’t talk about it leave the police to do their job a family lost their child, violently to say the least, these people have feelings too, how do u think the mom could sleep at night knowing that her child left this earth in such a terrible way, meanwhile this monster is somewhere mayb pretending that he tried to commit suicide, I hope he n whoever help him even his family they rot in hell that’s wrong, he shouldn’t get no privilege for nothing after such z heinous act he committed he does not deserve to b on earth, that’s not rite if it was an accident that’s different but from what all is said it does not sound that way n that’s my opinion

  25. hmm!!! says:

    y would he drink the pioson if he did not kill her or is not guilty?????????????

    sounds like that….

  26. Bze princess says:

    you all do realize if this was some poor black guy from the streets no one wud even question or have any mercy on him right? ppl r all just making excuses for this guy caz his family is rich. shame on all of you! if he wasnt guilty he wud not hv tried to kill himself ! its clear as day…its just his money and name make ppl think twice!

  27. Concerned says:

    It is sad to see what have happened with this young couple. It is even more so knowing that they have been dating for a little bit over a month and in such short time something like this transpired. Whatever happened time will tell. However, I think its a very good time to raise awareness on domestic violence for men and women living in these situations. I pray for both families that God helps them to find peace and understanding during this time.

  28. herrera friend of mike and maritza says:

    I met both and I am shock by the news and so sad for the bad.accion. Maritza a young and beautifill girl did not deserve this. No one deserve tp die like this but who are to judge..if mike killed her he is a criminal and I know that he is suffering for what he did.both families are greats lets not judge them for their kids sympathy for the santos family and the silva family ..always keep the family together. Hard time will come but be.strong dont wish no ones death plz people. If yyou arw a parent just put ur self on both shoes and learnn from oofthers mistake.

  29. Ethan says:

    Does that make it right? Money? I bet if you had money & power you would have done the same thing…someone said. Ok. Let’s all go to hell and kill who we want to kill because money makes it right! How shallow! You pople are neanderthals! My prayers to you all. The world is going to hell!

  30. Charlie Price says:

    CP…Are YOU JUDGING us???

    Mr. Silva is GUILTY…HIS ACTIONS SPEAK loud and clear.

    Some people can’t handle the TRUTH…EVEN HIM, that is why he attempted suicide then ran.

  31. Charlie BZ says:

    I bet the police have already clean up all the evidence in his favor . As everything is money now and who you know to do the dirty work. He might get away for now but time will tell .

  32. belizeanpride says:

    after all people i see a big black bow infront of his business place so it means he’s dead right, well lets see if they gonna bring the body for funeral after this, if nothing well something doesn’t match at all. just a point of view.

  33. From the Sates says:

    Wow people if mr silva is guilty the police will make sure he is punished no matter how much money the family has this is not a soap opera or novela people this is reality and if the young man passes and is guilty the god will judge him . I cant even imagine the pain that both family are going threw if it was your child whether he killed the girl he is still your child and you would do anything to protect him . and for the parents of the girl my prayer are out to you may god be on your side during this terrible time .

  34. The REAL TRUTH says:

    To the friends of Michael who thought the girl was a gold digger, u are a bunch of fools, it was Michael that threw money in the girls face from the beginning. He even made her quit her job because he was maintaining her financially. So do u all See? Talk about judge, you all were judging her saying she was with him for money and didn’t even know wat was going on. He was spoiling her rotten ask him and u will find out. So its not her fault, I feel sorry for her and her family for this senseless murder, may his time be near that justice is served and it will be…..TRUST ME……………….

  35. justice says:

    i can only think of how cruel people talk of her.i’ve been close to her and i know the foot steps of this realtionship.micheal for being a liar and still showing up pretending to be a nice person. he took the life of a young beautiful girl who had dreams that are now taken away.if only i could tell everyone what i went through before her death…i never expected for her to die that hurts me. he should have not been sent’s sad that the law is taking it slow while the family suffers great loss.she was a twin.can you imagine the grieve of her twin knowing that she would never see her breaks her heart.micheal knew the family and yet did what he did.i pray and hope that God does justice.he is the one that can help us all. maritza may you rest in peace.

  36. Liberty and Freedom says:

    A rich man’s son will never face justice. Mike is on the run and will be financed by his family. What about the victim and her family? Even though Mike may never be brought to justice, he has to face judgment before God – I think the sentence for murder will be far more harsh than meted out by a court here on earth.
    A bad seed always falls from the tree; hopefully this seed will never take root and grow another bad seed.

  37. Cindy says:

    Bring that @$$ hole back to belize,let him pay for what he did.not just because they have money it should be thid way.BRING Michael silva back to belize,because him break family and friend by killing this girl. Michael is selfish dog,rat,wish michayuuel the wgytorst in live.we hate you butt holeuy

  38. Cindy from new york says:

    Bring this @$$ hole back to belize let him pay for what he did.Micheal is a murder let him pay

  39. Rosendo says:

    its amazing that four months have passed and Michael is still not back in the country
    from great sources i know that he has been out of a hospital for about 3 months, or more
    most of his treatment was done here in Belize, he was not in that much of a bad condition to be rushed out of the country, it was more of a escape and a way to make time
    he lives his life as a free man in Guatemala.
    is it fair for the Santos family to be crying over the death of a young woman while the one who caused her death is living life in guatemala with his wife the santos family had a christmas filled with sadness. Michael had his family with him

    look at how life is his brother Daniel Silva JR and Melinda Meza Silva, introduced Michael to Martiza, they pushed the idea of them being together since Michaels wife was not worthy enuff to carry the Silva name according to JR.
    Michael Left his wife, started to date Maritza, killed her, and since the entire incident his wife has not left his side

    JR should also be charged, he introduced martiza to michael, he was d first at d crime scence and from good sources he hampered with alot of valuable info that could sink his brother

    Bring back Michael to Belize if he can walk the streets of guatemala, then he can come back home and sit in Ramada until his case is called. since he is not guilty come klean you name

  40. Maritza's high school classmate says:

    it has been almost 8 months and the police has done nothing!! !!..i miss her so much and i want something to be done with that guy..where is him??? police of Belize are easily bought with money and they don’t realize the serious hurt of this, but i know they will also suffer for the wrong they do.

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