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Sep 13, 2011

Bus accident on highway injures several passengers

There was another accident earlier in the day; it happened at around nine-thirty this morning on the Western Highway. Two buses, one from D and E Bus Line and the other from G-Line, both heading into the city from the Belmopan terminal collided around mile fourteen and a half. At least fifteen persons were injured and had to be hospitalized. Nicole Sabal, a passenger in the front seat of the G-Line bus was trapped in her seat until she was rescued by fire, emergency and police personnel. Sabal remains in serious condition at the hospital but the others were treated and released. Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported. News Five’s Andrea Polanco has this report.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

An accident on the Western Highway in Hattieville at mile fourteen and a half across from Tropical Park has left a number of commuters injured and traumatized. Traffic had to be re-directed through a road that passes through the Tropical Park Community for almost four hours. Two buses, G- Line driven by twenty five year old Keith Gill and D & E Bus Service, both heading from Belmopan to Belize City were damaged after a collision. According to witnesses, the D&E bus line stopped here at the bus stop to pick up two passengers when G-Line slammed into the back of the bus. Conductor for one of the bus lines says he only felt the impact:

Oliver Villanueva

Oliver Villanueva, Conductor, D & E Bus Service

“We just stop fuh two people when all of a sudden we feel the crash.”

Andrea Polanco

“Ah si yuh di limp, you get any other injuries apart from that?”

Oliver Villanueva

“Only my foot and my head only that.”

Andrea Polanco

“So your bus, how many passengers more or less you guys had?”

Oliver Villanueva

“Fifteen passengers.”

Andrea Polanco

“And so some of your passengers definitely got injured as well?”

Oliver Villanueva

“Well not actually, from the next bus yes.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you stopped to pick up passengers. The passengers that were getting on the bus were they injured?”

Oliver Villanueva

“No, yeah the last one neva get inna the bus and the crash happen. Ih just di come eena di bus when ih happen.”

When the G-Line crashed into the back of the D & E Bus Service, a number of passengers sustained cuts, bruises and other external injuries as captured on this video. B.E.R.T officers were on hand assisting the injured passengers. This commuter on the G-Line bus was left with a badly injured foot and wounds to the chest area; she appeared to have gone into a shock and was unable to move. She had to be lifted out on a stretcher and carted away to the KHMH.  The police were on the scene processing the traffic accident and taking statements from the passengers as spectators and others gathered along the side of the highway. The front of the G-Line bus was totally destroyed and its windshield was completely smashed. Both sides on the front of the bus were totally mangled and the damaged engine is left exposed. Several lights and window panes were blasted out. There was splintered glass inside the bus.  The D&E completely slid off the highway and onto the side of the road.  The mass of debris piled on the road was later cleared off and the buses were towed away. Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Police have served a notice of intended prosecution on Keith Gill, the driver of the G-Line bus.

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17 Responses for “Bus accident on highway injures several passengers”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    CLEARLY A CASE OF UN-SAFE DRIVING………………by the driver from the G-LINE.

  2. Charlie Price says:


    Something to think about.

  3. Kay says:

    Just this morning in Ladyville a bus had an incident with a small car at mile ten. It had traffic going into the oncoming lane to get pass them. These bus drivers ENJOY pulling wrecklessly onto the highway in front of oncoming drivers. Not because they are the BIGGEST things on the highway means they have to be the BIGGEST PRICKS as well. Where are the “taxpayers-paid” traffic officers when you need them???

  4. NoNo says:

    We need more experience drivers for buses, 25 year old. Mien he is driving a bus with passengers and at that age all we think of is speed speed speed. And from the looks of the damages on that bus, that was speeding. I’m just glad no one died, weather like these we drivers need to be carefull.

  5. DT says:

    Any word from out Minister of transport? No? what a surprise!

    Public transport in Belize is at best hazardous, and at worse a multiple fatality accident just waiting to happen. Not a case of if, but when.

