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Aug 29, 2011

Did the GSU use excessive force on neighborhood residents?

Dorla Vaughn

Earlier we told you about the explosion of violence over the past weekend. On Friday evening, mayhem erupted on the corner of George and Dean Streets. It was the first sign of tension in what turned out to be a bloody weekend. Residents claim they were on the sidewalk waiting for the annual carnival motorcade when officers of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) used pepper spray on them. Later in the evening several shots were fired and a number of residents including children were injured.

Dorla Vaughn, Claims Police Brutality

“We, I stand up outta di corner yah me and mi children dehn di wait fi we truck when we listen, we hear like five shot lick. Everybody frightened—we wah know weh this shot di lick fah. Wah next police wah tell the police that dah from up dah my house. I gone ina my yard, I gone upstairs. I tell the police I dah wah J.P. He tell me he no care who me. He tell me he no care who me and he push me ina my house. They said they wah search my house—they dig up ina my house and they noh find nothing. The motorcade done and the truck bring the pikney them back around here where they pick them up from fi mek them come off ah di truck fi dehn gwen go ker back the music. When we listen, we hear shots the fire. I start try to secure all the pikney them ina wah building weh I build my costume. When the police deh gwen around the lane, one of the GSU vehicle deliberately put ih hand through the window and shoot something ina that building and one of the lee gial face well messed up. Everybody di choke and dehn eye di burn them—we have to di run fi water. Wah other one, the whole ah ih side get burn; she di bleed; she gone home. That dah nonsense.”

Henry Mortis

“Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me.”

Voice of: Resident, Claims Police Brutality

“Dehn beat up mi son dehn fi nothing because with the shooting weh happen my pikney mi deh right enna this yaad right front ah me yah.”

Henry Mortis

“Weh part yoh son dehn deh now?”

Voice of: Resident

“They ker dehn dah station; dehn buss up. They shot one ah dehn.”

Henry Mortis

“One ah your sons get shot?”

Voice of: Resident

“No noh my son, wah next young man get shot.”

Henry Mortis

“How many people get shot out here today?”

Voice of: Resident

“I noh really know, but dah the police deh mi di buss shot and dehn beat up my son bad—my son head buss up right now.”

Henry Mortis

“Around weh time this happen more or less?”

Voice of: Resident

“Just now. That dah like seven cause I come from cross deh like seven o’clock—that dah like ten past seven.”

Two George Street residents were charged today in connection Friday’s confrontation with GSU officers. Thirty-two year old Gerald “Shiny” Tillett pleaded not guilty to Threat of Death, Damage to Property and Throwing Missiles. Tillett allegedly threatened to kill Detective Constable Elmer Nah and damaged the rear window of a Mitsubishi pickup truck assigned by the government to the GSU. Carlos Abraham, also known as Sinbad, pleaded not guilty to Using Obscene Language during the same incident. Both men were released on bail and will return to court in October.

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49 Responses for “Did the GSU use excessive force on neighborhood residents?”

  1. Farmer Giles says:

    It seems to me that the GSU are poorly trained thugs that are totally out of control. This the same type of behaviour that the death squads in El Salvador used to use.

    Plus the involvement of the DPP with the head of this band of hooligans means that it would be very difficult to sue the GSU for their wrongdoings…..

  2. Bokeem says:

    Barrow can not win another election in Belize. He is a bald head hypocrite and a dictator. He and all his visionless, silly ministers must go.

    Life Haada Out Ya. It’s only in our unity and with the real people of Allah (God) that we will be able to overcome and fight this bald head dragon and his imps. Peace and Love to all in the struggle for Freedom, Justice and Equality. May I remind you my family: that in Belize we do not get “Justice” but we get “JUST-DIS” Kindly view and pass it on – my new website at

  3. Stygian says:

    The police are using excessive force no doubt, but this has been compounded with the shooting of the police station. They both are to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sugar says:

    When dealing with people who KILL for a living, U no go and pat them pan them back…….hundreds have been killed and NO justice.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why not use the GSU to put hits on the criminal elements?They know who the Gang leaders are?

  6. me says:

    I am suppose to feel sorry for George Street Gangsters?

    Really? They want to be treated like human beings while they get to
    act like animals killing people? Please!

