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Aug 30, 2011

Do you think that the Gang Suppression Unit is contributing to the lawlessness on the streets?

Tonight’s question is: Do you think that the Gang Suppression Unit is contributing to the lawlessness on the streets? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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19 Responses for “Do you think that the Gang Suppression Unit is contributing to the lawlessness on the streets?”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    No. Their presence may make some uncomfortable, blaming the GSU takes away the obligation the community & parents had to discipline & raise its children & to police itself so that everyone could live in relative peace. If most of us had our way, the GSU would not thump anyone, the little Princes who have turned the city into a war zone would simply vanish.

  2. Charlie Price says:


  3. flamewatcher says:

    Lawlessness is Lawlessness just more threatening when coming from those we commision to protect us from this same behavior the rules of law and civility should apply equally to every citizen

  4. louisville,ky says:

    Not being in the theater of operation, I cannot say for sure but if this question was asked as a result of the beatdown put on the George Street gang,the answer is NO. there is a civil war going on in the streets of the old Capitol and as we all know, as in any war, there is always innocent victims or collateral damages as it is called.

  5. Wake up bze says:

    In COLOMBIA, there were daily murders, explosions and mass dissapearance due to the Cali cartel and mob boss PABLO ESCOBAR, the government tried to reason with Escobar multiple times and he continued the killing…

    Finally the government regrouped the “SEARCH BLOCK” to go after Pablo, then there was the organization called “LOS PEPES” who actively went after the kingpins lawyers, hitmen, mercenaries etc etc….LOOK AT COLOMBIA NOW? It is far peaceful and its economy is slowly progressing…

    In Belize we need our own Search Block and that can be the “GSU”, we also need a paramilitary unit made up of citizens like that of “LOS PEPES” and actively start going after this scumbags and dealing with them in the only manner they understand and that is BRUTE FORCE…

    Mr. Dean Barrow personally had meetings with this gang leaders to try to calm things down and immediately after that a grenade was thrown and crime came back…. WE NEED TO ACTIVELY GO AFTER THIS KILLERS USING DEADLY FORCE….

  6. simple solution says:

    Observer Effect – the act of being observed changes the outcome. Simply stated, if either parties involved are aware that these incidences are being recorded their behavior will change (and in this case for the better). The GSU, Police officers etc will conduct themselves in what one hopes will be an appropriate manner while those who are being questioned by the police will be less likely to lash out. If a confrontation ensues the video will provide evidence as to who the initiated the hostile behavior. Best thing to do – allow both parties to video it. Almost everyone owns a cellphone with video recording capability – simply put – if the police have nothing to hide they should allow one member of the party being investigated the opportunity to record. And by their own right, the police should video their encounter which may help justify or dismiss some of their actions.

  7. concerned belizean says:

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions and sometimes out of good intentions the worst things comes. GSU has a mandate which is the protect the citizens of Belize on a whole. However in execution of their job they most be mindful and analyze the situation before jumping heat first. Friday situation should no have been handles shoot first, shoot some more then ask questions. With Power comes great responsibility. They have the power now they need to be accountable.

  8. BelCap says:

    THE GSU is certainly not contributing to law n order, in fact they are doing quite the opposite and creating even more animosity btw the ppl and the police dept.
    The GSU started out as a good initiative but has gan to hell ina coupla months w/ thier tactics and the problem is that neither doug singh(lackey) or dean barrow want to accept that dey made a bad error w/ dis new unit

  9. Dirty sugar!!!! says:

    The country and community should not be held to ransome by these guys. How many lives have these guys taken? How many mothers have cried because of what these guys have done? — Yet the media and some lawyers still would want to take their sides!

    That area and several other areas in the City needs to be cleaned out—–even if a death squad is required — Persons who are not productive citizens, who pray on the innocent, drug dealers and murderers should be taken out to sea and tied to a stone — then dropped in the deep!!!

