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Sep 12, 2011

Butane strike still on; Suppliers to negotiate on Tuesday

There is a shutdown of butane gas companies in Belize City and around the country.  Since Friday Gas TOMZA, BWEL and ZETA Gas have not been supplying gas to distributors in all districts. Their employees have been sent home until there is a resolution to the shutdown that is having an effect on consumers. The three companies of LPG claim they have been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because of high acquisition costs and government has not budged for months on a price adjustment of six to eight dollars per one hundred pound cylinder. We gather that many depots are now out of stock and businesses that rely on the liquefied petroleum gas are getting anxious. Combined, the three companies supply eighty percent of the local consumption which is twenty thousand gallons daily. The importers are to have a sit-down with the lead negotiator, Minister John Saldivar, following Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting which will determine the next move on the shutdown. Tomza, BWEL and Zeta earlier today asserted that contrary to government statements, the three have been in compliance with the required scale regulations. They note that in July of this year GOB allowed a price adjustment for the same two local companies, BNE and the Reyes Group of Companies, that are supplying the market at this time even though both were not in compliance with the Scales regulations. A release from the companies says that have over two weeks supply of inventory in stock and are ready to resume supply, but cannot do so at the current prices they can’t continue incurring more losses. So as we stand tonight, the shutdown effected since last Friday, remains and a meeting has been scheduled between the importers and the government in Belmopan.

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6 Responses for “Butane strike still on; Suppliers to negotiate on Tuesday”

  1. Dirty sugar!!!! says:

    They have already cheated the belizean people out of countless thousands of gallons of butane now they want a raise —- please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    News 5 — please ask them how do they plan to compensate the belizean public for all the gallons of butane over all the years that they have been shorting us.

    If (realy sorry no harm intended) Radison and Drycleaners can work out something with the butane companies to be compensated for their lost over the years — why cant GOB — specifically BO Standards — work out something for the Belizean people??????????

  2. lolnews says:

    The only price adjustment that BNE had was to LOWWWWERRRR the prices. That part of the story was misleading!

  3. c says:

    cheaters… let’s see if the PM hasthe balls to deal with this. Don’t negotiate with gangs, even the corporate ones

  4. JJ says:

    It seems that everyone can hold the Government and People of Belize at ransom!!!! Very Frightening and Worrysome!!! 1st it is the Gangs…and then the PM negotiate with them…..then these LPG importers and then a minister is to negotiate with them…it seems from all angles this Belizean economy is vulnerable to a hit from foreign own interests! These Foreign Owned Interest apparently have no allegiance to Belize or to Belizean growth and prosperity!!! All they seem to want to do is control this country’s main assets and important aspects of our Belizean economy and drag this country to the ground whenever they have sucked the people dry and cannot have their way!!! That is pure bullpucky I tell you!!! Pure BULLPUCKY!!! I do not always agree with this Government stance on things….I will never agree with any government when the freedom and liberty of the Belizean people and this beloved Belize is endangered!!! But I say…let no one, Foreign or Local have their way with the Belizean People or Belize as they see fit, NO ONE!! So to heck with these striking companies…it is time for enforcement of proper and adequate regulations and price control or they shut down and the Government opens the market for other local companies/investors; And let them know…adhere to the rules!!!


    No to a Raise in Butane..!!! Until the government can ascertain that what they are selling is pure butane and propane, 60/40 butane/propane like pemex, not the high level of propane like BWEL is selling. We need to test the value of the gas before we can tell them how much they will sell us. We need to know that they are buying the cheapest and are not colluding with their sellers abroad to fake a high price. Propane has no value as it is pure air, although combustible has the lowest BTU’s. So the price is not justified even when the price of oil in the world market is going down, as this gas is cheap cheap cheap.!!!!

    Government needs to set up a shell company like they did with BEL and negotiate from state to state with Pemex or Guate. Then sell to the local distributors, rooth out the major importers..Although they have the majority of the market they will pull out of Belize as the days of stealing will end. Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong, Arent the owners of the three companies the Zaragossa brothers? Who hate each other but have family owned Oil businesses outside belize, in Salvador etc. They can basically tell us anything and we wont know if the invoices they are supplying is correct even if they get it from the companies they have interests in that they are buying from. They control the region and this is how they steal…govenment needs to take their place now…!! rooth them out and lets do this on our own…these guys are foreignors and shame on reyes at BWEL and the other belizean managers who are stealing from Belizeans for these foreignors…

  6. Earl Grey says:





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