  7. Victim says:

    @ Sugar not only the crimals were out there, they had innocent people who were also brutally beaten by the GSU even children were being pushed down in the drain. When you have an experience with these disrespectful officers then maybe you can say somethiing but until then shut your mouth.

    I dont know kno what the prime minister is waitng for they did in belmopan where that man had his wife and children.

    WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rds says:

    These people kill rob and torture innocent law abiding citizen and then they pretend to be all righteous when the police harass them, it’s about time police drop some warheads in that area and wipe out all the menaces to society. we need a new fresh start.

  9. Get it right says:

    Come on people this da big bad George Street, where the news call the bums as soldiers and generals. Its funny how they talk so haad. We all heard it, “i da from george street”, then they go on TV crying like they are innocent people. They want to kill and rob people and so they get dealt with in a manner appropriate for a so called bad man. We all know they ain’t no innocent people that they roughing up here. I applaud the GSU for trying to show who really run the streets. You want play bad man, then get dealt with like a bad man.

  10. Belizean Girl says:

    Street people, gang supporters and gang members ready fu cry and complain when they get what they deserve for disrespecting authority. In Mexico and Jamaca, gangsters were eliminated from society after the government had no more control over the crime situation, the murder rate dropped as a result. Maybe George street gang, VIP, and who ever else there is out there need this in Belize or waiting for it to happen. Seems like they want run things in this country, but we noh want that for our children…so I don’t feel sorry for them. You hang out with criminals then you must be like them, “you are who you hang with.” The public need to stop supporting criminals and stop socializing with them, they don’t belong among innocent and civilized people. They should spend time for the crimes they do, unfortunately they walk out free cuz the law protects them and lawyers make money getting them out too. Only God can help these criminals…instead of having parties the family should be spending time praying for them to change their evil ways.

  11. Eyes on Belize says:

    Good job G.S.U. I know u are frustrated just like the rest of Citizens of Belize. Dear so called Ms. J.P we know you corrupted long time, you just have a title and thats it. you dont believe in Justice and Peace, so that title needs to be snatch. You are so stupid and dumb just like the rest of parents in Belize. knowing your son is a badman or gunman and u encourage it. Nobody cant do nothing because my son tha gunman, thats the thinking. G.S.U should of blew up that whole neighborhood to set an example. No better place to start then George St, who made this violence get out of hand. G.S.U need to have a sniper team to hold justice in the street, and forget the court system because its not working. Give them permission to kill corruption too. I bet the Gunman would afraid to come outside.

  12. life says:

    Life is so precious yet we continue to live as thou we don’t value it… Tactics use by G.S.U may not have been protocol, but given the subjects and their methods in which they dish out violence ,come on people its time for change.. We must not continue to live in fear from a few hundreds thugs… Kill them all we must secure a better BELIZE for our KIDS… It’s like we are going back in time…. If we continue down this path the end of the road will be pour destruction smell of death everywhere.. What sort of future is that for anyone ,kids future.. We as BELIZEAN need to play more of an active role in the justice system help it.. the only way it will work for us… many will dead trying to fix it (justice system) but we must not stop… HANG THE KILLERS bring to justice all who take part and AID.. Lets take our country back…

  13. Glad for the ganster says:

    Good job GSu. You did the right thing. This gansters pretending to be good people when they are not. How many people they (George street) have killed and hurted. What the GSU did to them is only a minor little thing. GSU, Go back to them and beat them some more!

  14. life says:

    For the mother of the victims and kids , you must look yourself in the mirror… wAR Has fatalities …. get your kids away from bad influence.. What you(MOM) are doing is wrong… if you continue aiding your sons(kids) not one will live to see 40yrs of age.. Don’t you want your kids to have long productive future… we live in poverty as is why make it worst !!! Encourage Health and Wealth NOT death.. contribute not take away…. ask not what your country can DO for YOU, but What YOU can DO for YOUR COUNTRY…. WE ALL NEED TO TAKE THIS APPROACH …………..lets get back to belize style of living

  15. blacksheep says:

    GSU strikes again! wat is their excuse this time? which one of them were wronged now? im sorry SUGAR, but did the children who were waitin across the street kill for a living too????? its people like u i detest, 2 wrongs dont make a right. this squad assaulted innocent people!!!!! NOT EVERYBODY that was there kills for a living SUGAR, come on dont be heartless.
    Imagine being in that situation, being totally innocent and trying to explain this with proof if needs be only to be beaten! not just beaten, have ur arm broken, and den detatined and denied ur right to medical attention.
    pure nonsense, gsu act like they are immune to the law!
    but mark my words, it wont be long until THEY start to die….one by one…..just sorry for their family!

