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Sep 16, 2011

Hail of bullets was unleashed on Alfredo Rodriguez

Alfredo Rodriguez

In the danger streets of the city, a hail of bullets was unleashed on Alfredo Rodriquez after eight o’clock on Thursday night. Luckily, only one found its mark on him.  The bullet was removed today but his family is concerned that Rodriguez is still in danger from his assailant. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Nineteen year old, security guard Alfredo Rodriguez’s family say he is lucky to be alive after he was shot on Thursday night. He underwent two surgeries. Rodriguez was walking here on Pelican Street when a gunman fired a number of bullets, but luckily only one met its target. A neighbor of the area says she heard the shots and spoke to Rodriquez after he was hit:

Voice of: Resident of Pelican Street

“Suh I come out and come look pahn ah pahn the ground suh I ask ah dah weh happen and he tell mi ih say, ah get shot, ih say one eena mi foot and some eena mi back.”

Andrea Polanco

“Suh he was talking at that time?”

Voice of: Resident

“At that time, yes, he was still talking at that time. Right by weh part ih drop, ih tell the neighbor, ih say, ‘please help mi call the ambulance fi mi.”

Andrea Polanco

“Can you give us an update on Alfred’s condition? I understand he took a surgery last night?”

Voice of: Girlfriend of Alfredo Rodriquez

“And he took one this morning and he’s now in recovery.”

Andrea Polanco

“So the surgery was to remove the bullets from where?”

Voice of: Girlfriend of Alfredo Rodriquez

“From by ih right or left side and by his cervix.”

Andrea Polanco

“So how many shots in total he received?”

Voice of: Girlfriend of Alfredo Rodriquez


Andrea Polanco

“Just a single shot?”

Voice of: Girlfriend of Alfredo Rodriquez

“One outta eight or ten shot. Only one ketch ah.”

Andrea Polanco

“So it could’ve been fatal you’d say?”

Voice of: Girlfriend of Alfredo Rodriquez

“Yes ma’am. Deh could ah mi tek weh mi baby pa.”

But Rodriquez was threatened before this incident. While they don’t know the full details, they speculate that it may have been over a girl. But on Thursday night as he was heading home, he was being followed by people he’s familiar with:

Voice of: Girlfriend

“Ih mi di come home, deh with some other friends and deh say, first the plotter ah the situation he send his girlfriend first fi ride pahn wah bike mussie fi check si weh di happen round deh. Then when I talk to my boyfriend he say wah next bwai pass and watch ah hard but he neva pay that no mind until he si wah next bwai come weh dah di shooter come and then he start shoot. He mi try run but he mi cyaa run, unfortunately he mi cyaa run.”

Andrea Polanco

“Did Alfred have any kinda problems with these guys?”

Voice of: Girlfriend

“No problem, no problem. Everybody di tell me dah off ah wah girl thing. Di bwai weh send di bwai fi shot my bwai, dah off ah fi he gial friend.”

Andrea Polanco

“Did these guys send out any threats to him, maybe days before this incident?”

Voice of Girlfriend

“Well like a month ago, a lee thing mi happen between deh back and forth. I nuh know, I neva expect if fi guh dis far but it went that far. Mi nuh know weh fi say.”

Voice of Resident

“According to my neighbor she tell me that if he tell me anything, I tell ah no. Ih say that how he tell di neighbor that somebody di threaten ah. Suh I nuh know.”

While only one shot of the storm of bullets caught Rodriquez, the family says they can expect anything. But for now, they are hoping for the best so have already bagged the unlucky suit he was wearing:

Voice of Resident

“I say if deh try think deh wah return again, deh betta come good. Deh betta come good because this dah just wah warning fi we so we have to look fuh anything weh possible. We got everything under cover. We nuh di worry bout nothing. We just leave it up to God fi pray and hope that ih come out safe and everything.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Police continue to investigate but no arrests have been made so far.

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  1. Marie says:

    if its a gial thing the the shooter only proves the other guy succeeded with the shooter’s girl-how idiotic for him to publicize it by shooting the charmer-LOL

  2. jose says:

    how come he have a cervix and most men no have that !!!! that is what she said !!!

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