    The transport ministry should be regulating & inspecting the buses, and also checking on the drivers. Each time a bus driver renews his license, he should sit a written, then practical exam, and throughout the years, personnel from the tansport ministry should do spot checks on all bus routes. Unannounced, of course. If the driver is under the influence or ‘racing’ etc. the ministry official could present his ID, and have the driver taken off the bus. Better a few stranded passengers than a bus load of dead ones!

    But of course this won’t happen. The Minister is too busy lining his pockets from Westrac!!!!

  6. Traveller says:

    G-Line travels from south stann creek to Belize with a puncture tire last two weeks. Transport officer need to do their job. Also Griga line drivers drive like a mad man and always breaking down. Too much politics in the bus industry and little safety enforcement.

  7. Xaan says:

    Lets not judge, and I hope the justice system deals with this to the maximum.. There could have been so many dead persons… Thanks be to God.

  8. Stan says:

    These things occur because bus drivers in general are careless… They stop in the middle of the street without signalling or moving to the side… this has happened to me before… and i have had to step on the brakes suddenly to avoid a collision… bus drivers need to start getting tickets or being charged for these crimes… they are not accident but crimes… for they can be avoided… When something like this occurs the driver should be charged. An innocent woman is lying in a hospital bed fighting for her life over the recklessness of a bus driver… Had he signalled and moved to the side of the road like he is supposed to do, this would not have happened!

  9. oscar965 says:

    I know for a fact that in the airline industry drug testing is mandatory….perhaps everyone who is in the “Public Transport Industry” should be drug tested. They have in thier hands the lives of thousands of Belizeans on a daily basis..

  10. Slim says:

    As a commuter on the Western High Way, I must say this is an accident waiting to happen. Thank God no one was seriously injure or died. So many time day or night these buses they just stop on the high way without even pulling off.. Every day on the talk shows you hear commuters call in and complaint about the buses. But not once no one in authority do anything about it. This is really a serious issue that need to be address!!

  11. Slimjim says:

    As a commuter on the Western High Way, I must say this is an accident waiting to happen. Thank God no one was seriously injure or died. So many time day or night these buses they just stop on the high way without even pulling off.. Every day on the talk shows you hear villages call in and complaint but not once no one in authority do anything about it. This is really a serious issue that need to be address!!

  12. madman says:

    Yeah I agree with a few things but drivers from other bus companies from the western side usually stop directly on the highway to pick up people instead of not pulling off the highway to give the free way for the other traffic coming from the same direction. All drivers need to abide with transport regulations. This particular accident is a wake call for the proper authorities in rule regulations. You could blame the G-line driver for now because the bus collided into the D&E Bus. But that might not necessarily means that he is not a good driver.

  13. Passenger says:

    But many times I see drivers that stops to pick passengers either stops on the highway or rarely pull off the highway for incoming traffic. Even so. whenever they pull on the highway they not look into the rear mirrors to see if any traffic is coming behind. I am saying that is in this case.

  14. Passenger says:

    I mean that I am not saying that happen with G-Line and D&E.

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    It has nothing to do with the age of the driver.The problem is that we are living in a lawless society.This is just the begining.

  16. Maybe next year says:

    Honestly the entire Transport and traffic Department is BS. The dont know what the hell they are doing . Frist of all the they but road signs exactly at the end of our little picado road and expect the signs should last when we have some huge and wide vehicle with load s. And then on the other hand we have some bus that are not in good condition for our highway (esp the Hummingbird HWY) Some of these bus cant even climb the hill s. What is the Transport Dep: doing these bus are not service regularly .

  17. RedBwai says:

    I am a frequent communter on the Western highway, and i say its unfair to only cast the blame on the G-Line bus driver..both were at fault here. The G-Line shouldnt have overtaken the D&E bus …D&E should have pulled onto the shoulder of the road since most of those southern buses are forbidden from stopping between Bmp and Belize city to pickup or drop off passengers.

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