    PRIME MINISTER….SHAME ON YOU! no matter your motives, even if they were justifiable, ur croonies have acted once again like they are heartless human beings showing no compassion not even to kids.

    there are 2 sides to every story, lets hear wat GSU and the Prime Minister have to say? bunch of cowards refusing to give statements so far!
    But God is definately not sleeping. if not now, justice WILL prevail in the end and the unjust WILL reap from the seeds they have sown. the sad reality is….only worse deh fi get.

  16. Whitesheep says:

    blacksheep you sound like the one who was on tv with the broken hand ready fi cry. am i right? man every body knows that you deal with the George street crowd that you are into drugs and guns just like the rest of your brothers and that poor excuse that you were just delivering? what delivery man gets to go inside the house just for a case of beer i dont think so not with the George street crew and also get those incriminating pictures off from facebook.

  17. Bout time says:

    Those criminals dont explain or give statements bout the crimes they commit. Many of them get off for the crimes they do, so why must the GOB give a statement or explain what happened to these criminals. What happened to those low life thugs is a direct result of the life style they choose to live. They got a taste of their own medicine that they administer. Do not uphold these so called bad man that want cry when police beat them. They call themselves soldiers and generals, but soldiers dont cry like wimps.

  18. rich says:

    We have some heartless people on this post. Kill everybody in George street? You people pray to god but your lives is driven by the devil. Is that what you learn from church ? Two wrong don’t make a right. it is a better way to carry out these raids and I am in law enforcement so i know better. Belize should not be a war zone.

  19. concerned bzn says:

    This is what bothers me… Kids suffering for the bad! That was uneccessary!
    Another thing… Belize City is already a war zone with some innocent people getting hurt in the process… BUT… at a time like this when Belizeans are suppose to come out and support all the September Celebrations… and they pull this.. namely, Carnival March this coming Saturday… it will scare people from coming to enjoy themselves. Nobody knows who is a target or where and when those gangs will decide to retaliate. Crowds happen to be the perfect spot to retaliate. Look at the year with the grenades when they throw one in the crowd at carnival!
    Like they don’t think! They putting a whole lot of innocent people at risk when they do things like this just before big events…
    I know for sure i am not visiting belize city for the carnival now.
    As for the GSU beating… it may have been well deserved… but YOU ARE STARTING A WAR THAT YOU BETTER BE PREPARED FOR!
    I just hope that nothing bad happens to innocent people

  20. bznagain says:

    I think that it is so unfair for kids to be harmed! That was so uneccessary. To make things worse it’s to children who are participating in a PATRIOTIC EVENT. So much for patriotism.
    Couldn’t the GSU pick a better time to do this? It;s September – Celebration time… and I am definitely afraid of Belize City.
    Belize City was already a war zone… and now this! Can you imagine what type of retaliation these people will have in mind???
    For instance… Carnival Road March coming up this Saturday.. no one knows if they will be next to a Target or if these people might go and retaliate on innocent people – by standers watching the parade.
    Remeber the grenade issue… when some idiot threw a grenade in the crowd????
    Imagine people passing with guns and just shooting innocent people!
    This is so wrong on so many different levels. You are making Belize City a very unsafe environment for people living and visitng.
    I know for sure I am not going to Belize City for the carnival because i don’t want myself or my family, especially my young baby girl to be in harms way.
    Pick a better time to do $#!% this big, atleast!
    The beating may have been deserved… but you created a SERIOUS WAR ZONE… hope you are ready to deal with it.

  21. marco says:

    No doubt excessive force was used by the GSU and I don’t sympatize with the criminals. In real war there are rules to be followed the same way there is when confronting criminals and it’s called rule of engagement. There is also innocent victims that become casualties of war. The way the GSU carry their tactics you are a criminal first then prove that you are innocent. The rule of engagement is the problem here.

