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Aug 29, 2011

3 dead and 3 shot including 10 year old girl

Maurice Neal

Belize City’s relationship with violence has shown that society’s dysfunction has plummeted further. Gun violence, which once only left bodies of gang members on the streets, now regularly includes the innocent.  The bloodbath over the weekend spilled into King, George and Berkeley Streets. Three persons are dead since Friday and three more are shooting victims including a ten-year-old girl. News Five’s Andrea Polanco has the story of the first murder victim at the start of the past weekend.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Thirty two year old well-known Belize City welder, Maurice Neal was killed just a stone’s throw from his welding business on the corner of West Canal and Berkeley Street on Friday evening. The self-employed man had just visited this shop and was walking here on the sidewalk when he was shot to death.

Voice of: Jacqueline Henry, Sister-in-law of Maurice Neal

“Right cross the street from his shop. He went to the Chinee to purchase I guess cigarettes and gwein back cross he di wait fi somebody fi guh do a next job and that’s when he get shot.”

Andrea Polanco

“You know how many gun shots he received?”

Voice of: Jacqueline Henry


Andrea Polanco

“All across his body?”

Voice of: Jacqueline Henry

“In his neck, left wrist, upper shoulder, I think in his back and lower.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you’re certain that this isn’t one of those random killings. It’s somebody sent him directly?”

Voice of: Jacqueline Henry

“Random killing wah be maybe ah get one gunshot that’s it, six? Nuh. Deh know who deh mi wah kill and that’s it.”

Andrea Polanco

But his sister-in-law says that he didn’t have any problems with anyone, except for a domestic issue in the past:

Voice of: Jacqueline Henry

“Who dah wah kill he we nuh know because Maurice dah nuh somebody weh mess with nobody. He dah from his job to home.”

Andrea Polanco

“He didn’t tell you, he didn’t tell the family if anybody was threatening him recently?”

Voice of: Jacqueline Henry

“The only problem that Maurice have that we know about is with his baby mother weh he regain custody with his daughter and she was trying everything to bring him down because ih mek false statement against him fi mek ih gone dah jail, text message and different stuff but apart from dah incident, nothing cause he nuh mess with no no nobody.”

Andrea Polanco

“That’s not something you’d think that they’d have him killed over?”

Voice of: Jacqueline Henry

“Well dah something need to be looked at given that under the circumstances if I nuh mess with nobody I’m from work to home.”

While Neal was the only casualty in what neighbors speculated to be as many as eleven shots, ten year old Denesha Cadle was caught in the rain of bullets. The minor was at the same shop on the Canal Side and was making her way home when she was shot in the right ankle. On Friday evening Cadle’s family gathered outside of the KHMH waiting for word on her condition. Today she remains hospitalized in a stable condition. Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

No one has been arrested and charged for this incident and police investigations continue.

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22 Responses for “3 dead and 3 shot including 10 year old girl”

  1. Storm says:

    Restoring safety to the Jewel is as simple as 1-2-3.

    1. Catch the suspect.

    2. Give him a fair and impartial conviction.

    3. HANG ‘EM HIGH!

  2. Erwin X says:

    Barrow can not win another election in Belize. He is a bald head hypocrite and a dictator. He and all his visionless, silly ministers must go.

    Life Haada Out Ya. It’s only in our unity and with the real people of Allah (God) that we will be able to overcome and fight this bald head dragon and his imps. Peace and Love to all in the struggle for Freedom, Justice and Equality. May I remind you my family: that in Belize we do not get “Justice” but we get “JUST-DIS” Kindly view and pass it on – my new website at

  3. Earl Grey says:


  4. a tired belizean says:

    another one of my good friends dead. he was a good man. didn’t bother anybody. sorry to see this happen. sad days in belize

  5. Rod says:

    And they keep dying in droves with this useless impotent gov and pm guan barrow guan get out how many people will have to die before you admit you are a total failure at your job already this year we are double the murder rate as last year get out guan barrow.

  6. Me says:

    the good thing is that because smart government moves (like removing tints from vehicles) they the government have already caught the culprits.
    Every time time i get into my vehicles i use more gasoline for the A/C have to be at max to cool now. plus my skin color is more darker. (guess this makes barrow happy)

  7. The Truth says:

    This is the Dark Ages of Belize. May I say again “Martial Law”

  8. Elena says:

    Why the hell do people like seh “he neva do nuthin,’ ‘he neva bother no one” if you get shot 6 times, you did something to someone!! He did sumthing and uno no even know, but the shooter knows!! Its sad to hear that the little girl got shot, she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time!! Da she neva do nuthin to no one!! So stap uno !*$$ and talk fool…

  9. ny says:

    it is sad to say that belize city is raising an entire generation of killers. kids have become so desensitize to murder, that they are no longer taken aback by it. presently they think that taking a life is the norm, and the reason for this type of thinking is based on the fact that they see it too often. the population of belize city is too small for this type of uncivilized behaviour to occur with such regularity, and the people who are tasked w/ curbing this situation, are either turning a blind eye to it, or they are way too incompetent. here in the states to curb human bad behaviour, they make an example out of the culprits to send a message to the masses, that if you engage in such manner, the same will happen to you. the criminals in the city know that the criminal system is broken, hence they are not scared to do their dirty deeds, because they know that they won’t be penalized. ……… the jounalists need to press those who are tasked w/ securing the city and the nation to do a better job. the police department needs better detectives, and not those who have knee jerk reactions by terrorizing and torturing people. it is universally known that torture does not work , and it only ends up producing more harden individuals. the justice system needs a better dpp, and more competent prosecutors, because the only people who seems to be good at what they do are the trial lawyers due to the fact that they keep getting their clients off. the media needs to do more investigative stories and expose all the corruption that is plaguing the country so that the nation could get back to some form of decency.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Some people on this blog might disagree with my views,but the bottom line is that the PM is to blame for this crime situation.He is the leader of this country and if these criminals are going to continue killing and shooting ten year old innocent Belizeans,then it the PM’s resposibility to impliment some law or laws to address this situation.If it means hanging then so be it.These idiots don’t value life so why should we care if they’re given the death penalty.

