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Sep 5, 2011

Well known to the Courts, Michael Young killed during robbery

Michael Young

While the gang truce held in the old capital, in the nation’s capital a notorious figure was killed in a robbery.  The body of twenty-seven year old Michael Young, a resident of Hattieville who goes by the street name of Ham, is tonight inside the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where it awaits a post mortem examination.  Young, along with two other men entered Hong Li Store on Trinity Boulevard near the Ring Road in Belmopan just before nine o’clock on Saturday night where they proceeded to rob the business.  During the robbery Belizean businesswoman Xiau Hua Li was relieved of one thousand, nine hundred dollars in cash, as well as two cell phones and a computer used for the sale of Boledo tickets.  But the trio would not escape the premises without a firefight as proprietor Hong Ye Li encountered the men while they were preparing to flee the scene of the robbery.  A shootout ensued during which Young was hit multiple times in the right knee, left leg and behind the left ear.  While his accomplices managed to make good their escape a mortally wounded Ham was later discovered by police officers responding to the scene of the robbery.  This morning News Five spoke with an employee of the store who recounted the incident that transpired just a few minutes before they were scheduled to close the store for the night.

Voice of: Employee of Hong Li Store

“Around like 8:50 I mi di sit down and I mi di talk to the chiney lady saying I ready fi close. And the chiney bwai come outta di store fi clean di bucket by the pipe and when I watch, I just see somebody grab di chiney man behind ih back and when I see the other one di come from the front with a gun in ih hand and ih got wah mask. And ih say robbery, robbery. I just get frighten; I noh tell the chiney lady because I get frighten that somebody di come. Fi she daughter mi di sit down, mi di play by the shelf. And she grab di lee gial and she run ina di warehouse. And fi she husband mi di cook and ih tell somebody di rob di shop and he close the warehouse and he ih say stay here and ih come out through the back . I stay in there and I only hear di gun shot. and when I come out di thing finish.”

Isani Cayetano

“How many gunshots di you hear more or less?”

Voice of: Employee of Hong Li Store

“I hear like five gunshot.”

Isani Cayetano

“My understanding is that one of the robbers was injured during the shootout. Can you tell me what you say when you came out afterwards?”

Voice of: Employee of Hong Li Store

“Well I saw the money spread out on the floor. I can’t tell you; I neva see who get shot.”

Isani Cayetano

“At that point, did you or your workers or your boss call the police for assistance?”

Voice of: Employee of Hong Li Store

“Dehn just tell mi fi call di police and I call di police.”

Isani Cayetano

“How long have you been working here and can you tell us if this store has been targeted several times in the past?”

Voice of: Employee of Hong Li Store

“No, since I work here, this dah di first time I see something like this happen.”

Isani Cayetano

“In terms of the reaction or the response from either residence in the area or the other businesses that are close by, what was that like after the shooting? Did anybody come to the scene afterwards?”

Voice of: Employee of Hong Li Store

“No because we close the shop and we stay inside and we wait for the police. we stayed inside like an hour then the police came and open again and they start to check everything inside.”

Isani Cayetano

“Based on what you observed, was there any blood—other than the five cents scattered on the floor, was there any signs of someone being hit?”

Voice of: Employee of Hong Li Store

“No I only see the bullets on the counter and only that. I noh see blood [or] nothing.”

Young, who is no stranger to police or in the courts, was shot on October twenty-first, 2010 whilst on Antelope Street in Belize City.  Several months earlier he was also shot whilst socializing with a group of men near the corners of Zericote and Banak streets.

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24 Responses for “Well known to the Courts, Michael Young killed during robbery”

  1. Marie says:

    One less-let this be a warning to all that they will get no mercy only justice. We now just have to wait for the momma to say “he was a good kid-made everyone around him laugh ……they didnt have to kill him”-Good riddance

  2. junkman says:

    bravo bravo my. hung li a big thanks from all the law abiding people of belize your disposal of unwanted material from our streets is being noted in the most humbly of homes a medal of bravery is being prepared by the citizen of this country for you while the pm is giving big praise to gangs criminals and killers holding meetings and all things against our better judgement we the ordinary people lay honor at your feet god bless you sir god bless may you live long to enjoys our gratefullness and i ask all you commenter to please add you two cents of praise to the honarable man for a job well done thanks

  3. bzn2dabone says:

    The Businessman who shot this idiot needs to get an award for ridding the country of this nuisance.