  22. blacksheep says:

    whitesheep, sorry to disapppoint you but im not that dude who was about to cry on TV. dont know him. so i cant help u with the incriminating pictures on facebook. you crack me up.
    As a matter of fact, i dont know anybody who spoke on the news, havent seen their faces before. dont know if they are guilty of killing or not. please note dat i never commented on the george street crew and the treatment they recieved. if they are guilty of the heartless murders they are accused of, then by all means target them. thats what the damn police are there fro. HOWEVER, whitesheep, please understand dat i am just a belizean lukin on the injustice dat was done to the other people who were there. keepin in mind it was a repass these people were attending, have u no heart?? and dont tell me crap bout how they are condoning their son, brother, uncle’s behavior. there are men and women who have grown up to be noting like wat their mothers trained them to be, all the mothers can do is watch and grieve wen somting do hapens to their children because of the life they have chosen. are u then whitesheep, impartial to the fact that even dat grieving mother, who does not condone their child’s behavior, might be assaulted at her sons repass? please note that im only using it as an example to illustrate how the GSU demonstrated very poor judgement dealing with people. i have no idea who the deceased mother is, just an example of wat cud be.
    all im saying, is dat not EVERYONE deserved the beat down, pepper spray or rubber bullets!
    before commenting, think about wat if my loved one was treated to an unjust beatdown, or myself?

  23. jay says:

    That is only the beginning. The Belizean public is tired of the authorities just standing by and doing nothing. If these are the tactics that they must implore to shake up the gangsters, so be it. All these women that say their kids are innocent….whatever. I agree with a previous blogger, put a hit out on all the leaders of these gangs and their “so called” generals. Let the ones coming up see that if you choose this life style you might just come up “missing”. Forget about hanging, won’t work as no one will testify, so no convictions. It is time for drastic measures in the jewel.
    I hate what has happened or his happening to my country.

  24. Belizean Girl says:

    Why should the police leave the george street gang people alone because you afraid of retaliation concerned bzn? People already scared to go to Belize City as it is, from before GSU started. So to avoid Carnival scare we should let the george street gang run things? What kind of cowardice mentality that? If we let george street gang control us by fear then soon we won’t even have another carnival to look forward too. This is a democratic country and just like how the people should not fear the government, same goes for people fearing george street gang or any other street gang. The media should also not partake in giving these criminals air time to advertise them. They give 15 minutes or more to criminals, how much air time they give the homeless man that was killed for no reason? How much air time they give the real issues affecting our society? Stop using your air time for criminals and start using it to make a different in Belize!

  25. blacksheep says:

    well said belizean girl! now dats a tru belizean! i concur

  26. Real Belizean says:



  27. Rds says:

    The common law abiding citizen have to come up with money to invest in burglar bars and security systems for their houses, the masses of the tax paying people have to live in prison in their own houses, for fear that they go out there, that they will be robbed or killed, it’s sad to see Belize gone to the crows just because of a certain sector of society who has the rest of the people living their everyday life in fair, i agree that Belize is in a state where they do nothing to encourage jobs for the people and encourage the kids to get educated, but that is no reason to just sit back and grow up as thugs, each and everybody needs to get up and do something positive for themselves.
    I think it’s time we adopt the chain gang system, there are lots of roads to be fixed and lots of farming to get done, lots of trade to get into, the government needs to forcefully pick up all the thugs that hangs on the street all day and night and harass the people and put them into manual labor, maybe in the end they will at least learn a trade, that would benefit the country more, or like good ole Fidel Castro did, take the trouble ones to a different part of the island and deal with them, i don’t think the regular man and woman have to live in fear of their lives even to go down the street at the grocery shop, or a walk at the park, or to come out to watch carnival.

    George street talking bout harassment and being taken advantage off, what about the regular people are they not harassed on a daily basis and are been killed and suffer.

  28. Original Woman says:

    @ Belizean Girl Well said, both comments!!

  29. Original Woman says:

    Cudos to you too black sheep!!!

  30. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    GSU is no better than George Street.They are a gangs in uniform.

  31. god is watching says:

    BUST THEM !@55 make them get the sense GSU. GSU to the world. dah bout time look how big man look like big baby pan tv. General = crya baby, zimbab = big punk, bobo youth = P&55Y, take unu lik. how much blood no deh pan di street because a dis crew.