  11. Eyes on Belize says:

    its something am use to. Everyday when you read the news Gunshot, this one dead. POLITICIANS AND POLICE TEK THIS FOR JOKE. the people need to uprise against them. Hate to say this but Belize needs to be torned down and rebuilded. Need a Police Commissioner from another Country who wont ease the well known. How hard is it to stop killing that committed on bikes 80 percent of times. Belizeans that live aboard need to take action and boycott Belize. stop going to Belize and donating money to Belize. The people need to find back the meaning of love.

  12. tim says:

    I like your comment Me.. Well I removed all my tint on my car.. and left my “not so dark tint” on my truck.,. my car used the same fuel as my truck now.. so guess what.. i park my car and use my truck now.. and i’ve passed several check points and no one seem to bother about the tint.. if they do.. give them $20 bucks and u are good to go.. BARROW MUST GO!!!

  13. Me says:

    the good thing is that because smart government moves (like removing tints from vehicles) they the government have already caught the culprits.
    Every time time i get into my vehicles i use more gasoline for the A/C have to be at max to cool now. plus my skin color is more darker. (guess this makes barrow happy).
    plus barrow and his 9 amendment, this is too much barrow you should be convicted for illegal enrichment.

  14. belizeanpride says:

    lets run barrow like gadhafi along with his family and cronies make a uprising to say enough is enough and it goes also as a message to the next party who has cripple the country previously. unless we like them screwing our life and country then we just and look.

  15. Anna says:

    why do you think that almost all those who are charge for murder are walking, the people are taking the law in their own hand. an accused murder walk today within 1-2 months you heard him end up dead if he does not move out of the city. Belize City is gone will not come back any time soon, my Uncle always use to say for Belize to come back we will need to walk in Knee deep of blood.

  16. CEO says:

    It does not matter if the government changes back to PUP because this mess has been happening for years now and both parties have been in power and the killings continue; let’s give the delev what his due is. I am also disappointed with the Barrow administration because more could have been done. They either sit on their hands or they come up with ideas that have been tried else where and has failed.

  17. true belizean says:

    Belize is a very small country and within exists the Belize Defense Force the police force which should be the weapon against crime. The persons incharge of theese forces should be ashamed that the small number of the criminal element in Belize exists its just ashamed that my people our people are suffering each day. If i had the power to coordinate and take charge then another prison will be needed first to lock up all the corrupted people in theese forces and then the criminals. I wish the people would get serios and deal with this situation because if something should happen to one of my loved ones i will take the law into my own hands. It is not rocket science!!!!!

  18. Original Woman says:

    @ Eleana you sound sooo ignorant. This is the same type of mentality the THUGS have. Besides killing for retaliation over someone’s death, they kill for turf (neighborhoods that they don’t even own, only live in) and for any other things no matter how petty, that annoy them. How do you think your family and loved ones would feel if you was murdered and they heard someone say, “she must have done something”??? Something meaning what??? Are you saying the murder was justified, because “he must have done something” Belize is in a SAD, SAD state right now with the murder sprees occurring all over the country. It”s a shame anyone got killed or shot in the past, OR present, and that people are living this way in Belize, facing this horrible reality living modern-day “Wild, Wild West” lifestyle in our Jewel. You sound like an idiotttttt!!!!!!!

  19. Voice says:

    I sick and tired a yer people d dead, most importantly our innocent children. if gang shoot gant to hell with them, but wen and innocent baby get caught up in the middle, thats not good. Many gang out there and they dont care and the gsu is well aware of these gangster, what the gsu should do is rain bullet on all gangs, kill them all. And the churches do care Earl Grey, its the politicians who dont give a s**t. I believe some of the gangs are owen by politicians, Dean barrow has his own gang to do his dirty job. UDP nuh wa serve wa next term, dean n his huligans fi blame…

  20. good fuh unnu says:

    Dah uunu put ah dey now unnu di complain. I always knew that he was no good for Belize but no,you all had issues kaw done with Musa and the PUP.Now suffa di consequences. Not saying that Musa and his croonies were good people but this man eat the cake.He just wicked to the core.He tried his best to convince the people of Belize that Musa was a communist and a dictator because he was allies with Castro and look what he turn around and do? Trying to be the same dictator that he condemn Musa of doing.He’s going down in history as the worse prime minister Belize ever had.You know you’re a good leader when you could walk the streets of Belize any time of day and night like George Price.A George Cadle Price you will never be Dean the devil Barrow.

  21. good fuh unnu says:

    Elena must be the one that put the hit on him,She must be the baby momma that the sisters are talking about. Belize fulla wicked baby mommas that aren’t taking good care of their kids.Women like her is why kids trek to gangs…just saying.

  22. mind your own business says:

    nuh cares wat ppl do ppl nuh di dead like this the person should remember maurice neal have families god nuh the sleep they have a word (karma)

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