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Sep 14, 2011

Treaty Energy Charitable Trust sets up shop in Belize City

Jimmy LaRose

You’ve heard a lot about Trusts on this newscast including the BNE Charitable Trust which has donated to several community development projects. Today the Treaty Charitable Trust (TCT) launched the Belizean National Leadership Fund. The initiative, which promises to set the bar on donations and charity in Belize, intends to do so when its parent company strikes oil in the south. Treaty Energy Corporation, a New Orleans based Oil and Gas Exploration Company is the contracted partner of the local Princess Group that owns the Princess casinos. The equipment is ready for drilling and Treaty says that it has been given approval and all processes including an Environmental Impact Assessment has been completed. But today’s press conference was about the charity that Treaty says you can trust. The point person for the trust is Jimmy LaRose, who is described as the fundraiser’s fundraiser.

Jimmy LaRose, President, Treaty Charitable Trust

“Our purpose is to establish a board of directors and the name of that non-profit organization is the Belizean National Leadership Fund. As Treaty Energy drills for oil and then it finds oil, the profits that everyone will enjoy; a portion will be set aside to invest in the nation and the country of Belize. Now what does it look like to make right choices about how those funds will be expended, invested and shared? And we are of the opinion that in order to do that, local individuals, local government officials and country corporations and individuals that are committed to advancing the common good; they need to form the board of directors of the Belizean National Leadership Fund. Now the fund is a non-profit organization, it is being established here in Belize City, it is being formed by Barrows and Williams—which is the attorneys that are taking responsibility; the firm that is taking responsibility for making sure it is all in order—and as I have said earlier, it will be comprised of a board of directors of individuals who are from the United States, two or three members will be from Treaty and four individuals will be individuals here—leaders; men and women—who have committed themselves to serving others. I have been here about half a month. I will be returning on October sixth and remaining through the twenty-third of October. Next month, we will be bringing a television crew and we will be shooting “Travel with spirit, Belize. A family-friendly television show that is going to outlined and for the purpose of; this will be Treaty Charitable Trust and eventually the Belizean National Leadership Fund’s initiative for the purpose of increasing revenues cross sector here in Belize by increasing tourism. So our first project as Treaty Charitable trust is already established but the Belizean National Leadership Fund is established to play a role in increasing tourism. This television show is going to be on seven different networks. It is going to be on networks that have totaled thirty million viewers. And what are we going to be highlighting? We are going to be highlighting culinary arts.”

Brian Luczywo

Brian Luczywo, Vice President of Operations, Treaty Energy Belize

“My partner has over thirty years experience in the oil industry. His name is Steve Yorke. You can read his biography online—it’s again posted on Treaty Energy’s Website. And Steve was trained by nearly every major name in the various oil companies nationally and internationally—his expertise happens to be secondary in tertiary recovery. And we got he and several other drillers on staff. We will be using U.S. drilling crew to start with and we’re also going to be working and developing Belizean expertise. We have had all of the plans vetted by the proper areas of government; we have gone through those checks. There is the Ministry of the Environment that’s given us the approvals and we rely on them to verify that we are not in any of the protected areas. So we have fully complied and will fully comply with all the governmental rules regarding the protected areas.”

Jose Sanchez

“Specifically, more or less, near what areas are you going to drill?”

Brian Luczywo

“The site that I’m aware of is up off of an area named farm four in Independence and that’s the only area we have focused on so far. It’s a portion of the concession and we have had two well sites approved there and several other ones that we are in discussions on. We are focusing on those first couple of identified sites at this point and they have been through the entire process with the government.”

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10 Responses for “Treaty Energy Charitable Trust sets up shop in Belize City”

  1. I Have Awaken says:

    give us a little crumbs here and there
    we jump for joy
    they take our oil
    and have lavish board meetings bragging about it

  2. Rod says:

    Here we go again barrow and his family again profiting from the drilling of lands that will be destroyed and since barrow is handling the actions of this company that means they can do whatever they want this is a conflict of interest that is not permitted in any other part of the world goes to show you how openly brazen the corrupted pm and this gov. Are you are a crook barrow thief.

  3. Lindsay Howard says:

    These guys have no assets – they’re broke. Treaty Oil is a penny stock, that, at its highest, trades for US$ 5 cents a share. Also, would like to know whether they have any experience in drilling in a karst environment, such as is present in the Independence area, whether they did any dye testing and if they have the required insurance to pay for environmental cleanups, and if they do have insurance, what are the limits of coverage.

  4. marco says:


    I have been missing you, thought you had abandoned your cause. Anyway, it is true that we get bandages for our wounds. Insignificant. We need to advocate for more to satisfy our needs in the country.

  5. me says:

    Ever heard the phrase, “GRASS DI GROW HORSE DI STARVE”. This is exactly what is happening to us in Belize. We floating on oil man, floating on it and we are all starving. Then in comes OCEANA and its foolishness to ban oil exploration. Man GRAAS di grow n haas di staav. When di world economies are falling down people will never stop buyin petrol. WE GOT LOTS OF THAT COMMODITY. FOR THIS I SAY, “GO BARROW, DRILL PM. DRILL. BRING UP THE NATURAL RESOURCES AND GENERATE SOME NEEDED FUND FOR THE COUNTRY. Honduras drilling or is drilling offshore. OCEANA what will you do when or if they

  6. Celine says:

    As long as Belize get its fair share of the profits then I’m for it, and I am not talking about the politicians pockets getting filled, I am talking about Belize itself and its people benefitting. Usually that doesn’t happen unless we have strong leadership, so let’s hope we do. First problem I see is that there is a conflict on interest with the Non-profit and the Attorney Firm handling it. That should be unacceptable. I don’t know if it’s our PM Barrow family member or the PM himself. I am sure they are some laws in our books that would disallow any association of the Barrow family with the Non-Profit Organization. I understand it says “non-profit” but they will find a way to grease their palms.

    Good luck Belize with the drilling.

  7. Finally a decent company says:

    This company has spent millions to bring equipment and jobs to our country. This company is offering to share with us and since we can’t do it ourselves I say give them a chance. I am applying for a job and I hope I get hired. This company is doing great in Texas and I hope they do as good as BNE in Belize but treat our country better than BNE , BNE is bad and Treaty appears good….Good luck Treaty Energy and the people of Belize our behind you so do the right thing…

  8. islandboy70 says:

    GOB need to ensure that these companies don’t take us for a ride. The questions that need to be answered is…if oil is found, what percentage of the profits will Belizeans earn and benefit? Who will control and monitor this? This Non profit Trust that they are planning to set up sounds like a nice charitable thing to build healthy public awareness for the company which is good but Belizeans need to know what will be there for the country on a long term basis. Lindsay Howard brought up a good point. There need to be proper due diligence carried out on the company to ensure that they have adequate financial backing in the event of a worse case scenarios. Let us not sell out our country to the foreigners. Look at what has happened to the prime beach front locations in Belize. They are mostly owned by foreigners who have little respect for us as a nation.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is going to be another Ponze scheme by Barrow and affiliates.Stop the nepotism Barrow.

  10. Richard Emery says:

    It seems to me there is little trust between goverment and its people and the oil co. searching for oil in belize. This is a shame if all could work together it will benefit the country and oil co. in turn this will help lower enegy cost in belize creating jobs and ulitimately turning the economy into a strong healthey economy that can compete on the world stage.

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