  32. bzekid says:

    all deh bwai do da cry an cry…da bout time GSU F*** deh up cz deh jus kill n hurt 2 many innocent ppl…those who no kno weh d gwan wid George Street no a understand n will neva kno or jus d play crazy….d only ones dat complain r d criminals…think deh da bad man n d baul up pan d media…kudos 2 GSU..bring d heat pan George Street an show deh da who run dis B****!!!! GSU MI SEH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. welcome to jamrock says:

    why Erwin X no talk bout wen dem bust fi he @$$ dah dangriga with a bunch of hooligans in a car with weed. talk bout that!!!!

  34. Elgin Martinez says:

    Drastic times calls for drastic measures.What about some of the victims that has been killed by these so called thugs.Who is defending their rights?

  35. MaXxRrb says:

    @ Get it Right..A+….well said and str8 up meaning..d Gaza man deh want b badman hope dey cud handle d pressure weh d “Government Shupid unit ” d Bring.

  36. Gazaking23 says:

    The G.S.U government stupid unit ney da lone b s! Ney jus the take advantage of the belizean youths n people. Ney jus the go bout the chance up the ppl them mein hear wat I think. All ah the members of the g.s.u dah salad all weh they do da drive bout the burn out gas,use out pepper spray cuz the stock dah the station the get full soh they have to use them out to refill,they alwayz black up ah rum or beer and one last thing remember dah we the ppl the pay them cuz we the pay tax n that tax money dah their pay soh dah we the feed them @…..$$hole dem.

  37. Old School says:

    Nice one Belizean girl. Well said. De come on news like we suppose to be afraid of them cause de come on news they talk lot a crap. Talk bout the ppl whe de kill up bout ya. da bout time de feel a pinch a whe de do to ppl. de da the chancy ones. gsu should a go back again. but i no support it what de do with the kids. and blind man. damn. de should a be conscious a whe de d do man

  38. good fuh dey r@zz says:

    Well BRAVO GSU, I take my hats off to you guys.Job well done.If I had an award i would dedicate it to you all. At one point Galvez said that he went there to deliver rum,then he later said that he was at the back standing against the wall.Now pick sense outta nonsense.If you go to deliver something,you will drop it off and leave.Obviously he didn’t take heed from his brother’s murder.They all deserved what they got minus the lil kids.They were truly victims but why in the hell would these stupid ladies have a carnival group practicing on a hot street like George street knowing that anything goes in that area?Stupid I say.For all the parents that cried for their kids,this one’s for you.Might not bring your child back or might not comfort you 100%,but its still a lil token of Karma to show that the big Man up there have your backs.To the GSU’s ,keep up the wonderful jobs that you’re doing and make a few disappear if you have to.Nobody will miss them.I’m so very proud of this blog today because I expected that many was going to be on the side of the criminals.Just goes to show that people are fed up and are now making a stance against you damn bullies.GSU-( God’s soldiers united) for life!

  39. good fuh unnu says:

    Well its about damn time they got a dose of their own medicine.GSU…job well done guys.GSU (God’s soldiers united).I was real iffy about coming on this forum because i was truly tired of hearing about the killings everyday.I really thought there would be more stupid people taking the side of the gang bangers.That just goes to show that people are fed up of their nonsense.I will agree thought that they should do this to all the gangs and not just George Street.Make a few of them disappear if you have to.Nobody will miss them menace to society.They are like cancer eating out and destroying the country.Cut it or burn it out let them go away forever.My heart is black against these guys right now but I will take that up with my GOD.Galvez seems to not learn anything from his brother’s death.He went to deliver…yeah right!…anyone who believed that is just as stupid as him.He just went to deliver but yet he said that he was standing at the back by a wall.Now lets pick sense outta nonsense.People that goes to deliver drop off their goods and leave.To the mothers that lost innocent kids,this will not bring your kids back nor will it ease the pain but accept this as a small token of karma that the big man up there didn’t forget you.This is just previews of attractions of what he have in store for these no good leeches.God please forgive me but i am truly, truly happy for this.Im so happy that its sinful.