  4. Clifford says:

    Minus one!!! Everyone should own a gun..

  5. Jeeboo says:

    I say we have a guns for citizens program. The government should give away 1,000 guns to business owners country wide and then see where things would go. If you take away guns from the criminal, you need to balance it.

  6. c says:

    Hong Ye Li for PM !!

  7. The Man says:

    Mr. Hong Li has done what the PM has been impotent in doing. The GOB should grant him a medal for his actions. It’s minus 1 and counting. Let this be a strong message to would be hudlums and unwanted trash, that BMP citizens will not entertain their CRAP; you come here with your nonsense you will die.

  8. YOUTH says:

    Hurray Hurray. I applaud this Chinese business man for doing the right thing. One less scum alive.This is what Belizeans need to understand. These animals need to be killed. Wiped off the earth. Do not listen to the human rights people. Or the church people telling you to forgive. When they come to hurt you hurt them back.No mercy.People work so hard for a living and these animals think they can just take what you have.This is exactly what the gsu should be doing. SEEK AND DESTROY. Our government is weak and incompetent.They are too busy doing the same thing…… STEALING.

  9. BMNJ says:

    Our judicial system cannot put him in jail. Look, this idiot is well known to the Courts, meaning that time & time again, he was getting away with crimes. It’s ashame but it’s the reality. If our worthless judicial system cannot put the criminals behind bars for good, then this is a very good solution. Mr. Li, a job well done!

  10. From the West says:

    Thank you, Mr. Hong Ye Lee. Please train your fellow men how to shoot to kill. The more of these scum bags you put away, the less will come and rob me. God bless you

  11. FED UP says:

    I applaud the chiney man…very well less in our beautiful nation of Belize..Belize should do like what honduras did with thier criminals…the honduran authority put all of them in one building and burned the building down and then the honduran authority told the press that it was a default in the electrical that caused the fire…BURN THOSE ANIMALS..THEY ARE NOT HUMAN..They need to be at the bottom of the pit..burning in hell..Belizeans need to start taking matters in thier own hands.

  12. FED UP says:

    Very well done chiney man….one less in belize

  13. FED UP says:

    Belize should do like what Honduras did with thier criminals, put all of them in one building and burned the building down, then the honduran authorities told the press that the fire was caused by a faulty circuit in the electrical system…burn those animals…they are not human…they should be burning at the bottom of the pit

  14. James Bond says:

    Well Done Mr. Chine Man, you are a hero, a teacher to all these cowards. well Done atleast someone is brave enough to kill these animals.

  15. knowyourrights says:

    Sometimes to do right, you must do wrong!

  16. Islander says:

    Good riddance !!!! One less douchebag in our streets

  17. abi says:

    One hour for the police to’ respond????????????????

  18. babygirl says:

    RiP ham- Note no Dicky there this time where u are going to get you out. This is one time dicky can”t say it wasn’t U. These are d kind of evidence that we need today.

  19. babygirl says:

    RiP ham- Note no Dicky there this time where u are going to get you out. This is one time dicky can”t say it wasn’t U. These are d kind of evidence that we need today.

  20. belizeanpride says:


  21. Lysa says:

    Whatever the young man did, may he rest in peace. We all do not know what brought him to live this life. Maybe he was not raised by the village and not guided in the right direction. We are always quick to judge and not offer solutions to problems. Whatever he did to others was wrong. But who are we to classify him as an animal. He is gone and can no longer harm or rob any one ever again. This is somebody’s son, brother.RIP Michael. May you find everlasting peace where ever you are now.

  22. Someone says:

    Well done. I also applaud the business man for this riddance. Its sad, but its in the best interest of the people of Belize.

    To the Stopmom, you should be ashamed to question who killed him. Indeed I can see why you kept away from the camera. He got more that he bargained for….he knew this could be the end result.

  23. NED says:

    Well done Mr. China Man, you should be fast forwarder a National Hero’s award at this years awards. I would like to second the idea that Jeeboo has, at least make it easy for law abiding people to get a gun license would help.

  24. jenkins says:

    dats the kinda people we need, cleanup Belize my fellow belizean.good job keep it up not like our crime minister good for nothing.

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