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Sep 13, 2011

Did cops rob Free Zone employee of $70,000?

Police constables Elston Rojas and Rudolph Azueta as well as Belize City resident Emmerson Skyers were charged on Monday evening for their involvement in a daring robbery inside the Corozal Free Zone over the weekend.  Shortly after five p.m. on Saturday an armed man entered North American International Company where he proceeded to rob Chinese national Jin Mei Huang of seventy thousand dollars in various currencies.  Immediately following the robbery both entrances to the commercial free zone were shutdown and soon thereafter police were able to apprehend Skyers, who was recently released from the Hattieville Prison following drugs and weapons-related charges.  During interrogation Skyers confessed the involvement of Rojas, who is a member of the Corozal Police Formation, and Azueta who is attached to the San Pedro Branch.  This morning all three appeared in Magistrate’s Court in the north where Skyers was formally charged for robbery while Rojas and Azueta were jointly charged for abetment to commit robbery.

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23 Responses for “Did cops rob Free Zone employee of $70,000?”

  1. Storm says:

    We need a law that if a policeman or other government employee commits a crime, they must serve DOUBLE the normal amount of time in prison, no fines, no probations, no excuses.


  2. Storm says:

    We need a law that if a policeman or other government employee commits a crime, they must serve DOUBLE the normal amount of time in prison, no fines, no probations, no excuses.

    Percentage-wise, in Belize I’ll bet police are MORE likely to commit a serious crime than the average Belizean. What kind of lousy country have we built?


  3. belizean says:

    if G.O.B pay police over time and give them a raise this wouldnt happen

  4. corozaleno says:

    i personally know these officers and they r hard working but we must understand that even police are humans and have bills to pay. if they get paid for the hours worked in overtime not just time off this might not have happen. good paid persons work happy.

  5. deedee says:

    belizean & corozaleno you are both a POS. There are people in this country living day by day on an income that is less than what a police officer makes & they are not out there stealing, robbing or doing any sort of illegal activities. These idiots want to make money fast like the rest of the low life’s running the streets. I bet if these officers did a home invasion or robbery on you & your families you wouldn’t be saying something ignorant & stupid like “if G.O.B pay police over time and give them raise this wouldn’t happen”, or like what the other retard said ” police are humans & have bills to pay”. ONLY IN BELIZE…ONLY IN BELIZE we see this type to ignorant mindset.

  6. From the West says:

    I agree police are underpaid. I believe a person in authority should be severelly punished for abusing the power, but at the same time, let the GOB know that unless they start paying police a wage they can live on, police officers have no choice but to bribe and steal for a living. The poverty level salary that police receive attracts only people who could never hold a credible job. Pay them, they deserve it. Policing is a difficlut job, with few appreciations.

  7. Indy says:

    I am with Corozaleno but unfortunately they have to pay for what they did. Police and other government officials are constantly tempted and being tempted by criminals. How can we safe guard off civil servants from falling into this. Probably, improve their benefits, increase salary and perhaps instill in them pride of being a police officer. Make the institutions stronger, so that it can be respected. Right now my brother is going to court and the court clerk and the sargent has asked my brother for money to speed up his case and in some instance to tear up the paper….etc what should I do? or what will they do next?

  8. xtina_lpz says:

    i agree with corozaleno if police officers were to be paid what they deserve their would be less corruption in the Belize Police Department. MR PRIME MINISTER this is what should be your concern, stop the talk to the gang members and talk to the under paid police men and women of this country!

  9. jen says:

    This is the problem with Belize, I do a wrong and then I can justify it… BullS***!

    Let me give you another senario!

    Hardworking men comes from the west. Is working in Belize city for a quincena on pay day he get robbed. At home starving kids and bills to pay….. Justification Person who robbed him did not have a job and had bills to pay!!!

    A crime should be be punished even more for those who are to keep the peace and safety!

  10. Corozal says:

    I agree with deedee, there are people who earn less than a police officer and are not doing these type of crimes. Nevertheless, they seek a second job to earn the extra cash. We Belizeans need to work hard to get what we want in life. But these police officers like easy money and deserve punishment for what they did. During working hours they are in the free zone purchasing and consuming beers when they should be “working”. When you call at the police station for assistance they vehicle is never there so they cannot assist. Where is the vehicle? “Officers are in it in the free zone having a good time”. If it was a poor individual who did the crime these same police officers would beat and harass them. My point of view is that not because they earn little they are entitle to these crimes without a punishment. They should be handle and punish like any other individual.

  11. siru says:

    Only low lifes are attracted by the police department. They get lured for the wrong reasons: easy money, power to hustle without going to jail. Look at the educational requirments. Appalling that someone with only high school or 6th form diploma can become a Compol and make national decisions. The police department is a government sponsored criminal gang.

  12. jUSTICE FOR ALL says:

    let the scum bags show their faces,

  13. rod says:

    i blame barrow for the corruption going on in this country the little people see the people in power stealing every day so they think they can do it also if the corruption starts from the top what do you think you will have at the bottom i still want to know exactly where rodwells money that was paid for his hospital bills came from from what department did barrow steal this money from to pay over a million dollars in medical bills

  14. John says:

    Police! Can we even trust them! Crime by police is so common that few gets caught? I would say 90% of them are crooks! IMAGINE –drop out students get to be police—they cant even spell their name right. What is the police department doing. Those same individuals who they say are special Constable are indeed gadamm special—they need help– why have them in the department. THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS IS IN A MESS. ITS TIME TO CLEAN UP!

  15. DT says:

    police involved will walk free – guaranteed. In fact they might get promoted for using their initiative!

  16. oscar965 says:

    policemen are just “men” after all..and we have honest and dishonest men in our society…some just happen to wear a police uniform and think they are above the law…the they will reap what they sow…so thier day will come…

  17. i don't care says:

    and y the police dpt didn’t mention one off the police officers name is “Delmar Mougel” a well know criminal in the police force,thats the thing they always do there stuff and get off,so how the heck belize gona get better is the ones that suppose to proctectin and surive is the ones doin most off the crime…

  18. dpt says:

    !@# every body right here men they kill and kill and rob to and the chinese is a great people cuz they cook and wat we wa do if no cooking we wa dead so stop rob and kill people

  19. RedBwai says:

    More dirty cops….another black eye to the Belize police department ….wat a shame!!

  20. Belizean bwai says:

    Dey dah noh police dey dah criminals ina uniform.

  21. Belizean bwai says:

    Dey dah noh police dey dah criminals ina uniform.

  22. Fred says:

    Dis ya gvrnmnt deh ina total corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u c barrow have tyme 2 go and chat wid d gangs but check pan hw he cnt pay fu his wrkers dem!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all weh he want da support but he turn d come wen he wa regret d tings he d du!!!!! piple gt eyes!!!! dem d c!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dem wa talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! change d gvrnmnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. lin moi says:

    what we want to see is the end to corruption in high places. The Police constables are only doing what they see their bosses doing. The cost of obtaining a gun license is $7,000.00 you have to pay a middle man who takes the monies to a very top ranking officer and then the commissioner gives a license, all in a day. Now if that ain’t corruption what is?

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