    Enough is enough —- too many innocent people have died already — we need to take back our Belize City!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. soledad vasquez says:

    The GSU is doing a good job but sometime they ned to use judgement these gang of george street is complaining but they do not realize that they are the one that is hurting innocent
    people because they want to show the other gang who are the best now I think the GSU know exactly who is doing all these killing and shooting so now it times for the GSU to take charge
    in an fashion where kids and innocent are not invloved.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    No,It is also my opinion that the GSU should eleminate all the gang leaders in the jewel.Start putting some hits on these idiots since Barrow don’t want to hang them.

  12. Get Serious says:

    Come on People……yes the GSU may have rattles a few bad feathers but that is because they are bad feathers from teh onset!!! think of this statement….just because GSU d harass we innocent people way pay and we wah thro a grenade……My brother if u have a grenade throw u were deserving of all harassment that comes ur way think of it ppl!!!!

  13. the truth says:

    Dean Barrow should have never come down so low and make a deal with the gangs that only gave them authority and meaning to what they do best…As for the GSU they are just doing there job and its sad that we innocent ones will suffer and that’s SHAME ON DEAN TO GIVE THEM POWER

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    There is no law and order in the Jewel.Drastictimes calls for drastic measures these guys want to act like they own Belize then they need to stop crying when the GSU take action against them.

  15. Get it right says:

    GOB needs to hire a hitman from Mexico of Guatemala that comes in every week and take out a few of these Bad Man which the news call soldiers and Generals. This is a stupid question being asked. This is suggesting that we as belizeans should live in fear and not do anything to stop this low lifes from hurting people. GOB has tried to work with these scumbags, which i think was admirable, but time for talk is over. Take them out one by one.

  16. good fuh unnu says:

    @ Dirty sugar, well said.As far as i’m concerned,GSU didn’t complete the job.Some should’ve disappeared without a trace.They should start taking them somewhere far away,bury them alive and pour concrete on top of their grave so they cant dig their way out.Give them enough time to reflect on how many lives they took before they die a very slow death.Put a couple bullets in their foot where they won’t die suddenly.Give them just just deserve.GSU is one of the best thing to happen to Belize since slice bread.Keep up the wonderful job you’re doing guys.Belizean are grateful and we are behind you 100%.

  17. foreigner says:

    crime minister, i mean sorry prime minister is the first one to blame for this mess. He had given gun licenses to many gangsters and had meeting with them!!! still noone knows why he would take those people serious and encourage them to do crimes in our beautiful belize!!! secondly, police, media, people still tolerate these street idiots too long. when you drive around belize you see men hanging out on each street corner doing nothing!!! and we call them “man”. we must all be productive and work. this is the first obligation to God and its one way of praying as well. Gang suppression unit, police, cib, dragons and more should do more frequent checks on these neighborhoods to avoid crimes. people are afraid to walk on the streets. its effecting economy big time. All these people do rob, thieve, hurt, kill and more in our society. Its time for government to realize and put stop to all these stupid incidents. Enough people suffered for nothing. DPP loses files or cant locate criminals files to keep these men behind bars long time. Even Cib cant get the evidence accurate to charge these men. So why do we live here with all these oxygen thieves?

  18. Someone says:

    GSU COULD be a good unit under SOUND management (not by Vidal who is the husband of the DPP).

    As per the incident with G Street, against criminals, I believe that forces should be used as they have no mercy when hurting ppl including innocent ppl. I do have great concern for the abuse of the rights of law abiding citizens especially the children, women and the elderly.

    Again, under good management, GSU COULD help deter/curb crime. As it is now, they just creating annomisity between ppl and law enforcement. Even the law abiding citizen that is abused is pushed to the limit and could fall into becoming a criminal.

  19. i don't care says:

    the police and governemt is the ones that is the crimals in blz,cuz the guns and grenades and stuff on the street is pass down frm the police and the government,everday u look on the news u see 4-5 man get off murder for the week,how the heck they gona clean up blz if there letin the crimals out it’s becuz all blz have is some bumb police officer who can’t write read nor sleep good,and can’t give a write statment and can’t show evidence cuz there the same one out there doin the crimes…

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