  40. doctorlove says:

    I listen to people calling these young men criminal these men don`t born as criminal the society is the one to be blame for the way how these men are we the people and the Gov`t has neglected them for a long while now, hence the reason they are behaving that way, we need to start to address the social issues that are affecting our community and all what the GSU is doing is creating more monsters on top of what we already have.

  41. vision says:

    You choose your DEATH by the way you LIVE……If you LIVE by the Gun so shall you die…….lack of money is the root of all evil……

  42. Heavenlyblaq says:

    They should give all members of the Police & GSU three days off and then we will see how all those who are complaining will deal with the reality of not having protection. Too many times I watch the images of mothers swearing to God that their sons are good children and they are being harassed by police when we know that these boys are known murderers/criminals on the streets. The police can no longer powder these killers especially those in the neighborhoods that are infested by violent gangs. I have begged my children and immediate relatives not to become Police or BDF because they are both dangerous and ungrateful professions.

    I have spent time observing police officers overseas. Folks, all these guys are human just as we are. In the end they have to make a choice of whether they will end up dead at the end of the day or whether they will spend another day with their families. If you were in their shoes what would you choose? I definitely would choose to be with my family another day. Belize is in a sad state and we are making it worst when we try to sugar coat the sheer evil that comes from these neighborhoods. How can anyone get used to death everyday? How can they expect the GSU to go into a war zone in a pacified manner?
    When the U.S went to go get Osama they knew that women and children were there but they also knew that a wanted murderer was in there and he had to be stopped. So, they went in shooting. In Belize we have many murders hiding among women and kids and we cannot expect that the GSU can operate effectively without there being collateral damage. What we should be saying here is for mothers, sisters and girlfriends to stop hiding the murderers where they live with their children. At least give the next black generation a fighting chance to be productive!! I’m just a single mother of teenage boys. I don’t want to bury any of them because of gun violence and I am guiding them to become responsible men. There is no male figure in my house but knowing that the police and GSU are risking their lives daily for my family’s safety is a big comfort.


  43. Heavenlyblaq says:

    I support the GSU 100%. Typical of criminals a lot of the murderers use their mothers, girlfriends and children as human shields. The gangs decided to wage a war against ALL Belizeans. We cannot expect our security forces to go into a war zone with their hands folded in prayer. I’d sure as hell go in with my weapon drawn. I am a single mother of two young boys. I show them the mothers who get on TV and LIE about their children, when they know that they have bred and raised murderers. I let my sons know that if they make stupid decisions like going to rob and murder and get caught up in gangs, they better not expect to see my black face at a police station or quarreling with the police on account of them!
    I watch the police often and I think all of you being negative about them should realize that if you were in their shoes, given a choice of shooting a suspected criminal or getting home alive at the end of the day, all of you would choose to be the one alive at the end of the day. If you hate the GSU tactics so much why don’t we request that ALL of them get a week off and then all of you find a peaceful way to secure your neighborhoods!
    When the mothers and girlfriends stop hiding the murderers, we will see that non of their children will be harmed in police raids. GO GSU!!

  44. church says:

    gsu mean what gov simple unit

  45. dj yung legend says:

    GSU mean GOV Simple Unit

  46. Get it right says:

    @doctorlove- society might dictate the living conditions of some people simply for the fact that no country in the world can provide everyone with a job, and thats a fact. But society is not responsible for the criminal mind. Everybody has a mind to make their own decisions and choose how they live the their life. Instead of choosing to better themselves by learning a trade, they choose to rob and kill people for $25.00. Yes that is the price of a life on the streets right now. They just too lazy to try and get a job or learn a trade. So dont come with that bs that society made them the way they are. Lack or parenting contributes to how they turn out. @belizean girl – well said my friend. Can’t see how some people can actually blame the GSU for doing their job. They actually making these parasites feel like they should be feared. They just a bunch of cowards that get their power from fear. Once they are no longer feared, their power is gone and they will have nothing. Don’t promote these gangs out of fear bc they won’t stop hurting people. Piss house wah full this weekend.

  47. dj yung legend says:

    gsu gov simple unit

  48. Show who da boss says:




  49. shabba says:

    hahhahaha deh dumb asses probably not even know where is GAZA. deh hear wah two dancehall song and think and want be jamaican. Not even the people the that live in the “so called GAZA in jamaica want to live there” but these dumb asses ……………………….

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